Reader View in Vivaldi

Reader View in Vivaldi

Oh? Where is my teleprompter? Never mind.. I’ll do some reading like this. Much of the reading we do today is on a computer screens But do you know that you can set up your browser for optimal reading? Let’s think for a second. What do we need for better reading?
Good contrast, suitable font size, the ability to see the text without any clutter? Advertisements, banners, styles, and various other elements can be very disruptive. In Vivaldi, you can do all this when you use the Reader View mode It clears websites of all clutter leaving only pure text Let’s see how the Reader View mode works. When you have found an article that you’d like to read in the Reader View mode simply click on the reader view button on the right side of the address bar. Once active, the button will have a highlighted background. In the Reader View mode, you can play with the font type and also the font size. You can adjust the column width and line height as well as the leg dark or light background for contrast. Simply go to the
Settings>Webpages >Reader
and adjust the settings from there. There you go! It’s super easy!
To exit the Reader View, simply click on the Reader View icon in the address bar. It even works for vertical text Yes, vertical text!
To enable vertical reading mode, first tick the box
for allow vertical text direction Not every site on the web supports the Reader View, but most pages a lot of text on them do. Look for the Reader View icon. If you do not see the icon the page does not support this mode. Enjoy reading with Vivaldi, and if you’re wondering who am I simply go to our website and find out who am I! That’s great

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  1. Awesome! There was a website that could do this that I forgot the name of and could never find again. The only ones I found did not work properly.

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