Time Management Tips – Work Smarter Not Harder

– Today we’re gonna teach you
some time management tips, how to work smarter, not
harder, here on The Journey. – All right, so I love to
save time when possible, and I’m always working,
literally always working and I know you’re gonna
help me out personally but also help the audience out. What’s your first tip for really working smarter, not harder? – Right, let’s be efficient,
let’s get right to it. Create a time audit, right? So look at where you’re spending your time and what you would like
to be doing rather than wasting time here and there. – Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I remember when I was
a supervisor at GoDaddy for a short time there,
I felt like my days were just being strung
on, and I didn’t know what I was doing throughout the day and my day was gone, right?
– Yeah. – So I, someone gave
me that advice of start tracking down everything you’re doing, so I got a little journal,
started writing in it in little 15 to 30 minute
increments of what I was actually doing, and then
at the end of the day, I was like wow, I’m wasting too much time on stuff that’s just not
relevant or important, and helped me do that little time audit, so it got me back on track. – Yeah, hold yourself accountable. So I think the best way to
really get ahead of that is to start planning your
week on Sunday, right, before everything gets crazy on Monday. You know, you still
have that weekend brain going into Monday, I know
before I’ve come in on Monday. I have nothing prepared,
– Right. – And all of the sudden
I just wasted an hour trying to get ready for
my day when I should’ve just been prepared and
started working, right? – Yeah, I once got the
case of the Mondays, like you go in on Monday morning and you don’t want to do anything, the last thing you want
to do is prioritize what you want to do that day. Sunday kinda makes sense. – And while you want
to be on top of things, also don’t be too hard on yourself, right? Take a moment before you start your week, look back on your accomplishments
the previous week, what all you did well and learn from that, grow from it, and you’re good to go. – That makes sense,
what’s an accomplishment you had last week? – I would say definitely
just showing up on time, you know, getting there early, getting that preparation,
and then you’re good to go whenever your day actually starts. – So that’s super cool,
so those accomplishments don’t have to be like over
the top like accomplishments, it’s just the little things, right? Celebrate those small wins. – Absolutely. And with celebrating those small wins, you know, you don’t have to
strive for perfection, right? So think of every little step
as just a step on your journey and if you’re always waiting
to be perfect, right, I know I’m a perfectionist sometimes, and if you’re waiting to be perfect, then you’re never really gonna accomplish what you want to. – Yeah, and I definitely
struggle with that, like there are tasks that I just want to, like you said, kinda
get absolutely perfect, a little bit of a perfectionist,
and that prevents me just from moving on, so I’m kinda stuck on that same project, trying
to get it absolutely perfect when in reality, nothing’s
gonna be perfect, there’s always gonna be something that just comes out of
nowhere and derails you or even if you get to 95%,
that’s still good enough, and you kinda move on to
the rest of your tasks, and be efficient with it. – Yeah, getting it done is
better than getting it perfect. So we’ve talked about really
preparing for your week but once you get into it,
one of the main things you wanna do is start out
with the most demanding and you know, time
consuming tasks right away. – You mean like eat the frog? – Yes, exactly. If people haven’t heard of that book, they’re like “I have to eat a frog, what?” – “What, I don’t like frog legs.” Personally, I don’t. – Yeah, but what he’s talking
about is get that first most important task out
of the way right away and then the rest of your day
just gets easier from there. – It’s cake, right? Like it’s, if you dread going to the gym, you know you have to go to the gym instead of waiting the
entire day, you’re like “ah, I have to go to the gym later, “this is gonna stink,” blah-blah-blah, if you get it done early,
the rest of the day is not complaining about going to the gym, the rest of the day is just you relaxing or taking on your less important tasks that you can just be happy about. – Yeah, and our brains
actually focus better on that analytic work right in the morning whenever you wake up ’cause
it’s still booting up, you don’t have time to worry
about those distractions just yet and it’s the best time to focus on those important tasks. – Yeah, even if you’re
not a morning person it’s good to kind of do
those first and early, get them out of the way,
and then just move on. – I know, I’ll trick myself into thinking that I’m being productive
by doing the easiest, you know, most relaxing tasks first, but really I’m just putting
off the big, important tasks. – We’re just procrastinating,
that’s all we’re doing. – Exactly, and one of
the most difficult things I think during my day
to day is blocking out those distractions so that
you stay on track, right? – You mean like not have Netflix up on your other monitor at
home while you’re doing work on the other one? – Yeah, don’t Netflix and work. – You’re really just watching
Netflix the entire time? – Yeah, exactly, things like that and also those constant
notifications, right? Everything’s important, all the time. So minimize those distractions. You know, you can’t go offline totally, let’s not get crazy here,
I don’t know about that, but I mean as much as you can, as many of those distractions you can get rid of, the more you can focus
your energy and attention towards those tasks, right? – Right, and I feel like
if, when I’m working, I’m going all in, I
like, I just have to have those distractions, right,
’cause it’s always work and then there’s distractions,
kinda keep me entertained, if you will, be back on track. Do you have any best
practices of like that work break distraction balance? – Yeah actually, that’s
a great point, you know? The human brain can only take so much, and right now we feel
like it’s so important to answer those distractions,
so give yourself some time to, right? So set aside you know, a certain time to take care of those important tasks and then set aside a small break where you can give your brain that break from the work and then you get time to handle those distractions. – Is there like an
optimal time frame of work to break balance? – So yeah, the human brain
can actually only focus for about 90 minutes, so if you’re working longer than that, you’re losing focus, losing productivity, right? So give yourself you know,
a 15 minute break after that and then you’ll be a lot more
productive and time efficient. – So you’re giving me
permission to go tell my boss that I can only work
for 90 minutes at a time before I need my next break? – Yeah, you have to, sorry. – All right, it’s science. All right, so I think
we’re on our last tip. Do you wanna go ahead and help us really close this time efficiency out? – No, I’m gonna have to check my schedule. And that brings me to my next point. You know, learn to say
no, it’s okay to say no, I’m such a yes person,
right, I’m sure you are too. It’s so easy to be like
yeah, yeah, absolutely. – I got it, I got it. – But you have to value your time and only do what’s gonna work towards your productivity, right? – Right, I know it as a business owner, there are so many different
things that you have to do and you probably start
taking on new clients, new clients, and you’re
starting to take on everyone and you get stretched super
thin, and then you’re not really delivering your
value to all your clients when you can and it’s
super important to say no so you really focus on
the clients that you like to work with and not have to
focus on serving everyone. – So speaking of efficiency,
we’re gonna wrap this up but those were our time management tips. Let us know in the comments below what tips work best for you. – Yeah, and I know I’m
gonna be super selfish with all of these tips and hopefully get some of my time back,
because our time is valuable. And while you’re leaving that comment, make sure you smash that like button, hit subscribe, and ring that bell so you get these episodes first and start saving that time. This is The Journey,
we’ll see you next time.

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