Top 10 Scary Internet Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Internet Urban Legends

Who doesn’t love a good scary story? I mean when I was a kid that was the best
part of sleepovers or camping trips, except after that I would be too afraid to sleep
and would need a night light. Hey everyone! Welcome back to most amazing top ten, hows
it going today? Are you ready to get your spook on? Because I have the top 10 scariest internet
urban legends. So grab your popcorn, your snacks, sage and
a bible because these legends are pretty terifying. Starting off with number 10 we have Laughing
jack. Laughing Jack is a clown type creature with
long arms, and a creepy big smile, which is always plastered on his face. The clown can be seen wearing baggy pants,
with striped socks – he is a fashion trend setter to say the least. Now Jack’s goal is to befriend children
and entrust them before killing them. Reports have said kids go around talking about
Jack as their Imaginary friend. Once the children fall into Jack’s trap,
he would slice their stomach open, and fill it with candy… a disgusting human pinata. Who do you think would win in a fight, Laughing
Jack, or Pennywise the clown. My vote is for pennywise. Coming in at number 9 we have Mr.Bear
This next story is so bizarre and some even believe that it is true. Apparently in 1999 in Caledon Ontario, they
had a local tv channel called Caledon Local 21. Now on this show they had a children’s show
called Mr. bear. Now we wish that this show was about a cute
friendly bear like the carebears, but it definitely wasn’t. Now this show featured a man dressed in a
bear suit. Each episode he would welcome their guest,
always a child. He would bring the child into his cellar and
play games with them. It is said that he used this show to lure
children to him. Some people claim to remember this show, other
people have gone as far as creating some episodes in a parody type fashion. I just find this very disturbing. For number 8 we have Charlie Charlie
Have any of you heard the saying charlie charlie are you there? Well its part of a game designed to apparently
contact the ghost charlie. Charlie was a young boy who tragically passed
away. Some people say he passed away in a car accident,
others say he took his own life and He has now come back to haunt whoever contacts him. Players that play this game are supposed to
place two pencils overlapping each other to form a cross. The pencils are placed on top of a piece of
paper that has two sections yes and no. After they summon charlie apparently they
can communicate to him through this contraption, using only yes or no questions. Charlies end goal is to terrorize and harm
anyone who plays this.. game. In seventh place we have slenderman
Slenderman gained increasing popularity several years ago, and as a result several games,
stories and a movie have been made. Now slenderman can be compared to the boogeyman. He is an extremely tall creature, sometimes
seen with other tenticle type arms pertruding from its body. He wears a classy nice tux, seriously, I don’t
know how he found one that fits so perfectly on his tall body, must have been custom made. And the creepiest part is that he is faceless. He is just a pale expressionless creature. Now slenderman is known to primarily prey
on young children, often kidnapping them, and either murdering them, or convincing them
to harm others. Mr slendy can be seen lurking around areas
such as the park, the forest, and alleyways. Now slenderman, for as we know is just a made
up man by Eric Knudsen. However in 2014 two young girls stabbed a
victim in the woods, claiming that they were carrying out a murder on slendermans behalf. Fortunately, the victim survived, but this
goes to show how influential the internet is on young individuals. Coming in at number 6 we have momo. Momo
In 2019 a viral pictured spread around the internet. Im sorry for the image you’re about to see
because it gives me the creeps looking at it. This photo featured a girl with huge bulging
eyes, straight greasy hair, and a thin large mouth. Apparently this girls name is Momo and she
is a demon or ghost thats goal is to get people to harm themselves. Now a viral game challenge started going around
on apps such as whatsapp or even snapchat, where apparently momo would command people
to do tasks that would lead them to commit acts of extreme violence. Other people said that momo would appear in
kids shows like peppa pig or in popular games like fornite, to try and attract kids. Now dont worry, this is a hoax. I did tons of research because i was so scared,
i wanted to make sure it was indeed fake, so you’re welcome. So the picture of momo is actually a sculpture
made by the japanese artist Keisuke aisawa. He titled this piece of art, mother bird. When people saw the photo, thats when they
started creating a story surrounding it. However, apparently some kids were influenced
by this hoax and have actually died from playing it. We are now at our fifth and halfway mark with
Jeff the Killer This story, and the disturbing photo associated
it used to give me nightmares as a kid. Like I would be terrified to open my curtains
with fear that jeff was just lurking outside my window. So apparently the story goes like this, Jeff
was a young boy whose face was burned off with acid, and then was set on fire. His face became extremely terrifying looking
but he actually loved his new appearance. He also tried burning out his own eyelids
and carved a smile up his cheeks. He often is seen wearing dark jeans, and a
white hooded sweatershirt that’s stained with blood. Jeff hides in children’s closets tells them
to go to sleep, and when they do, he creeps out and murders them. In our fourth spot we have bloody mary. Now i’m not talking about the cocktail here,
i wish. I feel like most people have heard of this
story. It was really popular when I was a kid, in
fact I was stupid enough to try it with my friends, and THANK GOSH nothing happened. SO this legend surrounds a ghost named bloody
mary. It spooks me just saying her name. Now it is said that if you enter the bathroom,
turn off the lights, look in the mirror and chant her name 3 times – nice try im not even
going to say it for this video. Then she will appear in the mirror, and potentially
scratch you. Now there are a lot of variations of this
story, some say you must be holding a lit candle, others say you need to spin around
3 times while saying her name, or saying “ bloody mary, i believe in you. I swear guys if i get haunted for talking
about these stories.. This is the one story that I kind of believe,
just because I have had friends that have done this and witnessed paranormal stuff. But who knows. All I know is that I will never do it again. Coming in at number 3 we have the girl in
the photograph Word from the wise, if you find a random photograph
on the ground, dont go picking it up. Let me explain why. This legend revolves around a beautiful girl
that changes her appearance based on her victim. Basically, whoever finds the photograph of
her will become infatuated with her. She uses her beauty to brainwash her victims
and then leads them to their death. In the photo, this girl also changes depending
on how many people she has killed. For example if she killed 3 people she will
eerily be shown holding up .. you guessed it .. 3 fingers. In our second spot we have I feel Fantastic
In 2004 a video titled “I feel Fantastic” was uploaded to youtube. THis video features a very very very scary
mannequin type thing named Tara. Tara can be seen with her body completely
still but just her head and lips moving to the song that plays in the background. Now Tara is not the best singer, and it sounds
like a voice simulator type voice with high pitched beats in the background. The song alone is very agitating to listen
to. The robot lady thing was created by Jon Bergeron
who programmed her to sing the songs he writes. Some of the lyrics include “ Please leave,
and run run run”. The shots of tara are intercut with her in
different outfits, and outdoor shots. Now people believe that the creator of Tara
has commited murder, and that Tara is wearing the victims clothes. THey also believe that the outside random
shots that don’t seem to tie into the video actually show where the victims bodies are
buried. The creator also left a cryptic message in
the videos description. He makes a reference to Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a greek god who thought women
were tainted and unworthy of love. He then decided to build is ideal woman and
fell in love with her. People believe Tara was once the woman he
loved, and when he found to many flaws in her, he murdered her and created tara to replace
her. And in our number one spot we have The blind
maiden This Story gives me the heeby jeebies. Like zoinks. This Legend surrounds a website know as I suggest not going on that website.. Please, for your own good. Apparently it is said that you have no access
to this website unless you enter at exactly 12:00 am, while being alone in a room with
the lights off. If you succeed to meet this criteria then
you will be allowed to access the site. Now on this site it is said that, you will
encounter disturbing images of boys and girls without eyes, and with distorted faces. It is said that you have to be careful not
to click anything by accident, or else you will face the consequences. On this website you will have two options,
accept or decline. If you accept then the monitor will change
and display someone approaching your house. Then the video footage will change and you
will see live footage of your back, as you feel someone behind you. If you turn around the maiden will rip your
eyes out and take you picture. You will then be apart of the numerous other
photos of eyeless individuals on the website. My question is, what if you just dont turn
around to face her.. Now if you chose decline than you are safe
from the maiden That’s all from me for today. I apologize if this video has left you feeling
a bit scared but hey that’s what nightlights and weighted blankets are made for right? As always don’t forget to give this video
a big thumbs up, comment down below something spooky that has happened to you and as always
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  21. Fun fact: Bloody Mary is actually an urban legend derived from the real life figure Queen Mary I of England, or Mary Tudor. She was given the nickname "Bloody Mary" from her horrific and zealous attempts to reverse the religious Protestant reformation during the 1500s. In the end, she carried out the orders of almost 300 people being burned at the stakes for being heretics against the current (at the time) status of Christianity in England.

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