Neverwinter | Silver’s Devout Cleric Guide (Mod 18)

Neverwinter | Silver’s Devout Cleric Guide (Mod 18)

Hello [hi subtitle readers!]. It’s time for the video that you
all have been asking me for since mod 16 came out – a cleric guide! yaaay! I figured
it was fitting to make this video as my first real one since I got my channel
back because it just kind of it kind of sets the mood for the rest of the year I
think. this video is relevant through mod 18, which is Avernus, and it’ll
eventually become outdated just like every video on my channel. so if you’re
watching this in any module after 18, make sure to verify that the things I
say are still correct.. which eventually they won’t be. this video is only going
to cover the devout Paragon, which is the healing one.
I don’t play arbiter very much at all, so I don’t feel like I’m qualified enough
to tell you how to play it. so I won’t. I’m just gonna explain everything I use
when I’m healing, as well as the gear and stuff that I would LIKE to have that I
don’t currently yet have, and then you can go from there and make any
adjustments that you feel are necessary. as always, my guides are never meant to
be taken as 100% “this is the absolute ONLY way to go” it’s simply a guidance…
because it’s a ‘guide’… and then you can change it however you want.
anyways, I’ll start off this guide the same way I’ve started all my other ones, which is
by explaining the role of a devout cleric in a party. you’re responsible for
keeping everyone alive. the end. seems simple enough. so we’ll just go ahead and
start with race. ultimately, the race you choose is not gonna matter very much, so
just pick the one that you’re not gonna mind staring at for long periods of time.
because you’re gonna be staring at it a lot. for most people that’s the end of
the story, but for those of you who want to squeeze every last drop of
effectiveness out of your cleric, the best races are Dragonborn, metallic ancestry Dragonborn, and half-orc. humans are okay too [and wood elf] but my cleric is a Sun elf.
those races are the best because they allow you to pick your ability score
bonuses, meaning you can take wisdom and dexterity or whatever it is that you’re
looking for. basically, their bonuses are just good for clerics. now moving on to
ability scores~ since you’re gonna be doing a lot of healing as a devout
cleric, you’ll want to primarily focus on wisdom for your ability scores because
wisdom increases your outgoing healing. the other important ability scores are
dexterity and Constitution, but Constitution comes third. dexterity and
wisdom are the two best ones. dexterity will increase your critical severity,
which will increase your healing numbers whenever you crit a little bit, and
Constitution is gonna increase your max HP, which makes you a little bit tankier,
meaning you can like, live and stuff and keep the other people alive. that’s the
plan. moving right along. I don’t want this video to be an hour long. we’re
gonna talk about powers. the two at Wills that I use 99% of the time are sacred
flame and blessing of light. sacred flame is a damaging one that I just use
when I’m not using the other one, blessing of light, which blessing of
light gives you 10% increase to your outgoing healing for the next 12 seconds. this can be increased to 15% if you take the artifact modification bonus on
your main hand weapon. you should get into the habit of using blessing of
light in between everything that you do. that way, it’s always active and you will
always have that passive 10 or 15% bonus outgoing healing [ready to go]. there are a lot of
outgoing healing bonuses you can get for free as a cleric, as you’ll see and learn
by watching this video, so it’s a good thing to take those. the only reason I
chose sacred flame over scattering light is because it has the higher magnitude
of the two at-wills. although, scattering light is an AoE at-will and will affect multiple enemies, whereas sacred flame is just one target
enemy but either way the damage of either of them is not significant, and
sacred flame has its own annoyances because it targets dead enemies
sometimes. I just really wish that devout clerics had lance of faith.
moving on to encounters~! I’m gonna list all the encounters that I have found
useful, pretty much the ones that I use most often, and we’re gonna start with
exaltation because exaltation is a really good outgoing healing bonus. it
actually increases your damage dealt and your outgoing healing by 20% for 8
seconds, and this is something that I usually keep up as much as possible. it
is a cooldown power, so it doesn’t cost divinity or anything like that. you can
just use it once every 20 seconds or so depending on how
much cooldown reduction you have. if I know that a boss is gonna be doing a big
hit soon, or a mechanic that deals a lot of damage to everyone, like a damage
over time type thing — what comes to mind not for damage over time but for big hits
is in lair of the mad mage (the second boss where you all have to stack and
deal with that electricity nonsense) I save this for that. although, it is sometimes a
longer series and you get to use this like three or four times throughout that
whole mechanic, but… next up is bastion of health. the #1 healing encounter for
all clerics across the nation… pretty much the only tip I have for this is to
make sure that you get as many of your allies in the circle as possible
whenever you’re casting it, because then you have to cast it less. so, as a general
rule, it’s good to stay grouped up with your group. then you’ll save
divinity, which is always a good thing. speaking of divinity, when I first
transitioned from paladin to cleric healer, I did have a harder time getting
around the divinity management thing. divinity management gets a lot easier
once you have higher outgoing healing, and it also helps if you’re holding tab
whenever you have a couple free seconds in combat. as a devout, you’re most likely
not going to be dealing damage (unless you’re using damaging encounters for
some reason, which some people do like to do) so it’s okay if you’re not doing
damage all the time. so hold that tab every few seconds, make sure you get a
little bit of divinity back, and you’ll be good. moving on to intercession, we’re
just going in order of things I use the most [except not really]
so, intercession is a huge heal that heals the party member closest to you
that has the least amount of hit points. it’s not a targeted one, you don’t have
to look at the person that you’re trying to heal, it just automatically picks the
one closest to you that has the least hit points. this is really good for tanks.
if your tank is just getting destroyed and they’re about to die, you can press
this button and *poof* they have full health again (if it crits). if it doesn’t
crit, you’ll be able to get like 60% of their health back at once, and then you
can follow up with a bastion to top them off, and you know all that jazz. but
this is also a cooldown power, meaning that Bastion will
be the only power that is draining your divinity. which it’s generally a good rule
to only have one divinity power so that your divinity usage is not ridiculous.
now, next up, I want to talk about healing word, even though I don’t use this power
very much at all. it costs a lot of divinity. it lasts for a long time, but
the heal is kind of like a heal over time – it heals every like few seconds for
a moderate amount, and sometimes this can be useful in situations where the party
has to spread out everywhere such as in Tower of the mad mage or in the second
boss of infernal Citadel when your tank is often farther away from the rest of
your group. but it’s not very convenient just because of the cost and the infrequency of the heal, so I often don’t recommend people to use this very much.
it is a good encounter but if you overuse it you, will have no divinity
EVER. and that was my first mistake when I started really playing healer cleric
in mod 17. I’m also gonna touch on cleansing light. I use this one probably
more frequently than healing word, although I still don’t use it very much
at all. and what this one does is it removes a negative condition from
everybody who’s targeted. y-it’s targeted just like bastion, it has a slightly
different animation and it will remove a negative condition like a burn or
paralysis, although I have seen paralysis not getting removed properly. like your
icon goes away but then you still have the paralysis effect, I have seen that.
don’t know if it’s fixed yet. it will remove like burns and poison and stuff
like that. now the last encounter I’m going to talk about is Geas, and Geas
is something that I only slot if I don’t have need for intercession.
I always keep exultation and bastion, and if I’m in a dungeon or something where
the tanks doing really well or nobody’s really taking any huge hits or ever
falling below 50% health, I’ll slot Geas instead. it’ll decrease
the target’s damage by 5% and then it will also do some decent damage to them
as well, so it’s my little way of contributing a little bit. sometimes I’ll also
use daunting light here if we’re in an area that has a lot of smaller monsters,
but generally I just stick with Geas if I need to do any
damage at all. that sums it up for encounters, so let’s talk about dailies.
there are actually four dailies of the five that I find useful in some
situations, so we’ll just go ahead and go right down the line [except not]. number one most
useful is Guardian of life, especially if you have the feat that impacts Guardian
of life and Guardian of faith, which I will talk about a little bit later. but
Guardian of life – it does a heal to everybody near you and this is really
good, especially — I think I’ve used this the most in lair of the mad mage in the
second boss, just because if you’re starting to run low on divinity BAM
everybody’s more or less fully healed, and if you have the feat they will also
be kept healed for a little bit longer, allowing you to regenerate some divinity.
now next up is Guardian of faith, which is very similar to guardian of life.
however it just does a bunch of damage to one target, stuns things that are not
control immune. then again if you have the feat you will also have that little
bit of healing afterwards, just not the massive healing with the initial cast
that guardian of life has. I usually save this if, for example, I’m in ToNG and the
souls are not dying but nobody in my party is really dying either, we just don’t have
the damage for the souls I’ll just slam that down on a soul and take care of at
least one of them so hopefully the bar doesn’t fill up all the way. but that’s
what I use that for. now anointed army is something this is the daily that was so
100% used all the time 100% uptime and everything prior to mod 16 and then it
kind of got destroyed, basically. the only thing this is used for now is taking the
other feat that gives it a three percent damage bonus and I only use that
in groups that can just obliterate things, and I only use it in ToMM. but
other than that, I don’t think of it as a safe daily to take. I think of dailies as
like emergency buttons, so if I was to use that as an emergency button, it’s
very likely that the person is still going to die, whereas the other two will
do at least some form of healing and Guardian of life — being the number
one choice but… and lastly hallowed ground, it does still have its use. it has
a heal over time and it reduces the damage that everyone in the circle takes
by 10%. it’s a very situational daily. it’s not something that I use all the
time anymore, its area is a lot smaller than it used to be, but it does have its
uses. it’s situational and you will know whenever you’re in that kind of
situation if there’s a certain attack that a boss is doing that just wipes
your party, maybe consider slotting this in for an attempt. that about sums it up
for the dailies, so let’s go ahead and move on to class features. there are only
four of these that I’m gonna touch on, the other four I never use at all, but
the two that I use the most are overflowing spirit and desperate prayers.
overflowing spirit increases your outgoing healing by 25% when your
divinity is full. now if you have good divinity management, really high outgoing
healing so you’re not using that much divinity, and you’re channeling divinity
in combat, you should have this up a decent amount of the time. not 100% of
the time because you are gonna be using your divinity to heal stuff, but it is
a really good boost. now desperate prayers is the opposite. if your
divinity is below half you get 20% outgoing healing — well, not right away it
increases as it approaches zero, so if you’re like right at zero you’ll have
20% outgoing healing and then it’ll be less than that as you fall below half. so
basically it’s like well I’m getting kind of desperate, I hope this heals them.
now another good one to look at is hallowed guide. I don’t use this very
often only really whenever I don’t have need for desperate prayers, like if I’m
in a dungeon where I never really fall below half divinity, I will slot
this instead. that gives me an extra 5% bonus healing if the people are close to
me, which they always are, so I will slot that there. and then the last one, the
only other one that I use, is hallowed armor, and I mainly only use this one in
ToMM. it gives me 5 percent less damage taken from all sources and 10 percent
less damage taken whenever I’m channeling divinity, and this is really
good for staying alive if you’re in a situation where you’re dying & stuff.
ok, so as you can see I form a nice W with my chosen feats these are the ones
that I’ve pretty much used since these kind of feats came out the first one
being repeated blessings. this is the healing word one, I only picked it because
I don’t use soothe ever. soothe is the healing at will that I don’t like at all.
but most of the time this feat is doing nothing for me. but if you are using
healing word, this feat basically makes it so that if
you feel somebody with healing word and then heal them afterwards with an
encounter or daily, the healing word’s duration is extended by six seconds. it
basically makes it last longer so that you don’t have to cast it as often, which
is great if you’re using healing word. now next is
the one that I always went for, battle prayer, which basically makes it so
that whenever you use encounter powers that cost divinity, you restore more
divinity by channeling divinity. I tried out rhythm of the heavens, but I never
got… I didn’t like it very much. basically this one you just channel divinity and
then if you release the channeling while the rhythm of the heavens is active, you
restore some bonus divinity. I never really got the rhythm of this rhythm and
so I just never picked it. now next up I have blessed armaments only because
towering light is not for me. this one towering light just flatly increases
your damage by 10% and decreases as you run out of divinity, whereas blessed
armaments makes divine glow and exaltation reduce your damage taken by
10%. that’s the main thing here. so exaltation I have up as much as possible,
which is nice, 10% less damage taken. I’ll die less.
wonderful. now the next feat choice is the ones for
the dailies. The Anointed arms one goes with the anointed army daily that I
talked about earlier – gives the effective allies 3% bonus damage. like I said, I
only use that in very specific situations, and I have a specific loadout
specifically for that. how many times can I say specific in one sentence?
anyway! persistent Guardian is the main one here. I also talked about this a
little bit earlier, and this one affects Guardian of faith and guardian of life.
so if you use those with this feat, the Guardian will stay and heal the party
members every few seconds, which is nice if you’re trying to recover divinity or
something. it only lasts for a short time, but it can really be a life saver. now
lastly but not leastly, light of devotion. this one is like 20 million times better
than angel of life because angel of life takes like 50 years to activate, and by
the time it activates you’re not in combat anymore,
and–or the stuff’s all dead and it’s just useless. light of devotion is good
because you’re gonna be channeling divinity in combat anyways, and every
four seconds that you’re doing it you gain a stack of this light of devotion
which increases your outgoing healing of the next encounter power you use by 5%.
more outgoing healing, it’s free, why not take it you know? okay my mouth is tired
already of talking and I’m only like 30% done. 🙁 so next let’s talk about stats
because that is something that is very important for clerics… and everyone,
really, I guess, but the main stats that you should be focusing on are power, outgoing healing and critical strike. those are the top three. power because it
increases your healing numbers, crit because healers need approximately 125% of their power number as crit which, as you can
see, I obviously do not have. and this is because of some weird math formula that
I don’t understand. but if you are interested in reading about it, there’s a
link in the description that probably explains it better than I could try to.
so yes, ideally you will want to have 125 percent of your power as crit. I’m not
even close but I also haven’t really had any problems with keeping people alive
in any content. this is an ideal number, it’s not a necessary number.
people at the endgame level like to make you think that this kind of thing is
100% necessary, but it’s actually not. it’s necessary to an ideal 100% maxed character, but a lot of us are never gonna reach that point, myself
included. now outgoing healing – most of this bonus will come from companions and
also, ideally you want to have over forty percent which I also don’t have. if I
switched out one companion I would have it, but that’s besides the point.
as far as defense goes you do want to cap defense and get as many hit points
as possible. critical avoidance is also interesting
for clerics. you need more than the cap [85k], because clerics have a- a bonus. clerics
have divine protection, which means that your critical avoidance is increased by
up to 10,000 as your divinity is full. so as you’re losing divinity you’re
also losing critical avoidance, so that 10,000 there is free. so I actually
only have seventy three seventy four thousand critical avoidance. so this
means that if you want to have critical avoidance “crapped” all the time, you will need 95,000 because that’s the cap for mod 18.
there’s also a link to a spreadsheet in the description that has all
the stat caps and a whole bunch of other information with companions and mounts
and stuff that you might find useful. but really, there’s not that many stats that
healers need to focus on. you’re not gonna need armor penetration or accuracy
or combat advantage, so that leaves plenty of room for putting stats into
other categories. like I said, my stats are far from perfect as far as crit and
power and outgoing healing go, but it has been doable. like I’ve been able to do
all the content with it without any problems and so I’m ok with it, which is
pretty much what your goal should be. you want to reach a point where you can do
content and not run out of divinity and be able to keep everyone alive.
whether those stat numbers are what the super endgame elite people tell you they
are, or if they’re what you feel is good, that doesn’t matter. just as
long as you’re able to perform well, then you’re good. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of
hate comments for that statement. ok now let’s look at boons. starting with the
guild stronghold boons, you’ll want power, HP, and the revive sickness boon or the
movement [mount] speed one if you’re not in a dungeon, but that’s pretty much the
staple. if you need defense, there’s also defense, there’s critical avoidance,
awareness boons, just go with what your guild has and what you need. you can
switch them at any time, so it’s up to you really.
now campaigns, the campaign boons are one of the biggest disappointments I feel
like since mod 16 came out. there’s like no real interesting boons. but just as a
general rule of thumb, you’ll want to take all the training ones because those
are power, all of the hit points ones to help you stay alive better, movement
speed because moving speed… faster is… gooder …sorry I’m tired I’m running out
of word… mouths. [oksilver] companion influence just because that will give you a little bit
of extra stats, and we’re gonna talk about companions in a second. and after
that you can pick whatever stats you need help capping I went for crit,
critical avoidance, I have a couple in defense, but I don’t really need these
anymore. so at that point I would probably put it into the demonic mastery,
just because mod 18 has a lot of demons in it, so
having some extra damage resistance versus demons would be pretty helpful.
now as far as the tier 5 boons, there are three here that I feel like are worth
looking at for clerics, and that is action point gain, outgoing healing, and
critical severity. I, as you can see, took action point gain and outgoing healing.
I’ve seen a lot of people go for outgoing healing and critical severity,
that’s fine too, but I like having my little bit of bonus action point gain.
now as far as Master boons go, the main one that you’ll want to pick up is
blessed advantage. you can only pick one here, and this one I feel is the best
because it increases the people’s power and it reduces their ability cooldowns
whenever you heal them. blessed resilience is okay too, but the main the
main attraction of this one is just healing stamina and that is mainly
beneficial for tanks, so it kind of just depends on your situation. but most of
the time blessed advantage will be your best choice. okay now let’s talk about
Companions, where I also don’t have everything that I technically should, but
I have what I feel like I need. so as a starter you should have an
augment companion as your summoned companion, ideally with the maximum
bolster of 15%, but that is something that you can reach for later. the main
thing that you should be looking at is that you have an augment as your summoned
companion. this is because you get all of the augment’s stats added to your own and
then bonding runestones apply on top of that, and rank 15 bonding rune stones
give you 70% of your companion’s stats times 3 which is 210%, plus 100% of their base stats, which is 310% of their
stats (hitpoints not included). it’s also kind of good to look at the enhancement
that augments have. I chose the quasit because it has power as one of its
enhancement things, meaning that I get a little bit of extra power from it. not a
lot, but a little bit. now looking at companion equipment, I do need to swap
around a little bit because I have two older pieces of gear on here and I feel
like I could get a lot more stats if I just did a couple of different things.
but mainly I have the gold icon just for a lot of extra critical strike. as you can see I have 24,000 crit on my companion right now and this
translates to whatever 310 % of 24,000 is. basically a lot. and this is the main way
that you’ll be able to cap crit as a healer if you are going for that 125
percents thing. it’d be to have this and then another crit one, I believe, would
get you there. I have crit on here I’ve got some
defense, some awareness, I don’t want the awareness I would like to have defense
and critical avoidance with two oftense slots. unfortunately, that doesn’t exist
as far as I know and I also have more critical avoidance, and deflection which
I don’t want, so my gear is not perfect but it gets the job done so that’s all I
really care about. and I’ll talk about the runestones whenever we get to the
enchantment section in a little bit. but looking at bonuses this purple
enhancement one it’s there’s two good options and one of them is armor break
that I have here, and then there’s also potent precision which will increase
your critical severity, which will give you even more a little bit extra healing.
I have armor break equipped because I don’t actually have potent precision,
which kind of sucks. and as far as the other powers go you’ll want to fill them
all with outgoing healing in an ideal situation. it is possible to have all
five of these filled with outgoing healing, max 10% bonus on each of them
that is 50% outgoing healing which is fantastic. however it is okay to have
four, or even three. I have three right now if I made it four eventually I’ll
want to switch out this 8,000 power one with an outgoing healing one and then
upgrade these three to legendary. that will put me at about 50% outgoing
healing, 51% or so, and I think that’s more than enough. and then I also have
some hit points here because I like having lots of hit points. if I took a
hit points mount power bonus I would have over 400,000 hit points, or at least
very close to it, and that is my ideal life right there.
some of the outgoing healing companions can get very expensive, so don’t expect
to be able to get them right away. if you need something to put in those slots
until you get outgoing healing, just look at your stats and look at the
spreadsheet and figure out which you are not capped on, and put something in
there that boosts it. okay now on to mounts. ideally you’ll want to have –again,
this is in an ideal situation– you’ll want to have 10000 power as your
mount power here which I actually don’t have, so I don’t have it equipped.
but power and HP are both good to slot here, so whichever one you have, use,
but ideally power is better. you can even put crit in here if you’re having
trouble with that. good combat powers are ones that debuff the enemies like the
t-rex or the swarm, but this is something that you will not get right away so just
really don’t worry about it until you’re getting close to what would be
considered endgame. now looking at insignias and insignia bonuses, insignias
are a place where you can cap the stats that are not capped, or you can stack
even more power, it really depends on what you need. don’t spend a lot on
insignias right away because you’ll end up needing to change them out and it
gets super annoying, but most of mine are dominance and brutality and then I also
have some courage as well for defense and critical avoidance since those are
the stats that I don’t have capped. blue insignias are good enough to get the job
done for most things. once you get closer to endgame you will want to upgrade to
purple just so that you have more stats, and then orange ones are just like
ultimate, whenever you don’t have money to spend on anything else, or you open a
pack and get them then you use that but as far as bonuses go, gladiators guile– I
learned how to pronounce this today it’s weird that it’s pronounced ‘gale’ but it
is basically more movement speed. oppressors reprieve is good I like it
because whenever you get stunned or knocked up in the air you heal a little
bit which is nice because you’re usually stunned for a decent amount of time and
you don’t want to die and stuff. the heal is not significant but it’s enough
usually to keep you on your feet. Shepard’s devotion, this one I only have
this one slotted because it gives 10% movement speed to allies whenever I use
a daily and it also has room for 3 dominance insignias, which is nice. I also
use barbarians revelry which heals me whenever I perform a critical strike,
also good. and then lastly but not leastly, artificers persuasion. I usually
have two cool down powers equipped, so having this
will reduce the cooldown a little bit. this one is not necessary since a lot of
the time you’re using the artifacts at the beginning of a fight to start it off
so at that point this bonus is useless but I do get use for it sometimes
and I don’t really feel like changing it out to something else and so that is
what I use. if you don’t need these or don’t have these you can slot in wanderer’s
fortune for some extra refinement points or put in a second gladiator’s guile for
more movement speed or a second oppressors reprieve or whatever however
each duplicate one that you slot in will be half effectiveness so for example
gladiators is 10% bonus movement speed so the second one that you put in here
will only give you an additional five and so on okay now let’s talk about gear
I’m not gonna talk too long about gear because a lot of the time it’s very
subjective and depends on what you have access to getting as well so I’m just
gonna talk about what I have and what I would like to have and then you can go
from there so the best weapons are the Lionheart ones and that is because they
have the most stats on them and they give you bonus 10% outgoing healing when
your stamina is full which should be a lot at the time however I only have one
of these I haven’t bothered to complete the set so a good alternative one that
is gonna be a lot more attainable is burnished and this one
gives you increased power 5% increased power whenever you heal yourself or
someone else heals you or you get smacked into oblivion you bet you get
the point and that extra power will increase your healing a little bit not a
lot but a little bit the Lionheart ones come from Tower of the mad mage which is
the most difficult content in the game and you will have a very hard time
reaching the point to get in –getting into it let alone actually getting into
it and completing it so it’s a good a good thing is to shoot for burnished and
burnished comes from lair of the mad mage which is a dungeon that is not super
difficult so you should be able to complete this one a lot more easily than
tomm okay so helmets I’m currently wearing the crown of the Lost King which
gives me some power when I’m in combat with one enemy
this is not the best helmet I would prefer to have the lion’s guard helmet
which gives you 5,000 power when your stamina is over 75% which would be most
of the time but this one is a good alternative until I can get that and the
also the fancy duelist mask of Cormyr is just a better version of this it
gives me 5,000 power when I’m in combat with one enemy instead of 2,000 so that
also comes from undermountain expeditions as well now armor I’m
wearing Gurdunn’s defense which is something that you can get pretty early
on in undermountain if you’re doing expeditions and I’m still wearing it
only because I don’t like the bonus on any other chest piece a lot of them are
like increasing your defense or deflecting damage or stuff like that
none of them are really offensive bonuses on the chest armor so I haven’t
switched and I don’t plan on it until something actually good comes along next
up is arms I’m currently wearing crash guards I would like to replace these as
well I would like the Lion’s guard ones just because they’re they have more
stats on them they’re newer and also as with all of the armor here I have the
880 modification with the armor kits it’s called like major power
reinforcement kit or something like that I don’t remember and you can buy
them on the auction house gives you a little bit of extra power you can also
do hit points as well if you’re interested in that now boots I’m wearing
trapper of the twilight’s boots which just increased movement speed they don’t
do anything with power or anything like that I’m wearing them because they were
better than what I was wearing before which I don’t even remember what they
were at this point but I would like to have the Lion’s guard just for that power
bonus anyways moving on to neck and waist this is where it gets a tiny bit
more complicated and only because I’m not using an actual set here I’m we’re
using the woven vine neck piece only for the stats otherwise I would switch it to
something else and then for my waist I have the sash of embellishments which is
from the tales of old set and I’m wearing this because it gives you an
extra ability score points so having two of these journals here I’m wearing the
sash of embellishments because it gives me an extra ability score
point which gives me one extra point into wisdom that is not shown here
because I’m not at a campfire I don’t have my campfire buff on so otherwise
this would be all of these would be one higher that’s the only reason I’m
wearing it now rings I’m using the cheap alternatives to the good rings ideally I
would be having the striking ring of the veteran which each of these would
then have 20,000 crit on them which should bring me a lot closer to having a
lot of crit however these rings cost like 3.5 million and the bonus on them
only applies to melee damage and clerics don’t have any melee attacks so that
bonus would then be kind of useless so basically the poor man’s alternative are
the budding rings of ivy these are like 35 K or something on the auction house
and they give me almost 12,000 crit and that’s good enough for me now shirt and
pants ideally I’d be wearing this shirt of the champion because it has a 4 K
crit on it and the pants of the veteran which have 4 K critical avoidance on
them I don’t want any of the infernal forged pieces because their bonuses
don’t aren’t very appealing to me especially the pants and there’s no 4 K
stat versions of them, so, still wearing protege right now now artifacts
like I touched on, I’m using two journals from the tales of old set because it gives me
a thousand power well 2 thousand because they increase for each journal that’s
equipped and also gives me extra hit points which is super nice and then I
also have two of the newer artifacts that have 3 K power apiece on them and
this one’s more defensive critical avoidance and defense and this one has
critical strike which is something that I need as well for your primary artifact
you’ll want to use a damage buff artifact an example being the frozen
storytellers journal the wyvern coated knives the lantern of Revelation
halaster’s blast scepter there’s a whole bunch of different ones that will
increase damage dealt or or enemy damage taken which are all good options all
right now enchantments since we talked about how important power is it should
go without saying that all of your offense slots should have radiants in
them you shouldn’t need to put any crit and your offense stats and if you do
make it a brutal so its power and crit but really just go with all radiants and
you should be fine as far as defense slots go I have black ice in all mine
because I’ve had black ice in all mine for many mods and I had never changed
them but you can put radiants in there too to increase your hit points which
would give you more survivability or just put whatever defense that you need
to cap like critical avoidance for example and then in utility you have a
couple of options tactical are the best ones because it
increases your incoming healing meaning you’ll get healed more whenever you heal yourself or someone heals you I have some dark enchantments in here dark
enchantments are not gonna give you very much really what they do is they give
you more stats from your companion but you’re not actually getting that much
only like a few thousand if you have a few of them [if that] but I still have them and
it’s fine but your other option is to go for refinement based ones like the tymora’s
lucky coin or no tymora’s lucky enchantments the dragon horde
enchantment or the Fey blessing and things like that that’ll give you some
extra refinement points if you’re trying to build up your weapons or your
artifacts and stuff now your rune stones that you put on your companion in an
ideal situation you’ll want to have six max empowered rune stones I have five
because I do have one defense slot and in that I put an enigmatic for critical
avoidance since I need critical avoidance having defense slots on your
companion is not terrible but it is best to have offense ones so that you can
have a lot of power and last but not least the overload slots I keep mine
empty a lot of the time but something good to put in here is the greater white
dragon glyph because whenever this is active you get 10% bonus healing it’s
only active about 33% of the time but hey a bonus is a bonus a free bonus is a
bonus these do eventually wear out though and you’ll have to replace them
but they’re not super expensive I don’t keep these slotted very often only if
I’m going into something that I think I might be in over my head a little bit
then I might put these on just so that I have that little bit of an extra bonus
in there one thing that I forgot to mention I I think I talked about the
modification on the main hand weapon for blessing of light but the offhand one I
have power and companion influence in there but you can also go for hit points
or critical strike if you need that and
then for the other one another good one to go for it would be critical severity
10% critical severity that’s probably the one that I should have instead of
five percent companion influence but hey whatever you want to do alright
hopefully this video is less than 30 minutes long although I think that’s
very unlikely if you made it this far congratulations here’s a round of
applause I hope you enjoyed the video thank you for watching or listening or
whatever hopefully you learned at least one thing from this video I do have a
cleric tips video if you’re interested in learning a little bit more there’s I
think five tips for devout and 2 for arbiter in that video so you can check
that out if you want some more sweet cleric content but that’s all I have for
you today and I guess I will see you later
okay bye

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