VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 9.11: What’s New

Dynamic Environment Manager is part of the
VMware Horizon Just-in-time Management platform. JMP provides you with all the benefits of
non-persistence, while providing end-users with a persistent user experience. Administration is simplified, applications
are dynamically delivered, and the end-user experience is second to none. Dynamic Environment Manager integrates with
Horizon by providing granular control over end user experience using Horizon Smart Policies. In recent releases, the list of Horizon Smart
Policies continues to grow, and includes support for both user-based and computer-based policies. The version 9.11 release continues this trend,
and introduces several new policy settings. In addition to the added policy settings,
you now have more control over the way computer-based policies are applied. A new, optional setting gives you the ability
to continuously refresh computer-based settings, even after a user has logged on to Windows. The new ContinueRefreshAfterLogon setting
works with the RefreshInterval to continuously apply computer-based policies. To configure this feature, simply ensure the
refreshinterval has a value, add the continuerefreshafterlogon value, and set it to 1. A complete list of optional values for this
feature are available in the Dynamic Environment Manager documentation. A new search capability is now available in
the Dynamic Environment Manager management console. The find button appears throughout the console,
making it fast and easy to locate configuration items. This is especially useful when browsing the
extensive list of configuration templates on the VMware Marketplace. Simply enter a portion of the app or configuration
item you’re searching for, and quickly cycle through all items containing that text. For more technical content about Dynamic Environment Manager, be sure
to visit techzone.vmware.com.

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