Why Yes Bank is Going up – Yes Bank Latest News | Groww

Why Yes Bank is Going up – Yes Bank Latest News | Groww

Friends, you all must still be worried about Yes bank A lot of news must be coming in the market domain but you don’t know which news is relevant for you Let us talk about Yes bank again today We will talk mainly about three things First, reconstruction plan The government has mentioned some banks that are going to invest in Yes bank Apart from this If you are unable to withdraw your money from Yes bank Related to that there has been some news that in a few days you will be able to withdraw your money The second news I am going to tell you in detail Which I am going to tell you in detail is that a lot of people must be thinking that a news had come out You cannot sell your Yes bank shares if you have more than 100 shares So how does this news impact you as an investor If you have positions in Yes bank And if you want to sell then how can you sell? Third and very important The third quarter result of Yes bank that hadn’t come out That came out on 14th evening Which means that Yes bank declared its quarter 3 result So we will talk in detail that in the quarter 3 result What came out about Yes bank I, Jagdeep Singh, welcome you to the Groww channel Let us start today’s video Before talking about who all put money in Yes bank First, we will talk about if your money was in Yes bank And if in one month you were unable to withdraw more than Rs 50,000 There has been some news related to that that has come out The authorities of Yes bank have said that On 14th March the news came that in the next three working days The moratorium that was placed on Yes bank is going to be removed completely The problem that people had to remove their money is going to be over And if you have some money in Yes bank You will be able to use it normally After this I will come to a very important thing Related to which there has been a lot of news in the market What are the banks that have said that they are going to buy in Yes bank You know that if Yes bank has to do its normal operations They will need money Now what are the banks that will infuse money here All of you must be aware about SBI that they have bought a stake in Yes bank And they are going to infuse money here But apart from this as well there are many banks in the private sector Who have said that they are going to infuse their money in Yes bank Let us talk in detail about the banks that have said they are going to infuse money in Yes bank In the coming days The first bank is State Bank of India And State bank of India has said that they are going to infuse 7,250 crores in Yes banks By infusing so much money they said that they are going to acquire 725 crore shares of Yes bank But State Bank of India is not the only bank that is going to infuse money After this if I talk about ICICI bank even they said that they are going to infuse around 1,000 crores in Yes bank After this I will go into detail about HDFC bank, Bandhan Bank Apart from this even Kotak Mahindra Bank has said that they are going to infuse money with Yes Bank As you can see on my screen I will shown you in detail that which bank How much capital and how many shares they are going to acquire in Yes bank After State Bank of India, ICICI bank is going to infuse Rs 1,000 crore And will acquire 100 crore shares After this Axis Bank that is going to infuse 600 crores After this HDFC bank that is going to infuse 1,000 crores Kotak Mahindra bank and Bandhan Bank are going to infuse 500 crores And 300 crores respectively So from this we get to know that many banks are racing to invest in Yes bank Because maybe they think that Yes bank in the coming time will transform themselves But only time will tell that the bank which right now is in a very bad condition And on which even a moratorium was placed And apart from this, SBI had to put in money on this So that there can be liquidity in this bank And the people whose money was stuck in this bank, they can remove it But for private banks to come here It tells that that they feel that this bank can rebound in the coming time But only by thinking that it will rebound and investing here Is not a smart thing to do for retail investors They should wait for some time and see in the few days So retail investors should wait a few days because the situation of Yes bank is not that good right now And money is being put in here now But even before this, HDFC has put in money here when there was a QIP on them But after that Yes bank went into a worse condition So the plan that has been made here of reconstruction It is possible that Yes bank rebounds from here But for that you should wait and retail investors should not invest in a rush After this I will come to the second news about which you all might be very interested And this comes from the government and the government says that The people who have more than a 100 share investment in Yes bank They can only sell upto 25% of their holdings And the rest of the 75% of their holdings That is locked in for 3 years Now I will talk about this in detail Consider that you have 200 shares of Yes bank So after this notification comes, if I talk about 25 shares Out of 200, there are 50 shares Which you can go and sell in the market at anytime But if I talk about the other 150 shares You cannot sell for the next three years The government has placed a lock in on it This lock-in is like when you invest in an ELSS mutual fund Even there, there is a lock-in, if you put your money in today You cannot remove that money for three years The same thing happens in the form of Yes bank shares Like I gave you the example of two hundred shares You can sell 50 shares now But the rest of the 150 shares are locked in You cannot sell that for the next three years Because of which if you have an account with any brokerage If you try to sell more than 25% of your shares there Your orders will be failed or rejected there Because no broker will allow that as per government regulations Apart from this there is another case, if your shares are less than 100 shares What will happen then? If your number of shares are less than 100 shares You can sell those shares at any time You can hold them as well Now consider that you have 98 shares You can sell that today, tomorrow or day after Which means that there is no cap on that Now the question comes, why did Yes bank put a lock-in here? Because Yes bank has become a trading stock for some time, if I talk about trading stock A lot of traders take position here, without looking at the fundamentals of that stock So if there are a lot of traders, a there is a lot of volatility in that stock And if there is a lot of volatility That stock is not stable at all, like what happened with Yes bank This stock used to trade at 50-60 then it came to 30 But some news came one day so it touched Rs 9 After that it went back to Rs 25 So there was a lot of volatility here To control this volatility, the government brought about a lock-in here When the volatility reduces here The company will get a little help to become stable And it possible that Yes bank will become a little stable in the coming time Now people ask another question here People ask that if they have 110 shares, and I sell 25% of that But after that my total number of shares That comes below 100 So will I be able to sell that? I will tell you very clearly here The people whose shares were more than 100 in quantity 25% of their shares can be sold freely 75% of their shares have already been blocked If I give you the example of 110 shares 25% means almost around 27 shares So you can sell 27 shares now The rest of your shares will become less than 100 But you will not be able to sell it If your number of shares were less than 100 You can sell it If it is more than 100, you can sell only upto 25% Now let us talk about the quarterly result of Yes bank The quarterly result that came on 14th March but should have come some time ago Because it was a very bad position of Yes bank some days ago If I tell you overall, then Yes bank has booked more than 18,000 crores loss And this is the worst loss booked in banking history by any bank After this if I talk about another parameter which becomes very important in the case of banking NPA Non performing assets So if I talk about Yes bank’s bad loans so their bad loans have reached around 14,000 crores If I talk about its percentage About its gross NPA Their gross NPA right now is around 18% Which is a very big number if you compare it to any bank This number might be the biggest So this was a video on Yes bank which was about the small things that are very important for shareholders If you are a shareholder and you shares have gone into lock-in You should not be scared, it is possible that Yes bank can get into a better situation in the coming time But the 25% of the shares that you can sell You can deicide what you want to do with them I will tell you again that if anyone has less than 100 shares They can do anything with their shares, if they want to sell it They can sell it, and if they want to hold it they can do that as well But if your shares are more than 100 And after selling 25%, your total shares become less than 100 You won’t be able to sell them Apart from this we spoke about What are the banks that are going to infuse money in Yes bank in the coming time You can use this video as a fact check We absolutely do not recommend the buying or selling of any stock in any video If you haven’t yet subscribed to our Groww channel Then please subscribe to our channel Because we put up 2-3 videos every week on this channel for education purposes Which can help a lot for you to become a good and an intelligent investor If you liked this vide, press the like button And comment down below and let us know how you think Yes bank is going to perform in the coming time You can give your reasons for your comment as well So that we can all learn from your comment Happy investing!

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