Microsoft Windows : How to Move the Task Bar on a Computer Desktop

Microsoft Windows : How to Move the Task Bar on a Computer Desktop

Hi, my name is Michael Burton with
located in Salt Lake City, Utah and we’re here talking about Microsoft Windows, how
to use Microsoft Windows. And now I want to talk to you about how to move the task bar
around the desk top because a lot of people don’t know that the task bar on the bottom,
where the start menu is, can actually be moved to the right, left or top, thus creating a
personalized, like a personalized, customized desk top. So I’m going to show you how to
do that right now. Let me start off by saying that WindowsXP is a registered trademark of
Microsoft and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. O.k., so the task bar is this bar
right here along the bottom, o.k. It has all your quick launch button, right there. It
has your start menu and it shows your current files that are open or your current programs
that are running. The best way to do this is to right click on to your task bar itself.
If you right click on the task bar itself it’ll bring up these options. Here you can
see that I have the task bar launched, currently. So if I come out here and I click on the left
button and I try to drag it, see, it’s not going anywhere. If I right click on this task
bar, and I unlock the task bar, do you see this extra line right here that pops up and
now I can make these two arrows? See that? See when I was on the lock, see, that’s not
there. I don’t have that two arrow option. What that means is if you unlock the task
bar, see you can actually take these two arrows and stretch your task bar,o.k. So you make
it huge and you can just line up all these files, right here on the task bar. There have
been times when I’ve had multiple, multiple Internet pages open at the same time. So many,
that it starts to stack them and number them, but it can only do so many until it doesn’t
fit them all on there. And this is a good way that you could stretch your task bar and
see a lot more of your work going on down here. I don’t recommend it, I don’t like it,
but if you need to stretch it maybe even just a little bit, that’s always fine. You can
customize it any way you wish. Now once you’re in this mode and you’re unlocked from your
task bar, You can left click and hold on your mouse on your task bar. You see how it highlighted?
and then you can move your task bar. Move it over here to your right, drop it and release,
see? So now you have your task bar on the right hand side of your screen. You can click
on your start menu and it brings it out just the same as it would on the bottom, it just
looks a little different. So I guess it’s according to your preference of where you
wish your task bar to be. Again, I can left click and hold and drag my task bar to the
top, which will then give it this look, where our task bar is on top, all of our programs
up here, all of our quick launch buttons over here, and then we have our start menu over
here that would drop down as such. Again, one more time. I can click and hold, left
button on the mouse, drag my task bar to the left. Now that I’ve done it to the left. Now
if you notice, right here, when I put it on the left hand side, my recycle bin and all
these files which would normally be on the left side of my desk top have now shifted
over and that has become the new left side of my desk top. And then you’re able to view
all your programs stacked on top of each other like this down the left hand side. That one
I actually like better. It’s actually very handy. But I usually just tend to keep it
down here on the bottom. I think that’s the best. And then of course, I just always keep
it locked, just for the heck of it.

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  1. Thank you i was same as Bleachdrinker 24/7 well i was watching a video and it just went like that for some accident reason.

  2. Thank you! My Task Bar have been invisible (you had to drag the mouse pointer over the area there it was to see the task bar) for a while as well. And when you helped me change the task bar back to horizontal it wasn't invisible anymore.
    Many thanks! 😀

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  6. Oh my goodness, my 7 year-old was using my laptop and moved the task bar. I had no idea how until now. Thank you!

  7. thanks! It was difficult not being used to it being on the side but once i watched this video its finally in place!

  8. thank god… it switched for no reason and it was driveing me insane because i just despise it being on the side. main reason because videogames cant go full screen while on theat option, for some reason, and it being on the bottom feels better to look at. Thx 😀


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