Waking up from a Coma in Trump’s America | We The Internet TV

Waking up from a Coma in Trump’s America | We The Internet TV

(heart monitor beeping) (slight groan) [NURSE] Doctor? Doctor!
He’s waking up! [DOCTOR] Mike?
Mike, can you hear me?
Can you speak? [MIKE] Who are you? [NURSE] It’s a miracle. [MIKE] Where am I? [DOCTOR] Try to relax, Mike.
You’ve been in an accident. Can you remember what year it is? [MIKE] Um…2009? [NURSE] Do you know
who the president is? [MIKE] Barack Obama. Where are my kids?
My kids were in the car with me. [NURSE] He doesn’t know. [MIKE] What don’t I know?
Where are my children? [DOCTOR] Mike, calm down.
You’re still very weak from the coma. [MIKE] Coma? [DOCTOR] We have to tell him. [NURSE] Are you sure, doctor? [DOCTOR] He has to know. [MIKE] What are you doing?
What is that? [DOCTOR] Mike, this is going to be hard. You’ve been in a coma for
nearly a decade. And now that you’re awake,
you’re going to have to confront
some harsh realities. [MIKE] Oh no. [DOCTOR] The first one is this. [MIKE] Wait…wait,
what am I looking at? [DOCTOR] Donald Trump is president. [NURSE] It’s insane, isn’t it? The guy from Celebrity Apprentice,
he’s our president now. [MIKE] Yeah, that’s weird,
but what about my children? Johnny? Melanie? [DOCTOR] This isn’t a joke, Mike!
This is a real headline! [MIKE] Why are you showing me this? [NURSE] Can your 2009 mind
even handle this? [MIKE] Stop it! [DOCTOR] Ten years ago,
could you have imagined
America would come to this? [NURSE] He served fast food
in the White House, Mike! [DOCTOR] Fast food! [MIKE] I don’t give a s**t! The president could be
Kanye West for all I care. [NURSE] It’s actually funny you should mention Kanye West because… [MIKE] Get that away from me. [DOCTOR] Kanye said liberals
were bullies, Mike. Bullies! [MIKE] Where are my children? [DOCTOR] Oh my god,
your kids are dead, okay? Geez… [MIKE] Oh no. [DOCTOR] Yeah, your son
died instantly, your daughter clung to life support
for like a month before we
removed the feeding tube. Yada yada yada,
happens all the time. But Trump being president?
This is not normal. [NURSE] Don’t normalize this, Mike! [MIKE] (sobbing) [DOCTOR] Oh Mike, don’t cry.
There’s good news. [MIKE] What good news? [DOCTOR] Now that your
kids are dead, they won’t have to live
in a world with this. [NURSE] Or this. [DOCTOR] And there’s more good news: we have Instagram now! [NURSE] IG! [DOCTOR] Oh, and gay marriage
is legal now, that’s great news for America. [NURSE] And for him! [DOCTOR] Oh, yeah! Now that his wife is dead
and he’s single, he can
marry a man if he wants to! [MIKE] Wait, my wife is dead?
She wasn’t even in the car with us! [DOCTOR] Oh, um, when she found out
what happened to you and the kids, she got addicted to painkillers
and alcohol, and her liver gave out. Yada yada yada,
happens all the time. But the Obamas are now
producing for Netflix! Isn’t that exciting!? [MIKE] (sobbing) Oh, I really thought that
would have cheered him up. [MIKE] I lost everything. [NURSE] Not everything, Mike!
There’s still this! [MIKE] Ahh, what the
f**k is the Mueller report? [NURSE] Actually,
it’s the Mueller report, and it’s only the most important
document of our time. At least I think it is.
I never read it. [DOCTOR] You know what,
you should read it
and tell us what it says. [NURSE] I mean, I know what it says, you know? [DOCTOR] Totally. [MIKE] I’m gonna kill myself. [NURSE] Oh my god.
He’s having suicidal thoughts. [DOCTOR] We’re going to have to
break out the big guns. Mike, it’s the most diverse
House freshman class in history! [MIKE] I hate you. [DOCTOR] Wow.
That’s your reaction to
women of color in Congress? [NURSE] Doctor, there’s something wrong with him. He’s not reacting to
anything the right way. I think he’s got brain damage. [DOCTOR] Huh, no wailing
outrage over Trump. Total indifference
to the Mueller Report. And now, no vocal celebration
of diversity in Congress. I think you’re right, Nurse. There’s only one thing left to do. Sorry, Mike.
You’re cancelled. [MIKE] I’m not on life support anymore, you f**king idiot. [DOCTOR] Whatevs, hashtag boy bye.
Nurse, pillow. [MIKE] What? (music) [LOU] Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to like it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel. Make sure to click the little bell to turn on notifications so you never miss a video. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And if you want to support us, check out our website: wetheinternet.tv

100 thoughts on “Waking up from a Coma in Trump’s America | We The Internet TV

  1. I thought the idea of Trump becoming president was crazy, but he has done a decent job, nowhere near as bad as some people make him out to be. I might just vote for him this time around.

  2. Kim k and Kanye did prison reform with Trump's help which none of the liberal scums and Republican pretend conservatives even tried enough to do that . So ask them to go fuck themselves 😆.

  3. What my 12 year old cousin said about the doctors…
    1) okay, weird. But he’s a good business man…
    2) well he’s not wrong…
    2.5) they’re dead? Well shit
    3, 4, 5) that’s just facked up
    6) muller report? You mispronounced bullshit
    7) diversity? Cool story bro.
    8) I’d rather be dead than have them be my doctors

  4. wtf is this? I'm confused. Because a major retard like Trump is president and I agree that his presence in the White House is an abomination, I don't care about some dude's health and family? This is just a complete fabrication and misrepresentation of the world who is terrified a mentally unstable egotistical maniac is running the Free world. I agree with the Doctors, STOP NORMALIZING THIS BULLSHIT. PICK A SIDE "YOUTUBE CREATORS".

  5. After watching a bunch of your vids, i realized what you were doing with these skits. You're making a point. Keep it up! Everyone needs to see these vids.

  6. "Your daughter clung to life support for like a month before we removed the feeding tube" I know he's an actor, but I really wanted to murder him.

  7. Ah I see the doctors decided to abort the (assumingly) 46-year old fetus? I guess he was just a clump of DEGENERATE cells after all!

  8. This is supposed to be funny?
    The most unqualified, incompetent, & humiliating person to ever occupy the White House & these idiots think they are funny pointing out how we are trapped behind a cycle of unaccountability.
    The rule of law is dead, there is no one able or willing to enforce our laws. And these ass hat's make smug condesending quips we are expected to think are humorous?
    Once in America it was considered patriotic to gladly pay your taxes. Now the biggest tax cheat is President; #facepalm.
    I remember when we were taught it was a bad thing that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, despite being apocryphal, and now we have people like this make video's like this, & I can't see how they are any different from Nero.
    Smug, resentful, dilettante's who blame culture for not enforcing their beliefs. That is all this is. Pathetic.

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