Will iPad Air 2 + iPad OS replace a computer in 2019? (iOS 13 BETA)

Will iPad Air 2 + iPad OS replace a computer in 2019? (iOS 13 BETA)

What is going on everyone? Mike here
and today we’re talking about iPadOS. Now there is a lot of excitement in
the marketplace around iPadOS and all the features that it’s going to introduce
once Apple releases it later this fall. We’re getting a brand new
home screen with denser app layout. We’re getting desktop class browsing, app,
slide over, split view, app expose, and finally I mean finally we
are getting file management on the iPad. As someone who loves their I’ve had
the general trend I’ve seen is that people who are most excited about iPadOS
tend to be really people who are fully invested in the ecosystem already
and they’re using a brand new iPad. You know, something like the iPad Air
3 maybe even the iPad mini 5 or even the iPad Pro. But really not everyone
can afford to drop five, six, or seven hundred dollars on a new iPad
and really kind of what’s the experience like for someone who has an
older iPad and decides to upgrade iPadOS? Well that is exactly what we’re talking
about in today’s video. I’m going to upgrade my five year old iPad Air
2 to the public beta to find out really kind one, is it usable and two,
I’m going to run usability tests with how I use the iPad to see if five-year
old iPad Air 2 really can still function as expected when iPadOS
is released later in September. Now I am Mike and this is tech
24/7 TV. Thumbs if you like this type of content and sub if you want to see
more iPhone and iPad related videos. Let’s get started. Now if you are anything like me,
you depend on your iPad to pull its fair share of weight when it comes
to computing. Outside of some heavy editing that I use my
2019 MacBook Pro, the 2018. iPad Pro has really been my primary
computing device accounting for about 80 to 90 percent of my computing tasks.
Now that means my everyday usage is really give me a mix of
web browsing in Safari, spending time in social media apps like Twitter Facebook writing
and editing Word documents PowerPoint documents editing photos in Lightroom
and I really just started to dive into how to edit videos on Luma Fusion. Now that in addition to a handful of
games I’d like to play to kill time such as like asphalt racing and Sonic.
Now with that today’s usability tests are going to be focused on real
world experiences and not synthetic benchmarks like GeekBench. Now that’s not because benchmarks are invalid.
But most people use experience based metrics to communicate how good
or how bad something is. You know I don’t tell you that my CPU score
was 44 and it’s just not working for me. I think that it’s too slow or runs hot.
Now I have a full review of iOS 13 and iPadOS in the works so make
sure that you are subscribed what notifications so you can be alerted when
that content drops in the fall. Now for those you need a refresher.
Apple released the iPad Air 2 in October 2014. At that point I was running iOS 8 and
it was powered by the A8X processor. Now subsequently, Apple discontinued that device
in March 2017 but really you can actually still find this on
Amazon for about one hundred sixty to two hundred twenty five bucks depending
on how you want have it configured with storage. Now if you are asking yourself Why
would I want to buy a five-year-old iPad for that much money what I can get
a new iPad? Well, first is gonna be cost. If you want to buy a new iPad Air,
the price of entry is gonna be four hundred seventy nine dollars million which really
is a lot of money when you think about it. Again not everyone
has the extra money to go and drop several hundred dollars on
a computer or a tablet. Second when you factor in that the
iPad Air is who is going to get most of if not all the same exact features
that come in iPadOS that newer I’ve had devices are getting, it feels like
you’re really getting a little bit more for your money. Now from a testing perspective, We’re going to
test general iPad navigation, safari productivity, games, camera and photo editing, light video
editing and file management. Now in the event that you want to come
back to a certain section I put timestamps right below the Like button so you
can find them later on. So several viewers on my last video want to
know how to pair a mouse in iPadOS, so let’s just get this out of the way
since I know it’s going to be a hot topic. Now first let’s go in
the settings. Let’s go down accessibility, we’re going to tap on touch which is
in the second section that’s titled physical & motor. We make sure that assistive touches on.
Then we’re going to keep pointing devices we’re going to tap on
Bluetooth devices. And then finally after 18 steps you’re going to tap on pair. Now in a moment or two your
mouse should appear in the pairing menu and that’s assuming that you’ve already put the
mouse in the pairing mode and if you’re looking for a good mouse. This is the MX Master 2S from Logitech
which I will link in the description down below. Now let’s start with some
basic navigating around the iPad. If you recall the iPad Air 2 utilized
a first generation Touch ID sensor so it was quick, but not really fast
if you catch what I’m saying. Now I’m probably a little spoiled here
because I’ve been using a device that supports basic decency iPhone X.
I know there’s world problems but touch and he does seem quick and maybe
it’s just a half second behind what I’m used to on this device. Next let’s
swipe down from control center here in the top right. Let’s adjust the brightness. Let’s adjust
the volume; feels no different. Now heading over to Notification Center
same thing here. And with the apps switcher as well. It really feels consistent
with previous versions of iOS. Now the app carousel is where
I’m expecting to see some changes because this is really a net new feature for iPads.
Now you see here as you kind of scroll across the bottom or swipe
across the bottom it’s quick. But there seems to be just a little bit
of stutter in here this is developer version 4 so here we are
putting apps in this religious functions largely the same. So let’s fire up safari here. Now the
very first thing I notice here that Safari isn’t maintaining the previous
session which results in the site’s getting reloaded. Now this is par for
the course if you have an iPad Air 2 because its function really the same
way since iOS 12 and before but nonetheless, it looks like the limitation of
a hardware and not indeed the software. Now new in Safari this year the ability
to open up multiple windows side by side again this is now a system
wide feature and it works with all third party apps as long as they’ve updated
their frameworks. Now even though there are two windows open only one
window is going to be the active window means you have to select which window
that you’re gonna be typing in. Now that’s indicated by this little
pill indicator at the top of the screen that you see here it’s going to dim
and brighten and a switch between windows. Now you can open YouTube in so far
and get that classic web view which we all know and love and
even while watching your favorite video that’s playing picture in picture now. I only
got this to work a couple of the times it didn’t really work consistently
for me. But you can switch between tabs and continue playing those videos
while at the videos in the background. What’s nice here is that when you’re
closing tabs, there’s a little pop up box that will appear allowing you
to set a preference when you want tabs closed. So for me this is where the rubber
hits the road so to speak because I’m a product of an ear meaning that I
am always trying to optimize my workflow using the tools at my disposal. Now,
lately I’ve been using Apple notes to capture text and handwritten notes
in addition to digging in all the changes going into reminders. So first
here we have notes we have full screen notes functions as I would expect. Now you’ve the ability to add pull
up to notes side by side as I talked about earlier this is system wide applies
all the different iOS 13 and we can go ahead and pull up App Expose
to show all the open note windows. Now let’s go and dig into reminders
we can open a reminder window. Go and add a reminder. What’s cool here is
that you can click on the little information button go down. You could assign this
reminder to someone in your contact list and ask to be notified
when you’re messaging so when you’re talking to someone if there is reminder say
it’s going to come up while I’m texting her And from keyboard perspective here’s
the rather keyboard you can just swipe and you get a mini keyboard and there
are new keyboard shortcuts when you’re using a external keyboard. Now that
won’t matter if it’s Bluetooth or if it’s connected to the iPad itself. From a typing perspective, typing seems
to be about a split second behind what I remember. And it’s kind of annoying
in all fairness but really I only experience this one time while
watching a video and downloading the beta update in the background. So I
think it’s kind of a confluence of a number different things here. I’m gonna
chalk that up to just really kind of some process running the background
because I haven’t experienced it since. New this year for the iPhone and iPod
devices is the ability to connect external storage. that doesn’t matter if your device as you
can be USB-C or if it’s lightning, but it does have a few nuances here. So in order to connect
external media to your lightning-equipped iPad, you’re going to be one of these three
dongles: a lightning the SD card reader which is UHS-II compliant, a lightning to
USB A dongle which I probably wouldn’t recommend, or a lightning the USB 3.0 with power.
Now generally speaking I would say from the third party dangles unless
they are made for iPhone at this point. But I don’t think Apple has actually
license very many third party toggles for data connectivity. Now in terms of connecting all you
do is simply plug the dongle into the bottom your iPad and insert your media
of choice through your navigate over the files app your media should
appear there in the location on the left hand side. Now you can copy, cut, paste,
delete, zip, unzip most common file format and all of your apps will need
to be updated to take advantage of this file picker menu. So from my experience
what hasn’t been working well is the ability to go ahead and open up
image files that are raw. Now I think because do the large size of files
almost every time I try to open one of these images the file ends up timing
out never opens and then the iPad re- springs. So if you work with raw files at this
point at least ones coming from a Sony camera I wouldn’t download the
beta just yet. All right, so let’s let one of my
favorite games Asphalt Legends 9. Now even though this is a
beta version of an unreleased operating system on a tablet that’s five years old this
game runs well now there’s no lag between the key presses in which you
see the game actually kind of translating the key presses or the screen presses
into actual operation. Now of course the iPad Air 2 doesn’t have
the ultra smooth hundred twenty Hertz refresh rate of the iPad Pro which I mean makes
sense right. This is a five year old tablet but I’m having no problem
playing the game here. Now this really speaks volumes to the level of integration
that the game developer has gone through to get the game to work
right now what’s really going to bring in my second point. When Apple first release iOS 13 beta
in June there were a lot of apps that weren’t working right. I mean it was
like a hotbed of disaster. But that does include asphalt racing. But now
here’s the thing right. So if you decide to take the risk and use a beta
on your own device do not be that person and bitch the developer when
the app doesn’t work well. I mean it’s a beta right you’re taking the risk
so that means don’t go on social media. Don’t complain. Don’t bad mouth developer
of the app. Be respectful. All right let’s go and open up
Lightroom here. Now context I don’t use Lightroom to store and seeing the majority my
photos that I take here that is done through the photos app from Apple. But as you can see here in the top
left hand corner I have just around 2600 photos that the iPad is sinking
at this moment. Now I’m going to go and edit one of my video thumbnails
here from a few weeks ago even though the app is computationally heavy.
I’m able to make quick temperature intense adjustments without lag. Zooming in
and out of the forty nine megabyte file is a little sluggish but I really
imagine that through the file size and the processor that’s on the iPad
Air 2. So note: if you’re shooting raw and making several complex color
adjustments that might be a little bit slow for your liking. Now let’s try the heel tool again.
Not too bad but definitely not fast. Now this could have to do with the
app not being entirely optimized for iOS 13 which we really can’t fault that
to Adobe because it’s not even out yet if you are using Adobe for a lot
of editing in Lightroom I would hold off on upgrading to the iPadOS Beta.
Now I would consider myself pretty green when it comes to using Lumia
fusion to edit video now and that’s because from my workflow perspective
it hasn’t been straightforward for me to edit videos on the iPad without
really kind of buying into additional hardware. Now thankfully that’s going to change
now that file managements come into the iPad OS. Now I already uploaded
a few video files in dilemma fusion and that process really took nothing
more than a few seconds. And this one video here is eight minutes
and 10 seconds so that process of uploading a video was very
very quick. Now somewhat surprisingly I’m able to scrub along this video timeline
and feels snappy. So in terms of exporting video I took a eight minute
video export it through Luma fusion and it took about 12 minutes really
not too bad. So it’s gonna be a lot quicker than editing video for most people.
I didn’t even say Siri. What is she doing. All in all I
am still kind of pleased with being able to edit for key video single streams on
a five year old tablet. That’s probably. like the premise of this this entire
video is just really how surprising it is to be able to do a majority of
things on a five year old tablet Now, all in all I am pleasantly surprised
on a couple of different fronts. First it’s going to be the Apple still
supporting a five year old tablet with the latest software updates because
the iPad Air 2 or is really gonna perform well and allow the scenarios
with I’ve had OS and truth be told. I really don’t have a huge problem
recommending it to someone who’s going to be cost conscious but wants
to maximize the number of features that they’re getting. And second by all accounts the device
runs pretty smoothly. I’m able to perform a majority of my tasks on the
iPad Air 2 with ease. Now is it gonna be as fast as a new iPad
Air or even an iPad Pro. No. But is it going to cost as much. Of course not. And really you know
you think about these other devices that we’re comparing it to are probably
two to three times much more expensive. So now the question is really is could
this iPad Air 2 replace your home computer. So for people who are either brand
new to computing right or if you’re someone who’s looking to upgrade from an older
P.C. I think the iPad Air 2 is a great option minus the fact that
it doesn’t have a dedicated hardware keyboard like the new iPad Air or even
the iPad Pro. But again these devices are two to three times more expensive. If you already own an iPad Air 2.
I feel largely confident about keeping it when iPad OS is
released in the fall. But I want to know what your experiences
are like with the iPad Air 2 comment down below if you’re someone who’s
looking for more performance and wanting to upgrade to a new device or maybe you’re
even going to wait it out until Apple releases iPad OS in the fall. I am Mike Caputo and this is tech 24/7
TV hit like hits subscribe and I will talk to you in the next one

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