Real Madrid 12-13 Third | Yeşil Formanın Hikayesi | TERS100 1/100

In the first episode of Ters100, we are examining
Real Madrid’s alternate jersey from 2012-2013. After two seasons of extraordinary alternate
jerseys; such as the historically significant purple jersey where the color was not being used for a long time, and the red jersey where the color was used only twice ever by the club; it was time for Real Madrid to be adventurous yet again. The color of the alternate jersey to be prepared
for the 2012-2013 season had to be both intriguing and have historical significance for Real Madrid. To find this color, you would need to go back 47 years in time, to Venezuela’s capital Caracas. Real Madrid toured South America in the summer
of 1965 and brought only their white jersey set across the ocean with the confidence of having one of the world’s most established jersey traditions. However, this preference would force Real
Madrid to wear green “t-shirts” in the match against River Plate on August 25th, because River Plate was one of the most respected clubs in its own continent and it wasn’t possible for them to switch from their traditional jerseys. This “unpleasant” event for Real Madrid
at the match played in Caracas that ended 1-1, would be the inspiration years later
for a jersey that would be worn by hundreds of thousands of people. The color was finally found for Real Madrid’s
new alternate jersey, and it was now time for the design. This season had special importance due to
it being Real’s 110th anniversary. It was decided that the main design would
be common across all three jerseys, where pinstripes were chosen to be used. The alternate jersey would be unveiled as
the Champions League jersey; therefore, the Champions League and Respect patches were going to be applied to the sleeves. For this reason, the sleeve patches prepared
for the 110th anniversary used in both the home and away jerseys weren’t used in this jersey. A different variation of the 110th anniversary
logo was applied to the inner neckline instead of the sleeves. Real Madrid had the opportunity to wear their
green jersey 3 times in the 2012-2013 season of the Champions League. The jersey saw Real Madrid winning 2 times while drawing on the other occasion, as well as a red card. In the away match against Ajax, the main sponsor
had to be removed from the jersey due to advertisement restrictions in the Netherlands. It could be said that this jersey whose historydates back to old times has made its mark on the 21st century as well. You will always be well remembered with your silver details and your beautiful shade of green.

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