Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE

Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE

whatcha guys have another video here for you, in this one? we going to be taking [a] look at how we can upgrade our old laptop [or] computer [to] a chrome os for free So let’s take a look at the software that we’re talking about if we go to this website here You’ll be at a get your chrome os operating system You can download the 64 bit or the 32 bit cloud ready as you can see here done by neverwhere and it’s free to download and I will put the link in the description for you, so first off. I’m gonna download this this is the version we’re down for 64-bit now this is great [for] computers or older type computers And that will speed up your computer quite a lot because of it [II] is the operating [systems] quite lightweight a little bit like Linux really It’s [very] lightweight, and [we’ll] had a bit of zip to the older type computers and laptops So we’ll let this download And then when this downloads would create our USB flash drive [ok] so we’ve got our download file here and [as] you can see it’s a bin file And it slipped so what we need to do is unzip this file So I’m just going [to] double click on this and as you can see here. We need to remove this from here So all I want to do is just copy this and go back one Just put it back in here We go, and we’ll just let that extract to this location [and] [once] we’ve done that we need to burn this need as you can see it’s a bin file and [though] we will need to use a Creation tool to create our uSb flash drive now you don’t need a massive flash drive something between 8 to 16 gigabytes will do just nicely and [the] [Sandisk] has some issues with this and I’ll point this out [to] you in a bit when this finish is extracting Now never point to point out here is you can see the [64-bit] suitable for most computers? and you can see the 32-bit here is for older computers Netbooks and also, noted for a certain five models lister you can also check this out if you want to if you want to make sure that it’s a Compatible real computer so what we want to do is click [on] installation right now We’ve got that done and what that’s going to do is give us some information here. You can see a uSb flash disk size Compatibility in Gb so you can see eight and sixteen nannies big Flash drives will work just the eight and sixteen and you can also see here that some Sandisk brands will have an issue with [that] so just bear that in mind Once we’ve got that we can then move on down to check Connectivity You can click on this [and] what this is going to do is give you some information? Here to make sure that you’ve passed this test and everything is working fine Once we’ve done that we [can] pull this down and then go to build our installer. So we’re going to click [on] this And you can see we’ve already unzipped our file and though what we’ll need to do now is Get the Chromebook recovery utility so you can see here on this list we can now Go to that and download [that] you can see it’s in chrome itself so click on this and you can see it will pop up here and I will put all this information in the Description of the video just going to add this to chrome It’s check in and we’re going to add the app And there you go that’s now done. Let’s just check in here There we go, and that’s the actual tool right here. So what are those click on this? and next up, we’re going to Get our flash drive done, and that’s already plugged in ready to go So then you will need a full gigabyte or larger and [we’re] going to get started So what we want to do here next is come up to this little cog ignore this area here And we want to come up to where the cog ease and we’ve got to go use local image Here we want to locate our chrome os image bin Click on this and click open and [D] You can see now we need to select the media which is our usb flash drive, so I’m going to click [on] this one And you can now see we have that selected Click on continue, and then what we can do here now is click on create now so that’s now completed as you can see you can then remove our media and Place that into our lap top or [our] old computer and boot to that device. It’s going to click done here So now we need to change your bios boot order to boot to your usb flash drive that you’ve just created and that will start to Install cloud ready now. You can choose your language I’m just going to use a united Kingdom English and also select your keyboard layout, which is for me [cani] kingdom and You can leave the network selected as ethernet if you’re on even it if you’re not on your own Wi-Fi, then you need to set that up I’m using an ethernet here, and I can use the tab key to navigate to continue and push enter now this will download and install Chromium it will take a bit of time So just let that come down, and then once you’ve got that you should see network Working, and then that all you need to do now is put in your email account for your gmail for your Google accounts because this Needs that to log in and then put your password in for that email account And then click next and you should be logged in to that account, and you should be free free to use the operating system Again, you just need to choose a logo here. Which is an icon in choose. Where you like? use your own or you can use I’ll just pick this flower click ok and Then once I’ve done that you should have the desktop And it should say howdy whatever your name is and you should be good enough to go there and use Chrome on your old laptop or desktop or whatever it is you’ve installed it on you can even install it on VMWare and also Virtualbox if you want to see those videos let me know in the comment section below Anyway, I’m going to wrap this one. I’ll pick helps you out guys. Hope you enjoyed it My name is barf and bites a computer’s [coda] [ok] thanks again [for] you guys, and I shall see you again in another video Bye for now

100 thoughts on “Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE

  1. I have a lot of old laptops and the one I dislike the most is a Samsung Chromebook (trying to sell it but no takers). I like the Chrome browser and install it on all my machines; but I prefer Windows 7 O.S..

  2. it's not chrome os, it's chromium os which is made by amateurs, chromium os don't have the quality of a google product

  3. well i would like to try in virtual box, for those complain about a downgrade try linix mint 19 cinnamon really great for old laptops and pcs

  4. had planned on doing this and just hadn't taken the time. I will now didn't realize how easy and quick it would be. Excellent pointer on the USB drive size. Well done!

  5. I did this but I need to update my Asia video card driver cuz the screen is jittering can you help me figure out how to do this ?

  6. Hi, I have a question. Can the chrome os be installed on a tablet? I have an Acer a200 and would love to upgrade it somehow from the old base android system it has and is no longer supported

  7. I wonder if it can support old Netgear wi-fi adapters? I have an old Compaq (before the IBM acquisition) with no built-in wi-fi, but under Windows XP it uses a plug-in card from Netgear to get to wi-fi. I tried building a Linux partition a few years ago but Linux doesn't have drivers for those cards. If Chrome does, and they aren't as hard to install as Linux drivers, this old machine could be donated to a charity.

  8. I have an old laptop that I want to donate to a kid's center. Since I need to use a gmail account to install chrome OS I have a question. Can I log in, install it and then log out? that way when the kid's center gets the laptop they can enter in whatever they want? or does it always need my information? Presario c7000 if that matters.

  9. Why don't they make an iso file with chrome os like any other operating system? I wouldn't bother with it. Too much work.

  10. I don't think I can thank you enough…. You just saved my old Dell Inspiron Mini 1084 (something like that) from extinction

  11. does this method support dual booting with win 7/win10 or it will overwrite the bootloader or worse the windows OS itself?

  12. Just use a linux distro like Linux Lite or Peppermint OS (a bit lighter) or AntiX w/rox icewm (ultra light), you get a fully functional desktop you can install free apps. It's easy to install with a usb drive and you won't have google or microsoft logging your every keystroke and spying on you.

  13. My thoughts: a normal laptop has a ventilator and hard disk and so even Chrome OS will not use a few Watt power as on a real Chromebook with it's passive cooling and SSD and very low energy processor. Something like Puppy Linux could be just as simple and the speed will not be much less since it runs from ram.

  14. I had a laptop years ago that had a CD eject mechanism they split the keyboard open in the middle and that’s where the disk came out. Anyone remember that model. I’d like to find one but I don’t remember the model.

  15. What happens if you got partition on the hard drive? would it clear out everything and would have just one partition?

  16. I can't make it boot after installation. Asus F5VL with Pentium Dual Core T2330, 8GB pendrive used.

  17. What about files on Local Disk D, will chromium delete all my files or just delete files on Local Disk C, where is my system now?

  18. Don't use ChromiumOS/ChromeOS or any of the forks, just use regular Linux. ChromeOS restricts and removes features that make Linux what it is.

  19. Upgrade all OSes to linux, cause the others you pay for with your privacy. Linux is truly free and open source.

  20. Why upgrade to a Google Os that leave your privacy exposed 24/24 on the cloud?

    I don't get it, it's like a pretty woman who go buy transparent undies in hopping to prevent rape

  21. Why is Chrome OS but not modern? Chronium or F… I could not official website for downloads…

  22. why would anyone want a wimpy os like this faux os.. chrome? it does not even run the chrome. 🙁 Try and use your subscription to youtube tv without chrome…. sorry, not .a true advocate, but a realist. chrome is the most popular browser on earth, lots of video sites demand it, An os that does not run the most used browser of all is a junk waste of time…….. besides, it may look like a chrome book, but it is not a chromebook….

  23. Will you get updates for the chrome is if you do this or will you have to reinstall everything?e you need to update?

  24. Unless that person's usage scenario involved 99.99% of google's ecosystem…only. that ISN'T an upgrade. Why install an os that is that limiting versus installing a good linux distro like Mint xfce that is lightweight enough and will breathe new life into it without being so limiting? ( and before you all bitch about " but waa ya can't game on linux" yes you can..Steam has proton..Lutris runs damn nearly anything else and regardless wtf is trying to play TODAY'S demanding titles on a system that is easily 13 years old or older and it's a laptop that has no dedicated graphics card? That is the scenario I'm talking about)

  25. I’m not real sure why anyone would want to do this , as much as google is known for spying on everyone’s activities online! You put your faith and trust in their software that will then have all your information like usernames, pin’s, passwords, SS#’s bank account’s and the list goes on and on, WHY would you do that!???

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