Zelda Ocarina of Time Characters: Good to Evil

Zelda Ocarina of Time Characters: Good to Evil

ever since 1986 The Legend of Zelda has
maintained its reputation as one of the greatest and most influential franchises
in gaming and with so many different worlds and characters between these
games we feel that we couldn’t possibly do the series justice by doing just one
episode of good to evil instead we’re gonna be covering some of the biggest
and best games in the series over time starting with the crown jewel of this
amazing collection Ocarina of Time released in 1998 Ocarina was a 3d
pioneer not only for Zelda but for the whole action-adventure genre that still
holds up remarkably well for a Nintendo 64 game and is still referred to by some
as one of the greatest games ever made but putting the game’s legendary status
behind us we’re still left with the hero of time himself and all the characters
be they bigger small importance or arbitrary who’s good and who’s evil
break out your ocarina and unbundle your favorite fairy because we’re about to
find out I’m Kyle with one-up binge and this is the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of
Time good T evil now it was a tricky task pinning down the most good person
this time around but we ultimately decided that Sariah was the most
deserving of the top spot an unassuming kokkuri girl Sario is links first and
only real friend for the longest time while the other Kokiri frequently
alienated him for his lack of a fairy she’s about as cheerful and
happy-go-lucky as one can get to the point that her own song is capable of
lifting one spirit even one in a foul mood she’s shown to be very sentimental
giving link one of her own fairy ocarinas as a memento to remember by and
one of the game’s most somber moments but what pushes her to the top of the
list is that much like the other sages she investigates the local forest temple
when she hears the spirits within calling for help
mind you Sariah has the biology of a child with milk combat experience or
weapons to speak of and yet she showed the same level of bravery as seasoned
warriors like Renea and Impa and a place as foreboding
and terrifying as the forest temple destiny could not have picked a better
forest sage not far behind Soria is another kokiri forest denizen the great
Deku Tree the guardian of the forest along with the Kokiri is emerald the
Deku Tree was the first of many victims faced with ganondorf’s wrath when he
refused to give up the Emerald despite knowing he would be as good as dead once
that happened he’s the only one who sends Navi to retrieve link and sends
the two off to Hyrule castle before withering away and dying from
ganondorf’s curse at the start of the game he’s shown to be a very wise and
caring father figure to all the Kokiri along with link which makes his death
that much harder to wash next up is the Triforce of wisdom zwi leader princess
zelda as the princess of Hyrule zelda was one of the very first to determine
that Ganondorf was plotting against her father despite only being a child at the
time she sends link on his way to collect the other spiritual stones and
provide some assistance in the form of signed notes to get him past the guards
and secretly handing down the ocarina of time to him even when Ganondorf succeeds
in making it to the Sacred Realm first she is still able to work against him by
disguising herself as the masked warrior Sheikh and teaching link new warp songs
to make his job a little easier a lot of the personality traits that are
consistent between incarnations of Zelda can be found in this one kind-hearted
loyal wise and willing to jump into a fight if she’s needed such as when she
pins Ganon down with her magic so that link can deliver the coup de Grasse okay
we’re throwing in rah Roo and Kai pora guy Bora pairing these two up might seem
a little weird to those of you unfamiliar with the game’s lore after
all one is the elderly and solemn sage of light while the other is an
intelligent owl but both in-game hints provided by sheikah stones as well as
texts from the official Zelda encyclopedia Hyrule historia indicates
that rauru is the true form of kaepora who uses the owl to monitor the war
rolled outside the temple of light from a player’s perspective cape auras hefty
amount of exposition and instructions comes off as a bit overbearing and
annoying but we’re sure link appreciates the extra help and the occasional free
ride he can get from him rauru isn’t able to provide as much but he does keep
link say from the Sacred Realm so that he can age up into an adult and seems to
act as a leader to the other sages now we arrive at the one and only hero of
time linked in terms of heroics no one can match high rules champion even as a
kid linked willingly walked into all sorts of dangerous places just for the
sake of helping other people he ventured inside the cursed Deku Tree a hazardous
cave crawling with Dinosaurs lured jabu jabu’s disgusting insides and the
haunted well his selflessness and kindness allowed him to earn the trust
of both the Zoras and the core odds enough to be entrusted with their
respective sacred stones and even when faced with a very angry Ganondorf link
still has the guts to draw a sword and defiance of his demands despite likely
being scared out of his wits something that Ganondorf himself
genuinely respects as an adult link still has his heart in the right place
which means everything in a world polluted by Ganon’s dark influence using
his newly pulled Master Sword he travels to every corner of Hyrule to defeat
ganondorf’s minions awaken new sages and give the people hope that had been long
lost possessing both the Triforce of courage and the spirit of the hero like
all the other links ocarinas incarnation is arguably the most picture-perfect
version of the character which does admittedly make him seem a bit bland by
comparison but still his bravery and determination are worth admiring that
said he does have a few small flaws that set him back a bit mainly that he’s got
the mindset of a child both in the past and the future seeing as his body
physically developed for seven years while he was in a deep slumber he can be
a bit lazy a bit naive and while his bravery is inspiring it can blow up in
his face when he rushes into situations he
really isn’t able to handle such as when bongo bongo beats the tar out of him for
trying to protect Sheik nevertheless links good qualities dominate his
character and is amongst the very best protagonists in Nintendo’s lineup links
trusty steed Epona is up next originally a very skittish in shy mare
opponent is only fond of those who play her song and this continues for seven
years where she remains a wild and difficult to tame horse for Ingo link
can use her song to successfully mount er and her unmatched speed allows him to
win her in a horse race much like other horse companions across media Epona is
portrayed as free-spirited yet endlessly loyal to her caretaker as she’ll rush
the links aid whenever he plays her tune regardless of the distance you can’t
mention Epona without bringing up her original caretaker Milan the daughter of
Tallinn she spent most of her life at Lon Lon ranch and is shown to be
exceptionally good with animals as a result especially opponent as a child
she’s almost always happy constantly smiling joking or singing even when
she’s being neglected by her slacking father and in the future when the bitter
ingo becomes the new owner of the ranch Milan still works as a farmhand there
because she knows he’ll hurt the horses if she attempts to leave a very selfless
act considering how miserable she must be doing all the work while being
separated from her only family she’s also one of if not the only NPC outside
the main cast to recognize link in the future which goes to show how much she
enjoyed his company in the past and how grateful she is now that he’s put a stop
to INGOs oppression Navi deserves a lot more credit than she actually gets much
like hype or agai bora Navi is written off as an obnoxious companion who
constantly yaps in the players ear about everything but she’s probably the most
useful ally that link has as a fairy Navi is incapable of contributing to the
heavy lifting but she’s more than willing to risk her neck by flying up in
an enemy’s face to help link focus during combat and can’t even provide
information enemy behavior and weak points outside
of combat she’s always there to help keep link on track and we’ll follow him
anywhere regardless of the danger be it the belly of a beast or a temple built
inside of a volcano sure she starts off a little frustrated and doubtful of
Link’s abilities but it didn’t take long for her to warm up to him we finally
arrived at another sage Impa as the last remaining sheikah Impa has devoted her
life to protecting the royal family and acts as the responsible bodyguard and
nursemaid to princess zelda she does have a few notable feats under her belt
including sealing bango Bungo in the bottom of a well
helping Zelda maker get away on horseback from Ganondorf and likely
teaching Zelda the ways of the sheikah so she could properly fight and hide the
problem is most of this is either implied or done off screen so it’s hard
to put her any higher that said we do appreciate that info talks to both child
Zelda and link as equals she isn’t patronizing like most other
adults in the game and that’s a really nice change of pace
the Goron leader darunia is up next well he does come off as hot-blooded and rude
on the first visit his bad attitude is understandable when you realize he’s
trying to solve the Goron races food crisis issue caused by Ganondorf after
link steps in he lightens up a great deal and is arguably the most jovial of
the soon-to-be sages however he gets his best moment in the fire temple where he
takes on the Goron eating dragon with nothing but his bare fists while link
uses the diversion to free the other coal runs it’s as noble as it is awesome
oh and he’s also a great dancer what a guy
we’ll quickly highlight the various great fairies while not vital to the
plot each of these mystical mistresses bless linked with upgrades or new
magical powers should he be able to find them this includes an extension to his
magic meter and abilities based off the fabled golden goddesses while some help
is better than none at all you do have to wonder if the fairies could have
offered a bit more assistance in such a bad situation next on our list is
princess Ruta let’s just say our first brush with the princess of Sora
could have been a lot better she lost the Zoras sapphire inside of lord jubu
jabu and went inside to try and reclaim she did this without informing her
father which gets him worried sick about her sudden disappearance
once link finds her inside the great fish Rudo acts incredibly spoiled and
entitled treats link with no respect and forces him to carry her around this
turns around once link completes the dungeon where Rudo goes from rude to
lovestruck when it dawns on her that he saved her life she only gives him the
Sapphire in exchange for his promise of engagement something that link doesn’t
completely understand thankfully she gets a lot more likable in the future
like darunia she’s found venturing into the water temple to save both Zoras
domain and her frozen subjects from morphus influence and once it’s all over
she puts her role as a sage above her marriage engagement with link which
shows a great deal of patience and discipline on her part as the last of
our sages and overall good characters we’ve got Nibiru at first glance Gerudo
under ganondorf’s command is probably bad news but she makes her stance very
clear the Gerudo tradition of the one male being the ruler of the whole group
was the only reason Nibiru was serving under Ganondorf but by the time link
meets her in the spirit temple she’s looking for a way to overthrow cannon
door despite being a master thief Nibiru does have some standards she is against
killing stealing from women and children and only wants her people to thrive in
their harsh desert home which is a strong contrast for Ganon who wants to
take over the whole world and will stoop as low as he needs to seize victory this
does caused her to undergo some brainwashing but kotaki and Kume and
tries to kill link in the spirit temple but link is able to snap her out of it
allowing her to awaken as a sage where she assists in Ganon’s defeat moving on
let’s talk about Lon Lon ranch is original owner talent it’s not too hard
to find faults with talent he’s lazy like really really lazy despite being
the owner of the ranch telling himself is hardly ever seen working and his
constantly napping on the job this includes taking a snooze in hyrule
castle while his young daughter is forced to wait alone for him in the
middle of the night despite supposedly caring very much
about Milan he never makes an effort to better himself for her sake even after
he lost the ranch to Ingo and Milan is forced to stay there still despite his
flaws you could argue that he’s at least a decent guy mild mannered not above
cracking a harmless joke and very forgiving if the ending is anything to
go by where it seems like he actually patched things up with Ingo Kakariko
graveyards caretaker Dom Pei is one of the more interesting minor characters in
ocarina of time he claims he isn’t a bad guy despite his
ugly appearance and grouchy posture and it’s mostly true he’s likely just the
guy trying to make a living who has to deal with people who likely ostracize
and demonize him for how he looks he’s actually very nice to you in the future
where his ghost will lead you through a labyrinth that leads to his favorite
possession the hookshot however we can’t give him a complete
pass because of his little side business in the past the heart-pounding brave
digging tour he gives at night lets you pay him to dig in certain spots for
treasure which is pretty messed up when you realize he’s turning grave-robbing
into a tourist attraction okay now for my toe as the self-proclaimed leader of
the Kokiri my toe acts as the aggressor and the otherwise peaceful Kokiri
community he’s bossy egotistical and believes he deserves more respect than
he actually gets he forces the other Kokiri to do odd jobs around the forest
and resents link for being the favorite of both the great Deku Tree and
specifically Sarria seeing that he has a crush on the latter and after link left
the forest my toe tried to make him look bad by spreading rumors that link was
the one to kill the Deku Tree with that said he does become far more tolerable
in the future though most of that is because he isn’t able to recognize link
he blocks the path to the Forest Temple and Saria in the lost woods which is
crawling with monsters and only let’s link pass upon hearing him play sorry a
song undeniable proof that link new serie and was worth trusting seems like
the next seven you was a humbling experience for him it
feels a little weird putting king zora solo on the list but we’ve got plenty of
things to criticize unlike my toe king zora is not malicious but on the other
hand he actually holds a position of absolute authority this creates problems
since king zora isn’t one for taking action or moving
he says he’s concerned for his daughter going missing but he doesn’t bother to
send anybody to look for her and just flies around waiting for some miracle to
happen and when you come back to Zoras domain in the future you find that the
big tub of lard hasn’t moved an inch in seven years the mousse that we can say
about him is that he’s not a bad guy but even if he was he’d be too an app to
cause any harm finally arriving at some decisively bad characters we have Ingo
now let’s get this out of the way Ingo was mad because he felt that Talon
didn’t deserve to own the ranch and that he should be the owner since he did most
of the hard work and to be fair he’s not completely unjustified for thinking that
at the same time there would probably be more constructive ways to improve his
job besides supporting Ganondorf just so he could become the new owner of the
newly named Ingo ranch in the future Ingo shown to be very condescending and
arrogant from his mannerisms down to the way he’s dressed
and if banishing Talon and forcing Millan to obey Him wasn’t enough he also
attempts to lock link in the ranch when he wins Epona in a race fair and square
at the very least he seems a bit better by the end of the game but it’s just as
likely he’s still harboring some animosity towards Talon
now for the silver medal of evil we’re giving it through the surrogate mothers
of Ganondorf coat decay and Kume raising the king of evil alone gets these to a
pretty high evil spot on our list but there’s a lot more to unpack with these
two garuda witches where Ganon utilizes brute force to keep everybody in line
the two use mind control and manipulation upon realizing the boo ruse
betrayal they kidnapped and brainwashed her forcing her to fight as an iron
knuckle guard and unlike the other dungeon bosses who were minions or
monsters these two personally take it upon themselves
Elves to kill link in the spirit temple by using their powerful fire and ice
magic along with their fusion twin rova finally surprising absolutely no one
Ganondorf takes his rightful spot as the most evil character on our list and
really who’s going to argue with this one
while ocarina was not the first game to have Ganon it was the first to put a
strong emphasis on his character and just how rotten to the core he is
introduced to us as he feigns his allegiance with the king of Hyrule
Ganondorf is established from the get-go as a power-hungry warlock who wants
nothing more than to open the Sacred Realm and claim the all-powerful relic
that lies within the Triforce in the past he demands the spiritual stones
from their respective Guardians and delivers punishments when they deny him
from killing the great Deku Tree from the inside to sentencing the entire
goron race to starvation when link is placed in a seven-year coma from opening
the door to the Sacred Realm Ganon is able to claim the Triforce of power
unopposed take the throne and raise hell for all the denizens of Hyrule he plans
to make an example out of the gorons for their disobedience by feeding them to
volvagia he drained Lake High Lea and sent a
phantom in his likeness to torment those who entered the forest temple and that’s
just a few things that he did what really sells them though was that
regardless of the outcome linking the sages were never able to truly finish
off Ganondorf in this game either link died in this final battle Ganon was
defeated and sealed away in the Sacred Realm where he would eventually escape
or he was ratted out before he could even obtain the Triforce and was slated
for execution in which he avoided that – Ganondorf was never truly killed in this
game and the same man would create all sorts of new problems in later games
like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and when your evil and won game is
capable of spreading to other games like wildfire it’s safe to say that you’re as
bad as they come and that’s our ranking disagree with us let us know in the
comments remember to hit that notification bell and binge our good to
evil playlist where we break down the morality of the characters of your
favorite games but most importantly they wicked

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