100 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson – Why do you curse when your computer crashes?

  1. As my programming professor says ask the time: programming is breaking down a complex abstraction into simpler abstractions until you get it to a low enough level abstraction that you can implement it in code.

    I think this really does support what JP is saying. Humans think in levels of abstraction and we use the most complex level that will allow us to understand what is going on in a certain situation.

  2. So how did this fucker not immediately realize the power was out, as he was seaching for his flashlight in the dark, since the lights wouldn't come on?

    What a weak ass bullshitter.

  3. Imperfection jarrs with our intuition of perfection. Impermanence destroys the fruits of hard labour. Change disdains our efforts. Time wipes any trace of us from the face of the earth. The universe continues. The clownish tinkering of our limited monkey brains and the continual ugly partial patching up of our "great achievements" laughs in our faces. The question is begged: WHAT IS REAL? WHY ARE WE HERE?

  4. It's not "stupid things that primates do"…. It's research, evaluation, planning, verifying and problem solving. Too many intellectuals think that speech can move mountains and at the same time belittle those that actually do move mountains.

  5. What the hell will we do if some terorist hacks the electrical grid? My server went down for several hours and I am now on antidepressants.

  6. I wouldn't say those moves are idiotic (unless you don't know why you are doing it). Those are the kind of actions that eliminate the largest amount of possible issues. For instance, most crashes leave no lasting damage. You don't take apart your computer and replace some component first, especially, since you could have just turned it back on after it crashed. When someone gets sick you don't start by giving them chemotherapy since chemo serves to fix a very small subset of problems. It's idiotic to jump to large conclusions without a huge body of evidence (like every single computer on the block crashed or every single computer of that type crashed) and it's idiotic to jump to minute conclusions without a similarly huge body of evidence (like you tried every other solution or you have seen that every computer of this type you have ever had crashed like that).

  7. I got here from the "why things fall apart" video where he said we have a tendency to ignore things that really need attention. Sooo… solar flares? Is it time we start putting computers in Faraday cages?

  8. his description of depression is actually brilliant. Good things can trigger depression when you are that depressed. So true

  9. It is actually fascinating! I would like to read about this particular topic.So if anyone has some knowledge about any particular book or anything regarding or related to this topic, Please let me know. Thank you!

  10. I had a flat tire yesterday n I thought only to thy self, I should jus buy that SUV I desire. DWL🤣🤣😂😘😍🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗💥

  11. It's called forced obsolescence most of the time. They want us to consume at a rate that's unsustainable, then they blame us for global warming.
    I bet the militaries computers don't start slowing down and playing up after 2-5 years.

  12. The girl with the hijab is always in front and I kinda like her now that I watched alot and she is always there what does that say about me

  13. some people are just too damn intelligent for me to understand. i feel like he goes off on long explanations when he's trying to make a point and then i have to say to myself, what was the question again?

  14. As always, Prof. Peterson gets you thinking about the vast complexities of human existence. We are all SO lucky to be living in stable, peaceful societies where education is free, clean water is plentiful, crime and corruption are relatively low, employment is simple to come by, food is available and healthcare accessible to us all. But we take pretty much ALL of that for granted … what if any or all of it was taken away? You'd notice pretty damn fast, that's for sure.

  15. I think in profanity. What is wrong with me?
    I do not curse when my computer fails. I think about what could be wrong. What about the program being used. What about all the code writers that put everything together.

  16. it seems that in some cases we are advanced in regards to studying the brain (there devices that allow someone without limbs to control robot arms with by their brain) I'm wondering if there is an ability to diminish the activity of the portion of the brain that causes one to curse for those with Tourette syndrome

  17. The software in computers is proprietary. It's system is planned obsolescence the very nature of it is keep you in dependency. Technology has the potential to enhance human potential but unfortunately with most revolutionary products it's intent is control.

  18. Ok. I'll be that guy. If you're typing away at your computer, and suddenly every power source goes off everywhere, would you really check your computer first, wondering? Did I miss something? Overanalyze?

  19. When someone swears, It always alerts me and my response is: "What's wrong?'" (Now I know why.) Could my dislike for constant swearing also be my need to know that there really IS something wrong and why I don't stay around those who swear often over stupid things?

  20. So that's why i curse how shitty my life is every time something breaks down.
    Did it the other day in fact. my washing machine was causing a leak of water that dripped down to the apartment below me. And instead of figuring out it was the washing machine i just purchased, i immediately starting cursing why i should not have bought this apartment, and after that how i always buy the wrong things that break down and after that how stupid i am as a human being and that i shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

    Love this video.

  21. In the 90's when a computer crashed it took 10 minutes to start up a computer and it tended to hold up the office work. Notice when suddenly your printer is not connected it makes the computer idea slow ironically. Hello

  22. The ancient Chinese Taoists developed a wonderful system called Wu Wei or no calculated action or effortless action and just observing the quantum effects of nature realign all by themselves in accordance with the Tao.

  23. Ironic, that he used the word exceptions in the same way as a computer would try to use it when it's trying not to crash.

  24. OMG. This hit me hard. Very stressful job situation our US presence is deleted and pasted overseas, and seen good people lose their job. I swear all the time. Much more than I ever did, although I always have been a colorful speaker. I think I just diagnosed my problem. My inner monkey is hyper sensitive to 'predators'. My intellect says there is no bear – every other fiber of me says there is a bear, and that is the part that is winning.

    Dunno how that leads to the fix I need and admittedly, "A man who is his own therapist/psychologist is a fool." I want to make my monkey calm the hell down.

  25. "How many men were out there last night working to fix the lines so you can watch cat videos" SEXIST! Not all line workers are men. I hear there is one line woman outside Stanley Idaho. Also everyone knows watching porn is the number one use for the internet. Cat videos is number two.

  26. I agree with everything here. I will say though that socialists tend to argue that it is overall simpler to do away with capitalism and start from socialism than address each of capitalism's problems individually. Socialism has issues too but they argue they are easier to solve.

  27. I have seen a LOT of Peterson's lectures and as so often the title of this video doesn't do the content any justice. I have learned so much from this single 13-minute snippet of this man, that I will probably need a week to properly process all the new information, perspectives and conclusions. what an incredible soul this man is

  28. So this professor get paid to point out the obvious to everyone … what a prick, and the people who worship him… time for you to taste the out side world.

  29. Jordan peterson is always over dramatising things.
    I'm not sure it serves his purpose.
    Maybe he's good for people who need a real slap in their face to wake up.
    Personally I find him depressing.
    One thing is to help people start adressing their problems, another is depressing them by sounding over alarming.

  30. Is what Dr. Peterson saying related to the definition of heuristic learning?? I am having difficulty understanding its definition

  31. A humanities professor understanding mathematics & physics, knowing stuff about the Sun and electronics. God damn I hope he gets well as the world needs him so much!

  32. I thought my computer crashed while watching this, and I found myself uttering a small curse. Turns out it was just my monitor's power cable that came undone. But boy did it ever make me think….

  33. My laptop is an evil bitch and my pc is in league with satan. My Tablet haunts orphanages when I'm not around and my phone is silently plotting my downfall..

    On the upside I've got coronavirus. Just like a computer.

  34. Let me get this straight… his computer crashes because of a solar flare which knocks out all power to northeast Quebec. So, he's sitting in the total dark with no electricity for miles and he tries to turn the computer off and on? Was this just an example to show the interdependence of things or did this actually happen?

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