Samsung made the smartwatch Google couldn’t

Samsung made the smartwatch Google couldn’t

– Okay, look, it’s confession time. I’ve spent the last year and a half or so complaining that there aren’t
any good smartwatch options for Android users, but
here’s a question for me. What if I’ve been too
hard on all these watches? Now, look, there aren’t any great options. There’s nothing as good as the
Apple Watch for iPhone users, that’s just facts. But this watch right here,
the Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Samsung, it is a good smartwatch. Not great, but good. So anyway, if you have an Android phone, and you wanna smartwatch you
should give this thing a look. And if your Android phone
happens to be a Samsung phone, you should definitely
give it a second look, because this thing is
actually kind of a looker, you see what I did there? (mellow music) All right, so the Active 2 is a smartwatch that comes with a round OLED screen that comes in two sizes,
a 40, and a 44 millimeter. This is the 44 millimeter. It starts at 279, which ain’t bad, and it comes in a few
different colors and finishes, and there’s also an LTE version if you wanna spend more money. Now it runs this operating
system called Tizen, which is a custom Samsung thing that also happens to run their TVs. Anyway, the watch can work with both iPhones and Android phones, but if you have an iPhone, well, trust me, you should just move
on, get an Apple Watch if you want a smartwatch. Anyway, the Tizen underpinning
here doesn’t really matter so much as the interface
that’s on top of it. And I love it, and I hate it. It’s a hate/love relationship. See, Samsung designed everything
her to work in circles, because the watch is round. You spin your finger around
the bevel to do things, like look at widgets or
notifications, or even apps, and I love that, it’s really
clear and really consistent, and it’s fast to get around. That whole circle system, by the way, is why this is the Galaxy Active 2. The first Galaxy Watch Active was released like six
months before this one, and six months isn’t a very
long time between models. But the thing is, Samsung just straight up didn’t think about how
this OS works in circles, so the first one didn’t have a bezel. This is one does have a touch
sensitive rotating bezel that you can run your finger around. I will say that a touch sensitive bezel, it’s not quite as fun or as cool as an actual, physical
rotating one, but it works. And overall, I think this
hardware works really well. It’s simple, but it’s not basic. And it’s clean without being boring. Plus the OLED screen is great. It’s always on, and that is
how watches are supposed to be, and I don’t know why it
took Apple five years to get that right (laughing). Look, why is this watch good? It gets the basics right,
it mirrors notifications, it lets you reply to incoming messages, it has a bunch of health
features for tracking most of the stuff that you’d expect, and it has a battery
that lasts a full day. It’s comfortable to wear, and
it’s not aggressively chunky, it just kinda blends in. It also does some really nice stuff that I haven’t seen other
smartwatches do well. Like it has this goodnight mode, which is actually really smart. It turns off the screen,
and notifications, and goes into a sleep tracking mode. You can set up these
widgets on this watch, which you could scroll into
with the touch sensitive bezel, and I use them all the time. It’s actually a feature
that Google pretty much straight up copied for AOS
and they should’ve copied it, because it’s great. It also comes with Spotify, and you can download Spotify
music directly to the watch, which is great. Not so great is the third
party app eco system. There’s really not a lot of
things you’re gonna want there. Also, if you’ve seen anybody recommend the YouTube or Twitter
apps for this watch, just trust me, you don’t want them. Besides, you know, there’s a full Samsung internet web
browser here if you want. You can watch YouTube on that. There’s also no apps map built in, and I haven’t found a
great third party option that I really like. Now, the watch faces are,
well look, they’re fine. There’s a ton of ones built in, but I haven’t found on that I love, just one that I kind of like. Plus, all the complication option, they’re just, they’re too complicated. There are third party watch
faces though, in the store, which is great, but finding a good one requires wading through a lot
of really, rally bad ones. But look, top level, this is a watch that looks pretty good,
can handle fitness stuff, lasts all day, and has a nice interface. Why is this just a good
watch, and not, well great? (sighing) Samsung, specifically
it’s Samsung’s software. It’s just, it’s so much. I’m not even talking about the aesthetics. If you aren’t already
using a Samsung phone, you have to install a least
like three things on your phone just to get started, and
that doesn’t even include Samsung Health, or Samsung Pay. And well, the voice assistant
on this watch is Bixby. And look, I don’t wanna
make fun too much of Bixby, because honestly, it can
do some basic stuff okay, like transcription, but
overall, it is slow, and it’s, you know, it’s bad. Overall, I would say that this is the best asterisk smart
watch for Android users. I don’t think there’s anything better, so this is the defacto the best. But while it’s good, it’s not great. And that’s the asterisk. For Android users, good is
about as good as it gets, and you know, I’ll take it. If you’re watching this video closely, you probably saw this
thing sitting right here. It is the Galaxy Fold, I
am currently reviewing it. If you got questions about this thing, let me know, down in the comments. Also, are you interested in a smartwatch? I’m curious about that too, what are you looking at right now?

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  1. So are you telling me if I don't have a Samsung phone I can't use Samsung pay on the watch?
    What about Google pay does it have Google pay?

  2. IMO the Fossil Gen 5 is definitely the best option for anyone with an Android phone. Maybe if you have a Galaxy phone then you should get the Galaxy watch but if you have any other Android phone, get the Fossil Gen 5. It's great! 😁

  3. This guy is too spoiled with free tech and despite having so many gadgets on hand always finds something to complain about! !!

  4. Making a smart watch circular is a HUGE design mistake. A screen supposed to show you more infos than an analog clock MUST be rectangular/squared and slightly rounded at the edges, just for ergonomy. Making it circular is just wasting a good 30% of the readable space estate compared to the same footprint

  5. This is the worst review I've ever seen. He literally skipped the best features, decided not to mention any of the third party apps, and rushed through the entire thing. This is disappointing. I have the Active 2 and I absolutely LOVE it! As usual, it does way more than anyone should expect it to.

  6. complaining about the different apps samsung requires on the phone, but for sure forgetting that apple needs two apps as well for using the Watch …. health and active….. but hey, its apple. Then it is ok

  7. So google makes a watch that has widgets (btw it's been available on android watches for 5 years) and they copied Apple to do that? That's just one problem with this presentation… You may want to do some research, or even hands on, before you say blanket things that you believe to be true.

  8. Kinda of wish you would have gone over more of the fitness stuff since this is there more fitness version than the regular Galaxy S2 or S3. Like do you find it accurate, GPS, etc….Former Fitbit user that's looking something that actually has accurate working hardware without customer service telling you tricks on how to get things more accurate. Thanks.

  9. Looking at the new diesel smartwatch axial model.need to know if it's the better option over the others available in the market.

  10. Great video I'm thinking of getting another smartwatch, I'm getting my galaxy watch repaired sent to Samsung for software issue or hardware it was popping up galaxy watch plugin keeps stopping my question is should I get a galaxy watch active 2 and keep my galaxy watch thanks in advance

  11. You guys are way too harsh on Wear OS, all the stuff missing from this watch is present on Wear Os and I easily get a day's battery and some on my Fossil Gen 4. Sure performance stutters at time but it's just a matter of getting used to it. Also Google Fit is severely underrated as a fitness tracker.

  12. I have heard this watch won’t fully work with the Pixel 4. I was told it will sync to the new Pixel but you can’t send text messages with the watch when paired to the Pixel. Can anyone confirm this?

  13. Search for "HERE WeGo" for Galaxy watch. It might be "Herewego", but it's probably the best navigation app for Tizen. Sure, it's not as amazing as Google maps, but it's as close as you can get. I'm pretty sure they make an app for smartphones too.

  14. why is installing 3 apps a bad thing, i honestly dont get it. nowadays people call every thing bloatwares but in reality all these app just give you extra useful features, these features might not be for everyone but how are we knocking them for giving you freedom and options on how you use your device.

  15. How ignorant 😂, that watch has better health monitoring than his watch, if you have e Samsung you wouldn't need to install a thing to use it simply just turn it on and your phone would ask if you want to connect. You get way more nice watch faces and get even to take pictures of your clothes to match it unlike his boring apple watch. And if you really don't like Bixby which got an update and works amazing you can install google assistant that beats any other.

  16. Battery lasts a day? One day? If you wear it to bed (assuming it has a sleep mode?), when would you charge it? Think I’ll pass.

  17. I hate all reviewr on youtuber, dont listen to them to buy a watch. Just go ahead and buy a polar h10 chest strap and test what so ever smart watch u are intending to buy. Reviewr never talk deep about the heart rate. They just talk bla bla softwear interface apps what is most important in a smart watch is the accuracy of HR.

  18. I've never seen such a passive aggressive review such as this before in my life. It's like a B movie of a love/hate relationship. Plus I've learned nothing useful. Pitiful!

  19. What if we can use google assistant on the active 2…
    Sounds crazy but I am using it…
    Now can we call it ..mmm..not great but a better than good smartwatch.

  20. Okey…but if you pop up google maps do you get youre instrusctions there? Or true a watchface? If you play music on youre phone on any app do you get A next nummer button etc? Or only wear os does this?
    I didnt have a samsu g watch since gear s….and sold that one

  21. Well..”the watch faces are too complicated” wth..that is LITERALLY the best part about Tizen over the only other (wear os is not even worth a mention) yet FAR superior option AppleW. You can even dim the watch faces to any brightness so as not to distract, something Apple has yet to add.

  22. Moral of the story. Stick with a pixel 4 and stay the heck away from the galaxy fold. Not all lessons taught are lessons learned.

  23. Thanks for the review! Would've appreciated more in depth fitness features and how the watch behaves in different environment (water – is the touch bezel even usable).
    Also, minor comment about the constant camera close-up/zoom switches while sitting at the table – I found it kinda distracting and taking away from the video. Cheers!

  24. Actually I think an Apple user reviewing a Samsung product is good because then we get to know what they think is good and bad. Unlike someone who uses Android and might not really go into the bad things the watch has…

  25. Dieter i love your reviews man but you didn't even talk about the active features of the watch WHICH IS IN THE NAME!!! Come on man!

  26. Name one feature that is better on the apple watch… lol he clearly had no clue about the watch… I bet he tested it with an I Brick….

  27. why didn't you mention any of the problems you had with it besides "that you got to own a samsung device"?
    like battery, apps notifications or what apps you can install. How will people that don't own a smart watch get any information from your video

  28. I bought my active 2 a few months.. came across this video..whoa the bias towards apple is actually kinda funny… And sad lol

  29. Sorry but anything below 1 week of battery life for a smart watch is dogshit. Huawei watch GT2 is soo much better, it has everything you need and 2 weeks of battery life.

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