Let’s journey into deep space with Elite! C64 Longplay – Part 1

Let’s journey into deep space with Elite! C64 Longplay – Part 1

don’t stay stuck at home join me for a
mission into deep space as we try to become elite
do you know what life is like on Jupiter or Azaqu
no I’m sure the monkey got back to earth just
fine don’t worry oh hello chip dippers or should I say
ship dippers because today I’m inviting you for a journey into deep space where
only the elite can survive yeah I’ve also got a confession to make I’ve
never played elite now David Braben and Ian bells acclaimed space trading game
was first released on the BBC micro by Acorn soft that was in 1984 and it went
on to be ported that just about every computer system of the time selling
nearly a million copies and together we’re gonna be blasting off in a
Commodore 64 version it’s always been kind of incredible to us how all of that
data and there’s 2048 planets in the game fit into 64 kilobytes of RAM I mean
yes it’s touching and that of course is because it was procedurally generated
using random mathematics and when you think about it 64 kilobytes that’s about
as much as a text document perhaps the intro script for this video
not of course that this is scripted none of my stuff is scripted or edited
exclamation point full stop new paragraph
sometimes my videos are very light-hearted as you’ll have seen in
that recent video where we played rescue on Perifractalus that reminds me we have to clean up that
broken glass but today I want to get a little more serious I don’t know why I
never played Elite maybe it was too hyped up at the time maybe it just seemed too
complex but today we’re going to do that and there’s room in the ship for you to
join us as well and my co-pilot of course yes and the copilot yes and the co Coco pilot okay
go strap yourselves in I’ll see you on the other side
welcome to retro recipes will you become one of the elite the
space combat is set apart by their total mastery of the spaceways this is your
ship a cobra class fighter trader fast and highly maneuverable but for the
moment only lightly armed it’s up to you to trade using the ships trading
computer and use the profits of any to improve your ships weaponry and
equipment your Cobra is equipped with front firing pulse lasers of adequate
power for a beginning the first skill to learn is docking with the orbiting space
station trading is only possible at space stations when you’re a successful
trader a docking computer may be purchased but for now get some practice
in all right I am excited we are here in
the cockpit of the Cobra marquetry combat and trading craft supplied of
course by Falcon delacey spaceways by arrangement with the Galactic
cooperative of world’s calcio I’ve been going over the space traders flight
manual and I want to give you a little quick tour of our cobra mark 3 ship here
and we’re here in the coriolis at space station where we’ve been docked and
that’s where we’re gonna start our mission from the bridge itself here is
equipped with both holo direct and through spacecraft distort communication
systems of course now essentially this is a single person combat ship but it
has been designed to as it says here to support a second person provided through
the person is of ordinary human or humanoid of dimensions and physiology
unfortunately therefore uh be frantic is going back down to the home planet of
this space station which is known as lave and completing our tour in the back
we have a cargo hold that can store 20 tons of cargo here on the bridge we have
seats for pilot and of course the co-pilot as well as a med stim Center
and entrance to the escape pod which is behind us to the left and descent well
for the living quarters and the main systems monitors all around us here in
the cockpit if you do need to get comfortable or use the facilities during
our trip the living and hygiene section is just below us down the graph well and
that contains two bunks food dispensing facilities waste disposal including of
course a high tox copper exudate for any Ionians that might join us oh oh no
apparently it also contains sin pleasure relax the pants and videos okay well
I’ve been studying the flight controls so I think we should just blast off
strap yourselves in let’s go because we must put on our gal Corp
assigned comms unit okay so it’s there’s a load new commander and we haven’t got
a previous one so I guess we go No okay we’re presently in the system of lave
we’re adopting the coriolis space station we have seven light-years of
fuel 100 units of credits under credit okay we have a clean legal status and
that’s important because we want to try to avoid getting any kind of bad legal
status because then the police are gonna be after us I’m going to stop pestering
us and we’re gonna try and keep that record clean and just make money and
work our way up the ranks from right now which is harmless right up to dangerous
and then elite I don’t forget to elite in this session there was nothing to
have some fun trying so he can press one to buy cargo and we have some credits
why don’t we buy some things that we can trade we’ll just start with a little
sprinkling of things so we’ll get one unit of food one unit of textiles
we’ll go on through the list we’re going to avoid things like narcotic trading
with those kind of planets apparently is harder and there’s more conflict and
probably more police involvement too there are some things we didn’t have
enough cash for then we can press two to sell cargo we’re gonna do that in the
next planet that’s how we’re gonna hopefully make some profits and work our
way up three is equip ship so we can add things
here I’m so what we gonna do is trade and then buy some missiles and various
things that are going to help us in the game with that money we can press or for
long-range chart and the little bubble and all circle shows how far we can go
on our current fuel which i think is seven light years maximum but we can go
to any other star and I think get data on system by hitting six
you can see how that’s 9.6 light-years away and all of this is procedurally
generated so for example where it says six line down yellow fat felines that is
randomized but it will stay for our whole mission same in the bottom the
world cute eerie the name is generated is mildly noted for its ancient
mountains are plagued by deadly earthquakes there probably shouldn’t
hang around there and of course this went on to inspire games like no man’s
sky which really is that same open world procedurally generated concept you can’t
actually land on the planets by the way but I think we’ll be okay so sure range
chart is going to show us our current range that we can actually go to so get
some data on D so black furry feline population of 4.1 billion so they’re
noted for their ancient mark corn plantations so what we have to keep in
mind when trading is we’re going to be able to sell food to planets that don’t
make their own food or as this one does or also going to be able to sell
technology to planets that don’t have technology this one is agricultural so
we can try and go there and sell them some tech I picked all this up from
reading the guides I haven’t actually played yet but that’s my theory finally
we can see our status by hitting eight and we can see our inventory by hitting
nine and that shows us what we’ve bought we are currently docked and we’re in the
talking computer if we hit f1 we should be able to launch
from the space station alright guys strap yourselves in you ready well okay
I’d have a bumpy ride it will settle down in a moment we are looking at the
planet lave and if I look at the rear view by hitting f3 that is the space
station we can speed up and slow down space the speed up and question mark is
slowed down so if I slow down I’ll stop going away from the space station we’ve
also got a left view and a right view so what I’m gonna do first is practice
docking because docking with the space station is renowned as being one of the
hardest things but I was told that if you get the planet in front of you and
then flip it I start to use a American colloquialism there for making a u-turn
flip a you can you can google the rest on Yahoo so now we’re facing the space
station so we can speed up and the key is to get into the same rotation as the
space station so I’m going to slow right down or maybe going too fast some high
pure fluke I got in when it was straight and there’s the key but let’s launch
again no is this guy somebody actually blasting off that’s pretty cool we can of course the could shoot him we
could use him as target practice but and I don’t know that doesn’t feel right so
I’m okay can let him go you want a clean record let’s just practice docking one
more time I’m going to slow it right down see I am way off course okay okay so I’m gonna launch okay yeah
the shields are still thought though on the left here going from top to bottom
on the left you got front shields and half to shields Fe I think Oh fu is fuel
of course AO is altitude we’ve got three missiles and then in the center of
course we’ve got the wonderful radar and it actually tells you the height the
things are away from you as well so something above us
now slowly straight ahead maybe in the space station so you can tell where
things are in three dimensions down on the left and right then top right of
there is the compass so you can see there a little line moving around that
indicates the location of the space station and the big s below that tells
you if there is a space station nearby I’m enjoying this so when that’s
straight ahead of us you’ll see that yellow or is it green I’m colorblind dot
in the middle of the compass and then on the right we’ve got speed yeah we can
speed it up the spacebar slow it down with question mark right decline and
left decline and then finally one two three four is I think our energy banks
which have caused stored in the cargo hold so we look at our short-range chart
we want to go to the planet D so we can press H I think for a hyperspace okay
yeah we apparently are around D so there is d so itself there is something below
so are they out firing at us okay you’re gonna fire on me I’m gonna fire back for
you as easy as it looks because you have to
time the rotation as well why are you firing I just I came here in peace you
know now I’ve got to take you out are you running away and coming misdial what
do I do okay well thank you all for joining me
for this this walkthrough of elite I hope you’ve had fun we can do better
than that this time I’m gonna remember to save the game as well okay here we go
again so this time if I do get fired on I’m just gonna get out of there
make love not war as I plan it so we’re gonna zoom towards there right now
there’s no big s on the screen which means our base station of Kandor cat is
not in range an interesting point is the other ships won’t attack you when
there’s a space station in range because space station offers you their
protective services we press J to jump through hyperspace so that gives us a
short skip I’ll keep doing that by the way I should mention if you’re in need
of a new query mhm hyperdrive seamen energy deflection shields all pulse
cannon or even a graph distort calm system I recommend PCB way they’re back
in full production now with prototyping in one to three days because as we all
know PCP stands for pulse cannon boards doesn’t can’t jump any further so how do we find
the space station master question so I’m gonna try going around the planet yeah
it’s in range now see got the big s so I’m keeping the dot in the center of the
compass those big dots there one of those could be the space station now is
that in there hello are you Space Station it’s hard to tell with these high-res
graphics we are going full speed drink okay you see you’ve got your own
of course I am fast-forwarding through some of this to save you the agony of
just floating in deep space tell me if you’d rather I didn’t know future videos
and just do real-time although it would be several hours if not a couple of days
a video anyway I see the space station so we’re going to slow it down and then
use that trick that we we learned which is get the planet in front of us easier
said than done where’s the planet I’ve lost desolder there it is okay
I’m gonna get that nice and centered good speed up towards it for a few
seconds and slow it back down and then if we just flip a google it as she is not lined up how I’d hoped I
do see the entrance slow down slow down slow down and you can actually crash into the
planets because we don’t want to speed up too much yes so it works okay we speed up for
maybe 10 seconds towards the planet and it aligns you with the station slow down
slow down slow it down and then we can start rotating other way and just try to keep this entered so I’m a little off that way and this paint steak okay I’m just gonna start speeding up
and crash don’t crash don’t crash don’t crash mr. Fitch come on come on my dad okay I heard three bangs so we are
docked at D so we have some fuel some cash
we are harmless and clean best way to be so let’s try to sell some cargo go to
market price this by heading seven now that reminds me in our flight guides
they did list the average price for every commodity so our space traders
flight training manual comes in very handy here if their prices are above
average that they’ll buy for then we should sell so there it is average
prices of all the commodities so they are below average for food the low for
textiles below so actually things are cheap to buy here slave mostly below
average liquor below average however luxuries they pay more than the
average computers they’re above average the computers and luxuries are good
Hallie’s are good firearms are good furs are good so if we sell some stuff well
then you sell the stuff that they buy at a better value I think how alloys was
good wasn’t it I don’t remember minerals let’s check on their minerals pricing 10
so minerals is above average so I’m can go back and sell our minerals see our cash is 51 credits now so what
we can do and while we’re here is we buy some cheap stuff or equip this shit what
do we need we do need some fuel we’ve got three missiles already then the rest
we can’t afford so we have 44 credits let’s do some more trading
so the stuff that was super cheap computers got one of those in it is very
expensive here so really a lot of thinking has to go into this game it is
it is space combat but it is also trading obviously it’s a space trading
game so food is cheapest so I’m just gonna buy a bit of food so go buy cargo
food how many tons by five all right I think that’s a good way to begin so we
go back to our chart and also want to save the game to prove
him what happened last time to do that we hit the apt key micro sending an
email now this point when we saved work actually renamed our ourselves and I’m
gonna call him Kevin I was gonna call Gavin Sikes
but that won’t fit in so we’ll just go with commander Sykes bonus points if you
can let me know in the comments why I chose Kevin Sykes
if you know you know gives us the competition entry numbers we can enter
the competition which fireboat software we published this did as part of the
release for this game so I’ll definitely be sending my attempt addressed those
card to the oh no stamps needed all right I will be singing that in and see
what happens yeah okay we are saved so we can now go back to our launch right
sorry and let’s take a look at our short range
chart so when we take a little trip to write a quat just for the heck of it there we are we
are outside right a court we can see the market prices without actually docking D
so they offered very good prices for radio access textiles good what is
happening please don’t shoot me or is that this time of this planet if that’s
right that’s where we could do some Sun skimming if we bought a fuel scoop which
I can’t afford red dots on the radar I’m guessing are the enemies so we can see
there’s one above and to the left he’s far away now I’m just gonna find the
planet there it is that compass is really handy for finding the planet it’s
now centered we are going full speed but we can hit J it’s not letting us because
we are we in a conflict here you behind me you left you right why are you making
all the noise what am I being attacked so this is
where I find this game confusing now because I’m hearing all of the sounds
are being attacked but I can’t see anybody you are firing on me on you I’m
not happy about this just want to trade fries because we do have a missile
option so if we get someone in our sights we can get T to target the
missile M to fire it okay let’s try targeting someone and
getting a homing this tile on them okay ice here on you it’s you hitting T
nothing’s happening yet okay t fire missile yes okay that’s how you kill
things in elite oh I like the missiles alright cheers to our first kill okay can I make my way to the planet now
is anyone else gonna mess with me clearly huh
okay slow down I’m freeze dude I have two missiles left and I will happily use
them on you no distant sidewinding technique here apparently if you do
evasive maneuvers etai great tricky game this tricky
tricky however we did save the game so he just hit loaded new commander find
his name Thanks we rd so ok the save and function works and I am saving to disk
by the way luxuries that’s what we wanted luxuries good cuz I’d forgotten
so really good that we died ok we go launching and we’re gonna go short range
charts I should have done some info on Riedel Cod because I’ve seen very
aggressive so let’s look at data on system government hanneke that explains
why we had a lot of conflict in space planner is mostly notable for his
fabulous cuisine but beset by occasional Civil War
I mean who isn’t so I think for now we’ll actually avoid read read want go
back to a short range chart let’s find someone more friendly for za huzzah
huzzah data on system government Anarchy next or or or our data on system
corporate state motley well known for or Arian vicious brew cheers to that
so let’s go to horror see if they want some luxuries 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 we
are there lovely all right we’re not being shot at
that’s good I’m gonna speed up triac space jumps mini jumps and that’s
a shit we get out of your way that was interesting so I think I just destroyed
a ship by crashing into it yeah cuz look my front shields on the top left are
really low and I got a roll awarded some credits so that ship was probably a
wanted ship something accidentally on purpose destroyed it yes good job us
high five definitely a lot of just sitting and
waiting in this game what am I talking about
we’re in space because we have to wait just enjoy the view out of the side port Jen looks the same so this front shield
slowly regenerate and I think that happens by just picking up latent
radiation that’s our Coriolis the space station around the planet insert named later so what I’m finding the longer this
mission goes on his there were moments of boredom and complexity and I’m
actually now starting to quite enjoy the the process and the kind of routine and
I can I can start to see my magazines like as AB 64 rated it so highly not
addicted yet but I’m just starting to see how this could get a bit addictive
of course we are within the protection of this space station L so nobody’s
gonna fire on us let’s go our planet back in range big one this one just
about the same size as all of them fly towards it about 10 seconds did I crash I think I’m okay status hey
we’re still alive so let’s check out their market prices
and it was luxuries what did i buy now I remember
inventory that’s how we find out food okay we bought food we wanted to buy
luxuries but they’re even more expensive here
so actually we could buy luxuries from dESSO and sell to or rarer food is super
cheap here so I’m not going to no point selling it here because they know
they’re buying it for less than I paid what else can we sell them textiles
radioactives or liquor so we’ll check our average prices textiles average
price is six point four and their six point four liquor average is 25 they are
20 and radioactives they pay 18 the average is 21 so none of these are
really very good to sell to so really we’re just going to buy some fuel just
for the ship krebship so get some fuel we should buy some food then with the
rest because they are pretty cheap it’s by five units of food used up all my
cash while stuff a short range chart so what would happen when I got some new
planets actually the further we go the more it’s gonna cost us in fuel of
course so let’s look a quite quite aura quite all government is anarchy so I’m
gonna get shot at it’s industrial those so that means food we’d get good good
value sorry risk it it’s bringing thereby it is couched by deadly edible
odd scratch scorched by deadly oedipal hearts
graduates so they’re all graduates they’re deadly but they are edible all right I know like that okay all right hold on to your pants
Travis where there okay let’s just get to that docking station because this
government is in anarchy see you you coming in I’m gonna miss how are you take that energy low so there was me being shot at
from behind and I didn’t save the game I am very tempted just because we can
because it’s not 1984 anymore and I think we have to be realistic about
where we are in this retro world there are crack diversions and actually they
came out in the 80s we because of the internet we can download a crack
diversion and give ourselves a few advantages now is that the right thing
to do or the wrong thing to do that’s probably a debate for the comments but I
think it’s gonna be more entertaining and less painful and like I said we’ve
got that facility now why don’t we use them because I’m using jiffy dusters
super quick the laser Steve proudly presents elite
+6 1994 so this took eight years to come out after the initial release there we go she should still be
superfast though it is elite mega trainer so they call it a trainer
already it’s the cheat but let’s say that we’re in training here in the
galactic core so infinite missiles yes none overheating lasers yes this Drive
has eight is the default infinite energy bombs yes
infinite escape capsules hmm yes and no no nobody think heaven it was warm in
here did you notice yes okay no we’re in can I load my previous game No so we now got the game that we saved
at D so right you know with the cheap modes okay I think that’s reasonable I
think it’s fun to experiment so so don’t shoot me oh I can’t shoot me
okay so the plan is we go to short range chart so let’s just retrace our steps go
back to horror or I’m supposed to be or 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
we are at or over or we’ve got no fuel so that is something it didn’t give us
in the game in the cheap mode don’t I have shields how can I die
so let’s buy some fuel because that was an issue yeah okay last us data on ride quat let’s head to right
quote gel service we’re going to save fuel yes okay you have a bit of fuel
yeah we’re gonna get attacked instantly the front shields we don’t have infinite
shields as the issue energy bombs that’s what we should be using okay you can
also jettison an escape capsule they’ll take us back to a space station where we
get a free ship I think it’s part of the got a package when you buy the escape
capsule the insurance company gives you ensures you for a free ship it’s a
pretty good deal wonder if that’s farmers over nationwide so to launch our
energy bomb that will destroy any attacking craft we had the Commodore key
loved it alright okay load commander short-range
chart right a quart hyperspace here we go
looks like trouble up ahead it’s red on the radar yes Pyrrha missed I’ll add him
as well okay here we go energy palm we got 28 credits okay see now I’m
really enjoying this game we probably could have got to that stage in many
hours of play maybe a day or two and constant saving of the game but I much
prefer using the abilities that we have today as for you energy bomb it’s the up
front shields around three we would have been dead
we’ve got 48 credits amen you know if they’re gonna come straight out of space
the moment I arrive and start trying to kill me don’t they can cheat I can cheat
it’s okay I think I can stop justifying it to myself so obviously I’m skipping a lot of
things but you might want to know I’ve been playing for one and a half hours are you really messing with you’re
behind me now right bye did I get you
oh dude why are knowing me like this mister coming your way energy foam are some interesting music
sound effects there huh they do not want to let me near this
planet today instead evade all my missiles its he keeps destroying my
missiles ah I can’t get near this planet even with cheap mode Howell III have we
looked at least three corporate state poor industrial reasonably fabled for
zero-g cricket and least in evil juice wonder if they drink the juice of the
cricket okay I say we blast off and go to least e so short range charts
hyperspace to least e gonna be a lot friendlier I’ve no three two one okay
we’re at least e are you trying to destroy me unless t gonna not be you are
okay you know what energy bomb for you bye now as soon as I get to the space
station I am going to save the game please remind me I mean save our mission
core coordinates into the navicomputer alright Space Station in range yes
appears and there is this station it’s yes and one thing about the technical nature
of this game is it used to line erasing so although you can kind of see through
Space Station see the planet that is you can’t see the other lines of the space
station so it’s actually amazing those lines to give the appearance of a solid
dodecahedron or something like that anyway nothing that’s why the image appears to
flash a little bit because it’s drawing every other line either it’s a raising
then drawing then erasing or is to do with the way the processor threads are
handling the graphics the one for the graphics one for something else on and
off so it’s you get a little flashing there that we seem to be too lined up
pretty well so I’m maybe just going to try yeah just make sure your seatbelts
are on okay won’t try that again where you going mister skill these the old-fashioned way or try
to Space Station’s in range that’s why
they’re not attacking me oops I better get in trouble hmm I
didn’t get in trouble I got paid gonna take a long time to get to that really
is a lot of waiting I should stop saying that
we’re in deep space enjoy being in deep space No
I hate this game I guess that’s yeah I guess that’s my true opinion coming out
in this moment this I really have mixed feelings about this game it is I have
moments where I think this is great I’m really getting addicted to this and then
other moments where it is just slow and frustrating yeah enjoy that see now I
love the game yeah it is maybe that’s what kept people hooked you know it is
frustrating and enjoyable in equal measure
you have lows and highs here comes another possible low
well maybe it’s gonna be a high if there’s a whole band of pirates then
it gets really tricky but it is just one we can take him out well we also have to
remember is this is a Commodore 64 and it’s like a 3d shoot them out the game
okay I’ve got a whole host of these guys let’s try looking at mr. LAN nope
shields are nearly done I have to obliterate you
goodbye the reviews at the time were based on the expectations of the time
and this really had never been done so it’s probably unfair to blame myself for
us but feeling a little less excited about elite in this day and age than
they did back then but hey this is all just my opinion I’m having good moments
here as a boil by the way if you need to use the restroom remember it’s just down
the gravity well now is probably a bad time though because this guy miss Howe launched at the last second
got the little bugger it’s such a great game this yet that I mean that is really
satisfying so it is clear to me why people go hooked I could just himself
something for a profit then I might feel even better who are you what do you need
I’m just gonna take you out man miss OH it’s not quick to look onto the missiles
there we go takes a few tries hitting T that’s yeah
little bugger this is the best game I’ve ever played
kidding of course or Emily so I’m actually getting a hang of the controls
really well as well you probably noticed the flight is a little bit smoother but
again I can see the appeal alright I think our space station is up here
there it is big fat doc dick dot I genuinely was
trying to say big fat dot please excuse me it’s been a I’m getting spaced sick
or something nice delirium could really be a thing that this came to my first
thing please remind me we’ve got to save our coordinates I mean when we do doc
here I do feel now though so we’ve been playing for two hours they feel now that
I just kind of got the hang of all of this like it’s becoming a bit more
instinctive I know I keep crashing into the space stations we’re just like
plotting where things are on the on the radar at the bottom of the screen
controlling things getting things in the center of the crosshairs definitely
becoming more intuitive now it’s not terrible speed it up a bit okay hit at save the
game did Sykes of save let’s check now back at D so cuz it didn’t save sorry I
shouldn’t have tested it then I guess I have to see this is the
thing these are the frustrations of all computers you know from watching my
videos I love the Commodore 64 I love the nostalgia but sometimes these
things do get on your nerves I’m still exactly back where I started because of
savegame problems because of docking things because of pirates so 10 minutes
ago I was saying I love this game 20 minutes ago I was saying I hate this
game now I am back again not having the best but again I am judging it with
20/20 eyes and by that I don’t mean 20/20 vision I’m gonna take a quick
break wait to miss it a little bit and come
back to it and have one more try getting into that new planet Space Station and
saving the game trading and trying to get my status one step closer at least
to elite now without giving away too many spoilers let’s just say that we do
indeed have a lot more luck and a lot more fun I’ve got chills all over for
now though I invite you to join me in stasis for a day or so but I’ll wake you
up with a ping on your data pad when it’s time for part two of our voyage
into deep space just make sure you have your data bat notification bill turned
on all the way for me and all the family practic thanks for watching we’ll see
you very soon cheerio I mean have a nice hypersleep
now is the time to start planning your next ports of call but keep an eye open
for pirates on the three-dimensional scanner at the bottom of the screen let’s now leave commander Jameson to his
first mission and look at some of the early career of that famous elite
commander Sykes yeah I think I got away with that

100 thoughts on “Let’s journey into deep space with Elite! C64 Longplay – Part 1

  1. Spent many an hour playing Elite on my BBC model B. It is the greatest game ever on any platform. Totally immersive. Nothing will ever feel bigger than that universe!

  2. One of the few games that the ZX Spectrum could show up the C64's limitations, because the ZX Spectrum's higher CPU clock speed was simply faster at drawing these kind of vector graphics.

  3. Something's not right here. Maybe it's the C64 port but it seems REALLY forgiving for a brand new game. Half of your docks should have outright killed you, and you're just bouncing into ships and blowing them up? That's not right. You got a trainer on or something?

  4. The feat of writing Elite was even more remarkable than fitting in 64 KB of memory. On the BBC micro it fitted into just 32 KB (and also played some serious tricks with the video chip on that computer). Indeed, the actual code occupied just 22 KB. The rest of the other 10 KB of RAM was for all the other functions of the computer including the video memory.

  5. Ok you have the Tribble things in the C64… but Elite plays quite a bit better on the BBC and even the Spectrum.
    The C64 version, despite Zzap 64’s rave review it is probably the weakest 8 bit version.

  6. I played Elite on my C64 back in 1985-86. I would find an ag planet with a stable government and a tech planet within range with a stable government then shuttle between the two selling food etc to the tech world and computers/tech to the ag planet. I did this for months (!!) and built up a sizable fortune of several million credits. I maxxed out the Cobra 3 with beam lasers , military shields and hyperdrive etc. Then I gave up trading and sought out anarchy systems and became a bounty hunter. I made it to Elite, but it took a long time. Right On Commander.

  7. The C64, whilst for gaming superior than other 8 bits at the time in many ways, had a slower 6502 processor than the BBC. This meant that plotting vectors was considerably slower. The ZX Spectrum's version was faster than the C64, and some argue the best version. Still a great game either way.

  8. One of my all-time favourite games. Wasted so many hours playing the Acorn Electron version but ISTR it had a bug where you couldn't galactic hyperspace. Then wasted many more hours playing the Spectrum 128K version, probably my favourite. Then for good measure, a few more hours on the Amiga version. The game was simply mind-blowing in its day.

  9. I spent many (read 'many' exponentially) hours playing Elite in the 80's and 90's. Now I play the open source version "Oolite". Has a multitude of expansion packs available to enhance the game play and make it more challenging.

  10. Another superb video Chris…. bloody love elite!!! And ahhhh tape loading too…. as you know PCB way stands for… Perfractic’s cassette? BOOM!

  11. That was my favorite game on the Commodore 64. The new version is great but you always have fondness for your first love.

  12. Christian Pinder "recreated" Elite for Dos a few years ago. Known as Elite TNK (or The New Kind). A great game – https://www.christianpinder.com/games/

  13. I had Elite Plus for DOS when I was younger. I had a lot of fun with it. I mapped trade routes to maximize cash and in one of my play throughs I earned Elite Rank.

    The game came with a small novel too. I loved that, it just helped to emerse me in the world.

    It was one of my favorite PC games.

  14. Try out the hacked C128 version, it uses the faster CPU for better framerates. And you really do need to play the best version of Elite on an Acorn Archimedes, don't you😉

  15. Best to find yourself a 3 planet triad of the right types and circle trade them for a few trips to build up quick cash. You can saturate the market and the prices will go down though. That's when you move on to the next planets.

    There's a way from your radar read outs to position the ship into a spot directly between the planet and station while {j} umping in. You can then turn 180 degrees and be perfectly aligned with the front door. Watch the dot in the middle of the round readout next to your speed. Hard to explain in text. You'll figure it out. Game gets more and more awesome with faster ships, better weapons etc. Incredibly detailed and fun for it's small foot print.

    Don't cheat. The trainer will ruin it for you. The game really makes you earn your status. Though I agree it's next to impossible to find that amount of time for a game these days! 😁

  16. I actually own the working NTSC prototype of this game for NES. The one Braben and Bell put on their site does not work on a real NES and mine does. Well, "working" when I dump it and run it on an Everdrive N8 but not working when I install it to the right kind of NES cartridge (SNROM). Graphics are garbled though this is a CHR RAM game. It's very bizarre. I'm told it might be down to various revisions of the MMC3 chip.

    At least it proves all the people wrong who said it wouldn't work on NTSC because it had less time between frames to generate the next… since it's running fine on my Everdrive N8.

  17. I'm surprised you've never played Elite! Well, here's something to listen to while you ply the space lanes.

  18. Remember, if someone asks you if you want to buy Trumbles, you say NO!

    Thank you. So good spending hours in deep space again.

    Love to see you play Frontier, the truly awesome sequel….

  19. Gavyn Sikes was a Naboo soldier or officer during the Trade federations invasion in Star Wars episode 1, he kinds looks like you, but you have better hair…


  20. Don't use a cracked version, thats silly for a letsplay imo. Much more fun seeing you actually get better at the game at the games premises. Although using snapshots is fine to simplify saving and loading if you use an emulator. As for trade I recall I generally just checked tech level from the planet I was on and chose the one highest or lowest in relation and bringing the right goods accordingly to that. Also when you engage enemies you definitely shouldnt halt your ship as you are a sitting duck then, at medium speed you should be able to have a nice dogfight.

  21. I don't think this game is down your alley. Not that I know that much about you. Perhaps Starglider is closer to your taste (great game as it is). While the first Elite was not as "heavy" as the sequels, it was still closer to a space sim than anything before and thus not just a 3D shooter. Turning on cheats makes no sense for this type of game. Might as well give infinite money to a business sim.
    Slow progression, earning money, upgrading your ship and reaching Elite status, that's the whole point.
    I am not judging you. When the game came out on the Atari ST I just couldn't deal with it. I liked slow games, complex games, but this just didn't do it for me. It took the sequel to change my mind.
    Still, if you like the idea behind it and you haven't tried some other games, might I suggest the game Freelancer for PC?
    Or if you want pure shooters, Darklight Conflict for PC.
    Still, if you make more videos on it, I will watch them. 🙂

  22. …nah…never had any real interest in Elite…but that doesn't matter: watching you playing it made my day 😘

  23. I am actually going to join you on the flights and be your wingman. Why and how? Well I am playing this as you do! I might do different trades and equipment– but all in all I will visit the same planets in the same order and hope I don't get shot down all the time. It feels like on average I have to make 243423434 direct hits for an enemy ship do go down. I never liked Elite because of that, but it feels different like this! 🙂 This is fun!

  24. Really enjoyed watching this! Would definitely love to see more long play videos like this, diving into these old games for a proper play session 🙂

  25. You missed out. ELITE was one of my top 5 games to play back in day. I remember that one almost as fondly as the old GOLD BOX series of games.

  26. Had this on the Spectrum and played it to death. I remember that due to the horrendous anti-piracy 'lensok' feature which was nearly impossible to defeat even if you genuinely owned the game, once I got it loaded I used to leave it turned on for days at a time!

  27. Mucho animo a todos con el Coronavirus,mucho animo desde españa,gracias por tus videos… Much encouragement to everyone with the Coronavirus, much encouragement from Spain … thanks for your videos.

  28. my favourite game of all time on the BBC B micro!! (I used to cheat to have infinite credits..). The BBC B version introduced a special feature to allow both color low resolution in the bottom and 'mono high resolution' in the top screen.(switching between the 2 modes during screen blanking)

  29. You can't just fly into any system with a low end ship. You have to do milk runs to safe systems to gradually get the funds to invest in your ship. Then you can make runs to the wild west worlds to make the big bucks. That's why cheats ruin things.

  30. I cut my gaming teeth on the Electron version of Elite… god the lag. But it meant I had some interesting tricks when playing the ST version.

  31. Frontier Elite 2 is better for progress. If you buy an autopilot, no crashes into station.
    You can land on planets, mine them if you want to. Fight pirates, trade or just be a taxi
    Of course, all on my Amiga 😁

  32. A big push on the Like button for playing Elite! A big slap in the face for using trainers in Elite! (Kidding, but not kidding) I'm guessing you can only have fun playing classic Elite through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. It was awesome back then. I've spend more money than I care to mention on PC upgrades, HOTAS' and VR (just ordered a Valve Index to replace my "old" Vive) all because that old game was so awesome. Keep up the nice content!

  33. playing elite on disc you get far more stuff in game..i started playing Elite on the BBC model B then played it on other computers, i was a mega fan.. there was also games like X-Beyond the frontier also x-Tension which is the expansion for X-beyond the frontier made by THQ they also did x-2 the threat and x-3

  34. I made a 2D version of this game. It’s called Flatland. If you want it’s free to download, play, with python source code available too: flatland.fireheadfred.com

  35. Two curiosities about Elite and Frontier
    In the M.A.R.R.S. video Pump Up the Volume, if you check where there are some of the display overlays and you freeze frame you can read "Data on Lave"

    Italy in the Earth model is missing, and i suppose was as a reprisal from italy being at the time a cesspool of piracy :/

    I also a remember some work in progress screens on K (italian version of ACE magazine) where the Konami logo did appear (btw as far as i thought Gametek was part of Konami Group but i might be wrong – i am, according to wikipedia)

  36. The reason it failed to save on 55:10 was that you needed to use the save&replace file function command, but since it operated in a rather flaky way on most cases anyway, I found it easier to do incremental saves (command001, command002, etc). Since save files took so little space on disk, you could have 100+backups before having to delete some.

  37. Once you get a military laser front and rear, ecm system for incoming missiles and fuel scoops for picking off enemy cargo then it gets way more fun. The short cut is to edit the save file for a million credits. Then go and take on the Thargons in Witch space.

  38. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this video. It was so engrossing.

    I'm old enough to remember when Elite came out and the hype surrounding it.

    I never really had much interest in it at the time though. Now thanks to you I get it.

    (Man, I've wasted my life)

  39. Right on commander! Lost many many hours playing Elite on a mate's BBC and then on my Spectrum in '85. Loved it and hated it in equal measures as it was so hard. Thankfully docking in Elite:Dangerous is about the easiest thing in the game, but it's become so big and complex (to my 50+ brain) I've lost almost all interest in it 🙁 As a VR experience though it's stunning.

  40. Perhaps you didn't see it but you became "Fugitive" leaving the station at first attempt. Probably hit something. When you went to Diso a police Viper shot at you.

  41. your cobra mk3 cockpit looks different than mine! lol! I think I may have the newer copbr mk3!. yes a current elite dangerous player here! it cool seeing the first elite game of the franchise!

  42. You may have mixed feeling about it in current times – but 'back in the day', it's all we had and it was (and is) amazing!

  43. Great video. I played it on the Spectrum forever until I acheived Elite status. However I always called the starting system Lave as in 'bath', not 'bathe'.

  44. I remember, to get started, you need to grind out some trading between just 2 or 3 planets. Get enough credits to buy a scoop and the auto docking computer, then upgrade your lasers……..see you in 100+ hrs 😉

  45. I never really got into Elite because it´s sooooo time consuming….if you wern´t killed on any station approach.
    Then I thought Elite Dangerous is the master of it all. It kind of is (Oh, the looks!), but you need like 683 days of training before you really can achieve anything (your mileage may vary). 128 Keys to remember?!
    I think I´d like Elite Dangerous, if it wasn´t so difficult on the keys, and one really needs two sticks, and a dedicated keyboard to get it all done

  46. It's funny: As you approach the planet, stars are shooting by as you slowly creep toward the planet. But who cares. I love it! 😀

  47. It is going to take more than an hour to become ELITE, it took me three months straight when I was a kid 🙂

  48. Found Amiga version Elite hard to get into but played it a fair bit back in the day. It's an amazing game though… Nice to have some relaxing time away from listening about the you know what. Cheers.

  49. I never really played the original Elite much, it was too early for me but I lost many hours to Frontier: Elite 2. These days I still play some similar games such as the X series of space trading games. I did support the kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous but the fact that it came out as multi-player only has put me off playing it.

  50. Loved this video…..F*** i'm back at Diso lol . I still remember buying the C64 version many decades ago – such an awsome game and concept for the time. Deserves the classic status.

  51. Need to find a rich industrial.and poor agricultural within close proximity and trade between the two. Docking computers are a must saves loads of time because you can skip the docking sequence once on range of a space station btw can't get eliote status on c64 version you had to send away for it. Good luck.

  52. Oh man – talk about flashback. I remember playing Elite first of all on my C-64, then on my Amiga 500, then my Amiga 1200….

    And then Frontier: Elite 2 on my Amigas. I was so angry that Elite 3 never made it to the Amiga.

  53. I know some versions of the game had different ships in them – Im sure the C64 version was the only one with really large ships that only randomly appeared. (possibly dreadnoughts or something like that) – I also recall one mission on the spectrum version where one space station was near a blue sun… this was going supernova and it was my job to ferry people off the station to safety.. Only ever made it to Dangerous could not get to deadly or Elite rank though. Damn seems like a long time ago now.

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