100 thoughts on “Make $500 THIS WEEKEND AS A FILMMAKER

  1. Anyone else like Bill and have G.A.S? Also share your experiences with renting? Who has rented and who is going to rent their gear!?

  2. Hey Chris! ur inspirating as usual, thanx! I made one better than usual video already just looking at your vids 😀 Cant wait for another one, Cheers!

  3. We need more of those crazy characters ! Your acting is on point 😀 ! Ps: is it okay to hashtag you on social medias to show you what we do ? Most of the time I use your presets as a base when editing my pictures.

  4. I had not considered this. I mean the gear I have is not something people are fighting for but its something to consider. Man Squarespace Bill and Squarespace Pete have to get together. That would be amazing. Thx Chris for always giving us great knowledge.

  5. Possibly my second favorite Squarespace read ever haha! Mango Street with the commercial parody read still holds #1 in my heart lol

  6. That Intro though 😂😂 “Atlanta, Fl”, being from Atlanta that s**t got me rolling! 😂😂

  7. I wish my area had a rental area… looking to buy a full-frame camera and can't use any until i have bought something :(…. Opportunity might of just knocked on my door…

  8. Haven’t even seen the video but we love you dude, take your time and get some good chill rest. We’ll be here 🙂

  9. grate way to add your gear to the cost of your production so you can get a return investment and after its paid have that increase revenue to invest into more gear they way i do it is catalog your entire kit from the obv camera lights mics and lenses to sd cards computer and hard drives and see how much it would cost to rent out most of what you owen then charge the client that price along with your day rate fees and profit margin and you'll have paid yourself and production expenses and gear.

  10. This is interesting advice and definitely didn't think I could do it with my gear. Thanks, Chris! Btw, you are missing your calling, you need to be on stage 😜

  11. Gosh my YT was on auto play then that mustache guy appeared . * Who the f*ck's that guy ? * Oh man 😅 brilliant !

  12. Funny, funny, funny… good acting… and I was laughing! But you have to be a brave man to share one of these expensive babies in some other person's hands! Or just out right crazy? )))

  13. If you look very closely you can tell Bill and Chris look very much alike… Could they be distant relatives not knowing that?

  14. How many people tried the url…… Cause I've typed it out five times and I keep messing up hoping it would just be a redirect to the Squarespace Bill link 😂 also… SQUARESPACE BILL VS SQUARESPACE PETE

  15. I like the concept, but I’d be too anxious with other people touchin’ my stuff. I think mitigating the damages would be tough. But, if you had the cash and made it into a biz, biz, then it does make sense.

    Thanks for sharing, Chris! Cheers to a fellow Ontarian creator. 🙂

  16. lol are you kidding me it's worldwide epidemic, everyones jobs are getting cancelled and we will have an economic crash and you are putting out a sponsored video on how to make 500 dollars this weekend. good job man.

  17. The only way I'd get over the anxiety to rent my gear out to total stranger is to have a second set of gear that's just there to be rented out.

  18. im a fertographer too, and there is no way to rent my gear, it cost me years to buy my FF camera, if they want to rent my gear, i need to be there with them, cause i can´t affort a loss, cameara gear is not cheap, nice vid chris chau!

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