100 thoughts on “The Internet doesn’t seem to like this new alphabet song

  1. The issue isn’t the “lmnop.” It’s how ling they stay on the fucking v and not following the original song structure.

  2. If my kids do this the government will never find their bodies
    If it’s confusing slow it down
    Don’t change the melody
    This is painful

  3. If u change that song h have to change twinkle twinkle little star because it jade the same Rhythm. And besides you eventually lean that is is L M N O P

  4. This is sad, are they calling are previous generation slow cause we all learned it even if it was hard bro 😆😆

  5. Well I knew about that mistake long before this came out. One time in 2009-10, I was at a flea market with my grandparents and at one of the toy booths, there was a singing doll holding a book. It sang the ABCs the mistaken way it did in this video.
    Here's a link to the doll I saw: https://youtu.be/Kx-9A1fBwC0
    and it does sing incorrectly, but the video is too short

    (It took me a few years later/2015-16 to realize that because when I saw it at the market, it was too hard for me to hear, so I thought it was singing in another language or something) I came across a video of the same doll and I noticed it sang the alphabet incorrectly!

    After I heard it played in the doll a few years after the video (2017), I was into Furbys and came across a video of "Fuzzy Wonders", a bootleg of Hatchimals, and AGAIN, it was another toy that sang ABCs the wrong way!!! (I actually have that toy!)

    We all learned it the regular "H I J K LMNOP" and never had a problem with it

  6. I hate this!!!!!!!! Gen Z and older will know this song and will forget the other one when their kids ask them the alphabet song we will say LMNOP!!!!! Kids need a challenge!!!!!!!

  7. I really want to like it. But I may be crucified by society.

    Probably should have made s throw away account before commenting.

  8. I don’t get why they changed it. There is a simple way for making children not think “elemenopee”, it’s called reading.

    When my baby sister is born next month,I WILL MAKE SURE SHE NEVER FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS >:(

  10. This version is disgusting, boring and should be banned😭😭😭 Wgo tf made this shit I wanna talk😡 Everyone is gonna sound ultra slow singing this

  11. I remember that one Sesame Street skit where some girls were singing the alphabet. And in that skit, they actually said the letters “L M N O P”. WE ALL LEARN IT AT SOME POINT!

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