Webafrica Effing Fast Internet

Webafrica Effing Fast Internet

Webafrica internet is … fast. Dude, did you just bleep me? I don’t know what you mean I can’t say this, can’t say it here. This is the Internet Idiot. But Webafrica Internet is … fast. It’s … so fast it’s like the … fastest … … on Earth. Please stop bleeping me As I was saying Webafrica Internet is … … fast, just please stop bleeping me Okay, so how about we go … ? …? None of those? Jet Pack, ON! Okay, what if I said ….? Still no? Still not allowed to say that? …. …. …. What about effing? effing? Effing, effing, effing, effing, whoo, okay! Let’s do this. Visit Webafrica.co.za for Fiber, LTE at Home and ADSL. Webafrica. Effing fast internet I’m effing flying Decades

20 thoughts on “Webafrica Effing Fast Internet

  1. First time EVER, that I actually looked for an ad…….KAAAAAAAK FUNNY.

    Colleagues giving me the evil eye for laughing out loud.

  2. This guy is SA's version of Jack Black….awesome!! I wonder if they'll do a survey on how many 'effings' are flying around in the creche since this ad 😀 Brilliant ad! Mission accomplished Webafrica, when I consider fibre you'll be the 1st I look into.

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