WordPress 5.4 Beta: Testing Features and Preview of the New Blocks

Hello WordPress enthusiasts and welcome to
WordPress news. My name is Robert and I remember the day somewhere
in 2011 when I was started using WordPress. It was exactly what I was looking for. A free content management system, easy to
use and ready to go in no time. The way we create and manage WordPress websites
has changed dramatically, since then. This was the dashboard of version 3.1 and
if I compare that with today’s version, you can see a big difference. It was a nightmare to create custom designs
if you haven’t had any coding knowledge, but that is much easier now. Let’s talk about WordPress 5.4 which will
be launched at the end of March and it comes with improvements to the block editor and
we will get some interesting new features as well. This click to see the password is a new feature
available since version 5.3 and it is something I never use. Do you like or use this functionality? Leave a comment below with yes, or no. Once you log in you can see no difference
between 5.3 and 5.4 on the dashboard. But, if I go to All Posts and edit the default
article when adding a new block and search for Social Icons you can see a new block that
will be available as soon as WordPress 5.4 goes live. I have opened another tab here with WordPress
5.3.2 which is the live version on most websites right now, and if I try a search for social
there is nothing available. With this block, you can now add social links
and buttons anywhere on your pages or posts, and you can edit each button separately. The global style of the block comes with three
designs; default, logos only and pill shape. I think there is more work to do on this block
because if I go to the settings of an icon, I can see that there is a label field that
doesn’t do anything if I type in something. There is no way to adjust shapes, change colors
or icons. Just three styles for now. In terms of options, WP 5.4 comes with more
color settings. If I add a button block here, for example,
you can see that there is a background type selector, and you can pick between solid and
gradient. For now, you can pick only a simple background
color as well as the color of the text. If I switch to gradient in WP 5.4, I have
plenty of options below for color points, type as well as angle. To remove a color point you have to click
on this link and if you want to move a color point, you need to click and hold your click
while dragging it where you want. The Linear Gradient type has also an angle-adjusting
feature that is something you don’t need for the Radial Gradient. In the More Tools and Options menu, you can
find a welcome guide modal that can help beginners to quickly understand what is the block editor
and how to use it. Let’s go back to blocks. Now within the Latest Posts block you can
enable the featured image too and set it up as you want below. You can pick the image size, dimensions, percentage
from 25 to 100 and alignment. Cool. In WordPress 5.3 you can enable only the Post
Content Settings and Post Meta Settings. The featured image section in the document
settings supports drag-and-drop now. As you can see, if I try to drag over an image
in version 5.3 nothing happens but in version 5.4, the set featured image space is slightly
bigger and you can drop files to upload. Within the Image gallery block, the new thing
is that you can select image sizing in this drop-down. The table block gets one new thing too. As you can see, there is a captions area below
where you can type in as much text as you want and you can color just parts of the text
in any RichText block. Which is a cool new feature. For example, in a heading block, you can say
show me blue, select blue and then click on this tiny arrow to open the additional settings
menu where you need to click on Text Color. Pick a blue shade in the custom color picker
and that’s it. A great SEO improvement of the Image Block,
I guess, is that you can change the image title attribute in the advanced settings. I’m curious if they fixed the image caption
alignment which moves to the center once you select align-center over here, but if I preview
the page… Nope, there is the same bug and the text is
not aligned to the center below the image. I hope they will fix this before the 5.4 final
release. As you can see below, there is a block breadcrumbs
navigation menu which will make your life easier when you are using a column block,
for example, with different types of content. If you are on the image block, you can click
on the column block below to access and change things around in the column without the hassle
of hovering over the blocks to find your way to the column settings. And to make things even better, you can use
these new tools which offer different interactions for block selection and editing. Now you can visually switch from Edit to Navigation
mode. When switching to navigation mode, which is
something new, you can navigate through blocks, like so, and if you click again on that block
it will switch instantly to the editing tools. WordPress 5.4 will also give us easier multi-block
selection and easier tabbing, which has been one of the editor’s biggest accessibility
problems so far. What I would like to see in future updates
of the block editor is the possibility to adjust the content size of each block separately
for mobile and tablet views. Do you think it would be helpful to have these
features available in the block editor? Let me know what you think in the comments
section below. Check out other videos on our channel and
make sure you subscribe to get notified when future videos are published. Se you in the next one, cheers.

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