29 thoughts on “Rundown of my Brand New Website! Free Comprehensive Challenger Only Guides (Announcement)

  1. Get Hyped! A completely free collection of guides made by the best players in the world! Hope you guys enjoy and I can't wait to get feedback!

  2. this mustve taken so much work to make possible. The website looks gorgeous !
    apreciate the work by your brother and you and everyone who put their work in .

  3. Man if this is Entirely Free as you say
    this will be the best educational site for league of legends top lane champions ever existing on the internet

  4. Is it possible to get an irelia guide? Idk about other streamers except TFblade or Irelia Carry you but maybe they could give their contribution… you could ask Pun1sher, the challenger EUW irelia player

  5. How come Alicopter and Full Sand's guides are visible in the video but not on the site? Have they just not been released to the public?

  6. Hi RTO, I'm following you since a couple a months (when I started to play toplane) and watched a tons of videos since !
    Thank you for all the content you share, you're really a nice guy and it shows in your videos ! Really enjoy your channel, and it seems the website will be on the same mood ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don't know if you could make a guide on it, but I have an issue with the game since several months : I really like the game and want to improve, watching streams and all contents, but I'm litteraly freaking out to play in ranked (even in normal games these days …) because I have so much anxiety, affraid of being insulted by others, affraid to make mistakes and being flamed … It's stupid I know, I always want to be the best for my mates (too much teamspirit here !) and don't be a "burden" to them. It's like ranked anxiety but over 9000 so I only play ARAMs sometimes.
    Do you have some guides or advices for this "problem" ?
    Thank you and keep it up, it's great !!

  7. You can add gameplay videos maybe,or some useful links such as opgg of best players for that champion,full game videos of challenger players,some situational builds possibly…Keep up the good work!!

  8. Game changing my dude honestly really good shit and hope nothing but the best for your career going down the road

  9. On the website: For the items could you add the picture of the items to make it more appealing and easier to remember

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