52 thoughts on “Tsunomaki Watame – I’m sorry for my internet – [Hololive 4th Gen]

  1. "I'm sorry for my internet"

    Actually, i should be the one apologizing. I'M sorry about my internet being so bad sometimes, i can't watch you stream

  2. Don't you want to find out why you are paying for shitty service that , doesn't even work? That's the bigger question.
    Why all this antilogic…. all of the sudden.

  3. Her mouth doesnt open when she speaks. Are v-tubers getting worse? Cause even kizuna ai in her early days had mouth animations.

    I know its done with live2d now instead of an actual 3d model, but come on!

  4. Plot twist: Watame's streaming over Wi-fi to a router from 2005 that's on the other side of her house, so the bad connection is completely her fault.

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