Narrated D&D Story: How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character’s Will To Live

Narrated D&D Story: How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character’s Will To Live

[Channel Teaser] How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character’s
Will To Live This story was submitted by our viewer, Jon! I was playing in a DND 5e campaign that was
using the Caturday add on material as the main source. In this campaign we were race locked into
playing Caturday only. The story had us trying to help stabilize
our race, as they were almost extinct after a huge war. This would require us employing diplomacy
tactics to try to make friends, seeing as how EVERY other race seemed to hate us. The party roster changed a little bit over
time, but settled down on a consistent team of 6. The Good Barbarian/Sorcerer Calsyfur,
Neutral Bard Pashta — Evil, maybe? Rogue Akira,
Chaotic Evil Cleric Nahar, Lawful Evil Rogue/Warlock Rafa,
and a Lawful Good Fighter Banjo. I question Akira’s alignment due to the fact
that he did not go out of his way to be evil all the time, but would jump at the chance
to be a pain now and again. The main characters of this story are Nahar,
Rafa and Banjo. Rafa was a soap-box hero. He would belt his racist rants to anyone who
would listen to him about the evils that the other races had wrought upon the Caturday
if given the chance. He was of fallen noble ancestry and carried
himself as would be expected in scenarios involving gullible or important people who
would bend an ear to his forked tongue. Rafa was one of the first members of the party
along with Nahar, a Cleric of the Madness domain who was just absolutely crazy. Banjo’s player had another character before
him, a Djinn trapped in a Caturday body who had a fair amount of influence with the Caturday
as a whole. She had managed to get farm-able land so the
Caturday could grow food, and had established a friendship with the White Dragonborn who
shared the mountain territory with the Caturday, and eventually welcomed the 300 members of
the dying race into their monastery for safe haven. It was about session 7 or 8 when she fell,
and Banjo was brought in to replace her. Banjo was the goodest boy that good could
be. He met the party and immediately saved our
Barbarian, who was only able to show up to play now and again from killing an innocent
boy after being possessed by a demonic wish-granting sword. He then set to work on cultivating farm land,
which had been left neglected to help feed the starving Caturday. He was a rustic, black smithing, farm tending,
feast cooking, down to earth fella who just fit in with whoever he had the pleasure to
meet. He befriended everything from a pirate to
an actual sphinx… except Rafa and Nahar. Banjo disliked people who lied and killed
as he did not believe in those things. Rafa annoyed Banjo with his deceitful ways
and ability to slither and lie his way out of any consequences of his actions. Honestly, at first this only really annoyed
Banjo. Banjo even got on Rafa’s side momentarily
after destroying another demonic wish-granting sword that had possessed Rafa, causing him
to severely injure one of the White Dragonborn. Banjo thought after freeing him from the blade
that he would see a new Rafa, but he was wrong. Rafa ended up clashing with Banjo one final
time over his lies and alignment with a demon, before Banjo stopped trying with him. Nahar on the other hand clung to Banjo like
a tick, actively trying to drive him insane. Every step Banjo seemed to make to further
the relations or image of the Caturday, Nahar would be right behind him to undo it. Nahar’s favorite trick was his “get out of
jail free card” or the spell Command. If Nahar ever did not want to face something,
he would cast command until it hit and command the threat to “Sit”, giving him a full round
to run away. All for the sake of being funny/crazy… Upon visiting a port town with multi-racial
trading and basic harmony, Nahar decided to rob a shop keep and cause a huge commotion. Banjo tried to stop him only to be hit with
Command twice before Nahar’s escape. This was the first weight to fall on Banjo’s
back. Over the next few sessions, Nahar turned up
the crazy to 11 as he actively wanted Banjo to kill him, claiming that making Banjo kill
someone would make him stronger and better for the party. The last straw was when Nahar killed a Tiefling
who claimed to have info on an underground Caturday slave-trade. With the lead now dead, Banjo lost it and
beat Nahar within an inch of his life before regaining his composure and letting him live. In the following sessions, Banjo’s player
started role playing Banjo as depressed and troubled. He would spiral a little further every time
Rafa or Nahar did something that seemed to serve no purpose other than to be Evil or
hurt the Caturday in some way. I think he was hoping the other players or
NPC’s might catch on and try to help. It was discovered early on that Pashta had
been in love with the lost king of our race and was pregnant with his offspring. After the four heirs were born, Banjo knew
it was only a matter of time before Rafa or Nahar did something to them and was really
on edge about it. Pashta had knighted him head of the Royal
Guard to protect her and her children from Rafa and his goons. It was the session after this when Banjo died. Banjo had rolled a perception check on Rafa
as he and one of his goons had claimed they were leaving the party to go do something. He saw four little baby-sized bags on Rafa’s
back and he knew something was up. The children had been under the watch of the
Dragonborn Elders at the monastery and Banjo made haste to get to them first, riding the
gryphon he had befriended many sessions earlier. Upon arrival to the monastery he told the
Elders what was coming and sat in wait for Rafa to arrive. When Rafa entered the room housing the young
heirs, he was met by Banjo, who was pulsating with fury between him and the cribs. He began one of his speeches, only to be cut
short by Banjo charging forward and downing his goon in one strike. Rafa had made a pact with the demon in the
swords to become a Warlock who was barely able to use 1st level spells, but he had access
to one that had saved him before and would be the end of Banjo. Charm Person. Rafa had stopped Banjo like this before, and
it infuriated his player that one failed wisdom save could remove his character from play,
be it from Command or Charm Person. He sat there and watched Rafa approach the
first crib, only to barely avoid being speared by one of the young Dragonborn hiding behind
the illusion. Banjo had brought reinforcements. He was ready for the nonsense with Rafa to
be over. Trapped between death and death, Rafa’s demon
friend offered him a wish. One of the Dragonborn sacrificed his left
eye to evoke a powerful anti-curse magic to stop him from being teleported away in hopes
that help would come. Before help did manage to arrive, the demon
overpowered the young Dragonborn, and Rafa slipped away with the heirs. Banjo walked to a nearby ledge overlooking
a steep drop down the mountain. The weight of Rafa and Nahar and all the stress
and anguish that he had been drowning in, had finally become too much. He uttered his final words: “Evil always wins”. It should be noted that Banjo’s player actually
had no issues with Rafa’s player. He had built Rafa to do a job and was damn
good at doing it. The party ended up having a discussion where
Rafa’s player asked if they were tired of Rafa’s angst and if he was holding up the
story, and if so, he would be happy to have Rafa go out with a final hoorah — as he was
starting to get tired of the stress of keeping up with all of Rafa’s schemes and lies himself. Rafa went down soon in a blaze of claws and
blades, after which Mushin the Caturday Monk (Rafa) and Cream, the Dragonborn Paladin youngling
who gave up his left eye to cast the spell to try to stop Rafa, joined the party and
went on a great adventure with their new allies. As a player I would struggle with other players
being constantly at odds with the group. But if this is how they play and it works
for them, that’s great. Please let us know what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
All Things DnD. Our next video will be posted in 2 days, so
stay tuned for more amazing Dungeons & Dragons content!

100 thoughts on “Narrated D&D Story: How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character’s Will To Live

  1. At least Rafa's player had the self-awareness to ask everyone if they were tired of the evil act. I've seen plenty of stories where this is never the case and the group eventually has a schism

  2. This entire campaign honestly sounds miserable. There doesn't seem to be any unity in the party, and the way that the 'evil' characters were played left much to be desired. I've never had any objections about playing alongside morally questionable PCs, but I do take issue if certain PCs are intentionally working at odds against the party. The only exception to this is when a player deliberately intends to betray the party, builds up towards it properly, and knows full well that that their character will probably die as a result (but they plan all this with the DM ahead of time in order to make the scenario an excellent payoff for the story). Also, this campaign seems to suffer from another serious problem that I've seen in many DnD stories: evil has no consequence. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen a DM allow a player to just get away with doing nefarious acts and never punish them or deliver any sort of retribution for it. I'm all for letting players have fun in the world, but if you equip them with too much 'plot armor' (like having a demon who can grant wishes to save them whenever they need it), then you end up destroying any tension in your story.

  3. I dont have a long story of a custom campaign, but I do have a few little stories that were either just ridiculous or a complete misunderstanding between me another player

  4. There is a way you can play an evil character without causing problems for the other players. But some DM's allow it and in this case, it was great! But in other cases, not so much. One of my players wanted to play an evil character and I showed a video. Here the link

    All and all, great story. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. That is just tragic and those last words. They couldn't be any more wrong. Evil never wins. Sure they will puff themselves up, make them seem greater and grander than what they are, but all that only surmounts to a tiny black dot in the white sea of good.

  6. DM: The main mission of this campaign is to help the Caturday race to prosper.
    Player: (makes a character that only hurts the Caturday people)

  7. The entire point of the campaign is to protect and restore their race and half the party was evil? Seems like a kind of pointless campaign then if the players are the ones working against the party.

    Also I feel like people forget what those spells actually do. Command can't make you do anything and if your guarding someone it has to sound reasonable and not be completely out of character. So if a prisoner is trying to flee and as a guard you get commanded to sit down and let them do it I would rule it simply doesn't work. The spell has more nuance than just making someone do something if it doesn't directly harm them. I'm also more surprised that the paladin could fail a wisdom save with advantage regularly by the sounds of it which gives me the feeling that they skipped over the part of fighting a character gives them advantage on the save.

  8. I'm normally not a big fan of interplayer friction and battle due to both sides wanting to win at all costs or doing backstabbing things while using the pretense of 'it is what my character does' motto till it goes beyond stale and moldy. I was expecting this story to have a jerk wad player trying to enforce his will for being an evil character; so I was genuinely surprise the player was self-aware of his character's clearly foul nature. Sucks that Banjo died, but it is as he said… evil always wins… especially when everyone plays by the rules.

  9. Multiple games; one 'good' group, one evil. Pitted against each other. (The fun is when one player infultraits the other group).

  10. Player confilct can be good as long as the players make it more like a story element! If it's just players being dumb jerks I don't have time for that!

  11. I try to avoid these situations by doing a check with my aasimar pal's divine sense, so i know if he has to sleep with one eye open

  12. I think with the backstories I've thought up for characters I want to one day play, I might not be able to be lawful good if there's a party member that's evil or causing a lot of trouble for the party. Then again two of the characters i want to play are rogues who grew up orphans on the streets.

  13. I personally do not allow Chaotic Evil characters in my games. Players who want to play them tend to be dick players who only want to screw over the rest of the group for their own amusement. That is not everyone who plays Chaotic Evil, but enough of them.

  14. My Evil characters tend to get along with any alignments. I have a few rules I apply to all of my characters. One, I don’t hurt other players because we’re all here to have fun. Two, stay out of the way and don’t interrupt another player’s character arch. Three, if you’re an evil character keep your deeds to NPCs and out of sight of good aligned characters, my character usually rationalizes this by not wanting to hurt his friends; he can’t show if they’re dead. “Sometimes, you’re forced to do good things as an evil character, make sure you’re doing it for a greedy reason or to further your master plan.” Four, If you’re good aligned character, give your good character a reason to have no character knowledge of your evil friend’s deeds; make them do something in town while they’re off running errands they told you about or if you’re somehow wrapped up in one of their quests, believe their lie. “This can make for some great role playing moments, that are sometimes hilarious.” Five, if you’re character realizes the other player is good/evil, they rationalize working with them for the greater good/evil. “Keep your weapons sheathed unless the other player attacks you. I usually have my good character try to change the evil character, and have my evil character lie about it.” Six, when the campaign is finally wrapping up it’s fair game. “Everyone’s character arch’s should be wrapped up. If you have some Evil Master Plan, do it and make the finale of the story better.” It’s honestly not hard to have players of differing alignments be friends with each other so all players can have their fun, the loops your character will go through are usually entertaining to role play. Unfortunately this doesn’t work if other players refuse to cooperate, if they do it’s easier for everyone.

  15. I play to be a good guy and a hero. Unless we're planning an evil campaign. I can do evil but I detest it. So if we are suppost to be good guys then it will infuriate my PC to see other PCs Parlaying with evil<demons devils or PCs that kill/torment innocents for fun and sport evil for evils sake> or making contracts with devils/demons. I guess that can make me ….I don't want to say lawful but it does make me good.

  16. This is why DMs generally discourage and ban evil aligned characters, because evil is not heroic. Take Morganthe, Old Cob, Sarumon, any evil character and you will see they are selfish and only want power. There are very few evil characters who are evil for any reason that does not involve WORLD DOMINATION!!! As such, unless you are playing a campaign where the entire party is evil and good is your enemy, you should not have evil PCs. You're playing heroes, not ripping each other's throats out. That ruins the fun of any game. X(

  17. So you have two blatantly evil characters actively working against the survival of their own endangered species. Why the fuck did they live so long?

  18. At first I was like that’s one of those annoying players, but at the end I was like wait, they had this as everyone’s plan? Interesting.

  19. 1) Combat had already broken out, so Banjo should have had advantage on the save against Charm Person.
    2) Duration of Charm Person is only 1 minute. Banjo had a gryphon mount. He should have been able to catch Rafa after the spell wore off.
    3) WTF is the DM doing, allowing characters whose entire purpose is screwing over the entire race when the goal of the campaign is to save them? Most DMs don't allow evil PCs in the first place, and this is a textbook example of a DM that should have told a player that his character wouldn't be allowed.

  20. I know Banjo is the goodiest of goods and the player had patience or was able to separate player from character….but I was playing Banjo, I would've just killed Rafa, to PREVENT it from escalating to that

    Nip it in the BUD, and end that worthless wretched cat's life once and for all. Goody two-shoes doesn't always mean letting the bad guy live. (It really doesn't; especially when the bad guy won't change.)

  21. Why is it that people who play """beastfolk"""(furries) always portray them as persecuted?
    Mayhaps they have a… "fursecution complex". :^)

  22. I had an issue with this in my campaign I'm just getting started with. In a party of 3 with a 4th coming soon, I had a paladin and a chaotic "Neutral" constantly be at odds from the start. As DM, I used guards, which worked for the first session. The paladin was absent for a lousy second session but session 3 was where I made my move. I introduced a 22 card Deck of Many Things. The CN player, who loved random chance, and not necessarily his own character drew 4 cards from the deck. I had given in game information on how the deck worked and warned against some cards, specifically the void. He drew the idiot, the void, flames, and key. His soul is now trapped in the 5th level of hell (also determined randomly) where the devil is likely making it his personal business to torment him. The party did take the quiver of creativity though. I fully expect them to use the quiver to absolutely break the game with their now mostly Good party.

  23. I smell slightly more plot Armor on the evil characters than the none evil ones. Even with the tactics involved, the evil characters seem to keep getting maguffin items left and right, and even after all the things they did to prevent that-they still found more. It sounded to me like the player themselves seemed to notice this pattern Too and I wonder if this was another Factor as to why they were “getting tired”. Sadly we r not at this table and don’t know every single in and out of the sessions so … shrug
    I think after enough sessions of this I’d get tired too.

  24. See, having the party be at odds is VERY dangerous, like, in the real world, for the party's moral and enjoyment, but when you get a group together that just "clicks" and can do that without anyone not having fun, my god are the results awe inspiring.

  25. Honestly, I would metagame if neccisary, to try to stop a stupid-evil or murderhobo player-character. Even at the risk of being kicked out of the group, because pvp and metagaming are both baned!

    (Unless I was knowingly and willfull joining an evil campaign, from the start… Then I'ld just play allong.)

  26. Nahar should have been tossed from the table for stupid trolling, or at least given a sit-down and told to tone it down because it's not making the game fun for anyone else but him- I mean, you're not supposed to be a dick to the other players, and it just seems he had it bad for trolling Banjo. If your entire concept is "I wanna be a dick to everyone and everything because it's funny", maybe you're playing the wrong kind of game…? I mean, apart from Rafa, there were many others at the table he could screw around with- but he still just kept trying to push Banjo's buttons. That kind of thing needed to be stepped on early. The shopkeep incident should have got him the boot- when you pull something like that that throws everything into chaos, yeah, sorry, that's not your character being himself, that's you being an asshole and trying to pass it off as playing your character.

    Also, WTF, GM? Putting mind-control spells in the hands of people and then saying "oh, you can cast them on each other" is ALWAYS going to go south immediately, especially when you give them to someone with a known love of tormenting others- and if you're going to allow them, make sure you read them inside and out as to how they do and don't function. I think you might want to go re-read them…

    Also, have to give props Rafa's way. If you are doing evil things like that, it's a good idea to keep asking OOC about personal limits and stuff, to make sure nobody is really uncomfortable- and to make sure everyone can sound off to the GM about it, publicly or privately.

  27. I’m confused. In what world does being a “friendly acquaintance” translate to letting someone kidnap your loved ones?

  28. If they wanted to play as an evil d-bag that's fine, but with a whole guidebook of caveats. The goal of the party and the campaign was to safe guard the future of the race, faced with extinction it would make sense that some would resort to morally dubious means. This way the player isn't an obstructive a-hole they're instead sacrificing their souls to save the ones they love.

  29. Rafa and his mooks would have been puddles of gore on the floor the moment they walked into that nursery if I were playing. I'd even gladly take exp revokement and level reduction for player killing if it ment keeping kids safe.

  30. It isn’t common, but I’ve run into games where an evil PC really crossed the line to the point where I questioned both the PC’s and DM’s sanity. I have never had more than one or two scenarios with each of them. Didn’t get through a single session with most of them and I barely finished a session with the rest.

    (Warning, disturbing list here) Examples are:

    -Inhumane Torture
    -Very kinky furry crap
    -Abusive Relationship within the group itself
    -Beyond racist players towards other people in the group.
    -Very Sexist Players
    -Beyond Narcissistic and potentially Psychotic players
    -a satanist girl that constantly talked about her religious views as we played. (I wonder how she would have reacted if I told her I was Christian)
    There are definitely more but those are the ones I can list off the top of my head.

    Note: These horrific situations are spread over many years. So roughly once in a blue moon, did I run into these people.

  31. I play mainly to dnd 3.5 and in that version, charm person didn't function like that : a charmed person just see the caster like a friend, the spell finished if the caster threaten the victim or his allies. In 5th, the spell seem different but it's just make him a friend, it did not make you some doll unable to play. (This, it's domination) Command is just a round. Rafa sems rather weak warlock 1 or 2 so not so many slot of spell. He have no way to control so much time a warrior like that. The interpretation of magic seems wrong here and unbalanced.
    But it's good story, tragic and if all player are fine, it's fine.

  32. This is one thing i WILL NOT stand, and it pisses me off that this Player continued to play this character. As colorful a story as it may create, any character of that ilk is, was, and always shall be banned from my table. along with any player who insists on playing this type of character.

  33. I can't help it, but when I hear "I don't believe in those [insert provably real things here]" part of me wants to scream and another part wants to make a character that pretends those things don't exist. Like in this vid, "he did not believe in murder and thievery." The grammar isn't bad, but the better words would be "he did not [support/condone] murder and thievery."

    I kinda want to make a character that has a list of things they don't "believe in" and they just straight up refuse to see them as existing.

  34. I think, as long as everyone at the table playing the game is having fun, the details of how they play the role play game doesn’t matter if it’s different. That being said, they certainly play different. At least they communicate and keep it very clear what is game and separate from real life.

  35. I am sorry I cant. just hearing this give me stress and anxiety I cant imagine me playing in such a game for long.

  36. I get that the players were ok with it all but this is why you don’t have evil characters with good characters. The party ends up fighting each other and nothing gets done.

  37. The wind blowing across the cliffside was strong and cold, but the stranger merely stood there, unaffected, as his cloak flapped wildly in the wind. With a wave of his hand, the stranger simply spoke the name, "Banjo, son of Jangle."

    The familiar sight of glowing bluish-white mist coalesced into the shape of a Caturday with thick fur, a barrel chest, and endless pain in his eyes.

    "Whhhyyyyyy?" He asked.

    "To ask you the same…" The stranger replied, motioning downwards off the cliffside.

    "Eeevviiiilll allllwaaaayyyss wwwiiiinnnnsss." Came the reply of the Caturday ghost, gritting his fangs and holding his head in his hands, the agony in his spirit palpable.

    The stranger sighed. "Sometimes evil wins, yes…but it most assuredly does not always win, I can not only guarantee you that…but prove it."

    Banjo looked at the stranger quizzically. The stranger walked closer to the ghost, reaching into his robes and pulling out a piece of fabric made with what Banjo knew to be Caturday craftsmanship. The fabric bore a coat of arms thay he did not recognize…

    "Rafa failed." Spoke the stranger, "The heirs yet live; this is the new royal coat of arms. The four symbols on the shield represent each of the four children…the start of a new Kingdom. Be at ease, hero…in the end, good triumphed."

    Banjo now had an expression of relief. Had he a physical body, he would have wept. "Theeeyyy llliiivvee….!!"

    "I bid you, join your ancestors and seek the rest you richly deserve." The stranger said, "But first…I should like to ask something of you, if you are willing. I am building an army…and noble souls such as yours would be welcome."

    Banjo was silent for a moment, before asking, "Whhhoooo aaarreee yyyoouuu?"

    The stranger pulled back his gray hood with a skeletal hand, spilling out hair of a shocking white. "My name is Astoshan."

  38. This was such a great story with such a sad ending!! I was rooting for banjo to pull through hoping he would somehow stop Rafa but sadly…evil always wins…

  39. I am tired of seeing spells like charm person being abused within the game. The spell only makes you regard the caster as a "friendly acquaintance", not a mindless slave. While the one PC is charmed, they are still charged with protecting the newborns and would not just blithely let their "friendly acquaintance" abscond with their charge. Likewise, the spell does not cause creatures to switch sides in combat as they do not forget who their friends and allies were just a second ago and do not recognize the spellcasters allies as being their friends as they are still their enemy. The spell is actually very limited in what it can actually do as it only affects the relationship between the caster and the target only and nothing else. Also, the target will not allow the caster to try and harm their original allies and friends and likewise will not allow their original allies to harm their new "friendly acquaintance" (while the casters allies are still fair game). They also will not shirk their responsibilities any more than they would if an actual friend asked them to. You might let your "friend" take a look at something that is yours or that you are protecting, but you wouldn't let them steal or kidnap it. This has been the case with the spell even in the earlier versions of this game with an equally long history of abuse from DMs and players alike.

    Second, these "evil" characters seem to be acting more like a comic book villains than an actual plausible version of that alignment. Just because you are evil doesn't mean you are going to act openly or in an outrageous manner. Also, evil characters are not always aware that their actions are necessarily evil so much as their actions tend be harmful or selfish on a whole. I am surprised that the group tolerated theses actions for so long as it is more important for the species as a whole to remove these individuals from causing harm to those that remain of that race. Whether that means they are imprisoned, confined, or something more permanent, it would seem necessary if one was actually trying to save ones race by means of changing the perceptions of others. But at least the group was discussing this as a whole rather than letting one or two players dictate the campaign.

  40. I think this was all unnecessary. For this to work at all is very rare, as people don’t just play their character, they become their character.

  41. if it works, great. but the "hero" of the party must have been hard to play. Yes, i know it is roleplay, but we are talking about a game where the death of an NPC can bring the real life players to tears, and for a character to fall into suicide, i fear for the mental well being of the player. It is the type of story that would end most player's experience with the group, or at least the evil character player, but by the sounds of it, there was thankfully enough separation between reality and fantasy.

  42. Was it ever specifically stated that the heirs were going to be assassinated? If not, there could have been a rescue arc where Banjo could have redeemed himself. But, sadly, the lack of one (and the fact that this is YouTube and a video containing the assassination of newborns could be taken down or what not) suggests that they met an untimely (and admittedly EXTREMELY aggravating) end. If they are still alive I for one am absolutley interested to hear what happened to them, if there can be another video please make one!

  43. It can be fun to play a character that does things you may not do irl. But, it's great that this player was chill with the group and asked for input when they could tell it might be getting out of hand.

  44. Honestly I think that was delightfully executed, as long as everyone is happy with how things are going (which is what it sounds like) then I’d say it’s fine. I wish I could find a party that would happily do Inter player conflict. That was awesome.
    Think of the best stories we tell, the heroes always have times when they are at odds, it’s a staple of buddy cop movies, there has to be a moment where the avengers are at odds for the story to work. So if you want a truly fulfilling story the heroes in the party have to conflict. As long as everyone is onboard with it then that’s how good campaigns unfold. Communication is always key, if someone over steps the line, tell them and they have to be receptive, it’s the only way we do well as a group of friends playing dnd. Communication. My last group didn’t communicate well and that’s precisely why I saw at least 6 people come in and out of that group. But the core members who did communicate and would actually try to talk to everyone, we stayed on the whole time

  45. I once played an elf that hated any other character that wasn’t an elf, yes he was a fraught up racist. But I played him intelligently and talked to my fellow players ahead of time and we were all on board. I told one player that since he was a half elf I wanted to bully him in character, we agreed it happened and it was awesome. This character would later end up going the opposite direction and growing, which made the end of the campaign when him the dwarf and the half elf were the only ones left much more poignant, it hits much harder narratively when three characters that hated each other all sit together as friends for a drink at the bar.

  46. I hope that Rafa had actual motives to doing what he did. Like let's be real, if the entire party was trying to make peace with other nations and let their race thrive in the future, there shouldn't be a character trying to do the exact opposite, and the party allowing it, unless of course they had a valid reason. Like Nahar seems alright to me because he was just annoying. And he got Banjo's character going through that arc, even though it had a tragic end. But having the reasoning that he'd be a stronger ally is perfectly valid. But just killing people and doing THE OPPOSITE of what you're supposed to be doing is ridiculous.

  47. if i was the dm i would've gotten tired of him casting the "command" spell, would've made it so that banjo's enraged state of mind made him immune

  48. This feels so sad that Banjo wasn't able to take him out in that final moment and at least save the children. Even if neither character survived the encounter, at least let Banjo have saved the kits. :/ this game just sounds like it would have felt depressing over all for then players, if I am understanding it right.

  49. Charm Person really wouldn't stop Banjo from protecting the heirs. It only makes the caster be seen as a friend. It doesn't change anything else they might do.

    So, Banjo could still have stood in the way, but instead of immediately going to violence… It would have been "I'm sorry my friend, I cannot let you pass." followed by more force if necessary.

  50. I don't really get this. It just all sounds like a pile of … nothing.
    Like, how are there 2 (3?) evil characters in a group of 6 in what's not supposed to be an evil run? What's the point of that? And their brand of "evil" seems to be legit working against the main goal of the group out in the open, right in front of their faces.
    Why would these people travel or even work together in that case? IMO there's a difference between doing morally fucked up things in the dark and out right opposing your party's main goal in front of them. One makes you an evil character with their own motives who can manage the relationships with the party in a realistic manner cause to some level you have the same goal and the other …. just makes you a villain that's allowed to sit in on all the hero's convos. How could he be allowed to undo something Banjo did right after he did it? Why wouldn't those players be told to leave the room unless the party is doing something with them? (I'd imagine the Characters would want to put distance between them and the evil characters when making plans of progressing on their goal given how loud an proud they seem to be about fucking them over)

    Also, why does everyone treat Charm Person as flat mind control? I can be friends with someone and still say no to them doing something terrible in front of me. I can tell a friend "Nahh, can't let you through this way bro. They got cams on us, they would fire me in a hot sec if I let you in through this airport exit … this is my job".

  51. For me playing a good character, among my evil and neutral party. I can say this sounds very familiar, but it is miserable for me as a player… I want to work together, it's not fun when everything is getting ruined, my immersion being broken by me constantly compromising my character's motivations for tolerating the character to make it work, so I don't "split the party".
    Their PC murdered 3 tied up witnesses before the DM considered changing the PC alignment… I ended up throwing the evil character overboard for this action, and it felt like the first real in character good thing I had done. It felt honest. Like I had suppressed my character's issues with the PC for so long, it just burst out. The player is a cool guy, and I can't fault him as many people are only in it for the combat/killing/XP/getting in fights, etc. He did start playing his character more mellow after that. Maybe he realised I wan't having fun, I don't know… But he never got given set boundries in the first place.

    Evil vs good characters should NOT be allowed by DMs, and players should have the decency not to cause conflict/PvP, unless everyone expressly agrees to it, and everyone is prepared for the inevitable player/character conflict. :/

  52. I think this was well done. It's all about the story, for me at least. If everyone feels the same way about each other, be it love or hate, the story goes flat, unless you have an exceptional D.M. whose villains are not just challenging, but also compelling. The only thing I'd have done differently is to make the evil characters more sympathetic, so as to cause players to question what exactly "good" and "evil" really mean, or if they have any meaning at all.

  53. Sorry, i very much dislike play sessions like this.

    If you had asked "hey you want to completely waste time and accomplish absolutely nothing?" I wouldn't have shown up for the session. Zero interest.

  54. The only bad thing in the whole drama kid story is that the DM can come with an agreement with the group. At the end of the day 5to 7 people play these games to have a good time.

  55. Plot twist: Banjo secretly made a deal with a demon to sabotage evil people from the afterlife as a haunting poltergeist.

  56. Is there some cultural Caturday thing where they don’t have laws, a judicial system, anything? That’s the only way I can see an LG character in a leadership position allowing another to perversely destroy everything the party is working toward.

  57. What an entirely horrible game. The GM is allowing this? Evil between players just because someone is playing an evil character, and no other reason. Unacceptable. None of the alignments are an excuse to be an A hole to another player.

  58. I wish I could have been there as the guy I will be playing in an upcoming Pathfinder campaign. He is lawful neutral, but he will be joining an order of knights that, while small, were known and respected for rescuing the victims of kidnappings. Course in this case it would be trying to prevent it before it happened, but even if he doesn't fully see eye to eye with fighter there, duty, honor, and protection are paramount to being a team player and seeing justice upheld.

  59. And that why i do rpg with a Real Blunt longsword…if a chaotic stupid ruin the game im gonna ruin destroy im with that and trust me nobody want that.

  60. That's not how Charm-personne Works.

    when you're under this spell you see the caster has a friend. But you always can acte against him because he do something you can't let finished.

    for exemple if you cast charm-personne on a Gard, he can let you pass inside the castle, but he never try to kill the king he must protect even if you ask him to do that.

  61. In my game most of the party was NG or CN, but our Wizard was LE and tended to act on such that death was misunderstood life. Most of the party that was closer to the good side of things kept the Wizard at arms length but since she was basically "in charge" (she was tasked with finding a party to do the NPC's quest) they just had to tolerate some of her antics and hope they could change her ways down the road to be less… killy

  62. This is where my Cat Grant speech would have come in. I would have taken the players aside and said.

    I take great pride in the fact I have never dropped rocks on a character don't make me break that streak.

  63. I'll never understand why certain players tolerate this kind of activities in their group. Don't get me wrong, not all PC's are heroes, but most PC's will kill evil monsters without any real remorse or hesitation, yet they'll tolerate evil PC's (and their actions), for extended periods of time.

  64. I remember playing as a Chaotic Neutral character who caused a lawful good paladin to become depressed and an alcoholic, funny thing was my character was trying to become friends with them but always got the party into so many weird situations that the paladin just kinda broke after a while, I gotta hand it to my friend for playing this paladin so well and portraying the mental state of a man who has sworn away his life only to be stuck with this group of awful people. It was beautifully done and he turned into an oath breaker paladin and actually started doing better things in a more chaotic way with us. We tried to do good things, but we could never do it right

  65. I think in this case when another player is just going to keeps spamming the charm person spell, there is one effective response. As soon as the PC makes his first attempt, attack! As long as he keeps attempting to cast the spell he cant defend. Just keep giving him blow after blow. He may be much less likely to try this trick again if it puts his life at risk.

  66. I don't play with other people, only on PC, but doing evil things for the sake of it is boring. It is hard to have opposite-aligned characters in one party too. DM probably should have restricted that.

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