SyeRAA Internet Kastaalu !! – Network Dorakatla😢

SyeRAA Internet Kastaalu !! – Network Dorakatla😢

Oh Boy! Need to submit the Assignment by today Loading Failed … Let’s try again! Failed to upload again .. Failed Again (oh my God) Oh no! (Feeling) What connection Is this!! Doesn’t work at all … I can’t upload…..Can’t Laptop closed (Forcely) This is our Fifth Video, after successfully uploading 4 video’s Appearing low in quality ?? Check once again…..It should now be corrected. …Sarcacism…. Worked really very hard for these videos Doing all this , When it comes to upload We get to see star’s in the sky Even at 6:00 AM Taking all the points and clubbing them , We made this video. This video is all about the network problem’s and people strive or react to slow internet situation’s Buffering (:) I stopped it ( Just to show how Buffering would be for all the WiFi Guys) Hey! How much more time Dude? Almost Done! 5 More minute’s Dude 🙂 Maintain your position Hey !!! People will start to assume me as Statue of Liberty bro! Standing to the edge of the roof for Good network coverage! Not a Statue dude ! You are the Liberty for Network Still how much time bro!! 5 Minute’s (ThugLife Bro) Kill of me dude !! (Frustrated dude…) Watching an Action movie Explosion’s … (Destruction) Buffering Starts …..Buffer is making us Suffer! Frustration overflow… Hi bro! Hi What are you doing? Just like… As usual (coughing) Hey! Why are you coughing?? Rainy season, So that’s why! Say exactly what happened! Family Drama……… hey! hey! Why so much emotion? Control it dude! Go to a doctor today! Ok? Went to Hospital yestarday!, Will take the reports this evening! Buffering start’s …………….. Late buffer (part) If you liked this video, Like , Share , comment , Subscribe People who are already subscribed , Clicl the bell icon! Thanks Guys! For wtaching our video.

22 thoughts on “SyeRAA Internet Kastaalu !! – Network Dorakatla😢

  1. We shot this just after the exams and were really tired. Scripting, directing,shooting,dubbing and colour correction and editing took a long time.
    Hope you guys like the video…cheers😉

  2. Content,quality,direction,acting anni bagunnai bro….. Negativity ni ignore cheseyendi.🤙. Keep rocking.. Expecting more from u guys.. ✌

  3. what a short film guys it is absolutely quite natural and the problems of network issues faced by our students,is shown very beautifully,,,!the next thing all the cast and crew done there best,and finally shoot more and more fun videos……………

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