Introducing Camera Go on Android (Go edition)

Today, we are here to announce that Android (Go edition) has reached
more than 100 million monthly active users. Android (Go edition) is a variant of Android which remains
lockstep with all the new Android releases, but makes modifications to the main OS
so that it can be run on the lowest powered chips, as well as the lowest memories available in market. There are people who need entry level devices
around the world in developed and developing markets. Android (Go edition) is in more than 180 countries. Launching more than 1,600 individual models. One of the biggest user requests when Android
Go started was, “we want a better camera.” Very happy to announce that Camera Go
is going to come on the new Nokia 1.3, available in 28 countries at launch. Camera Go is deeply integrated into the phone’s camera
module and is not just photo filtering on top. It brings this ability to create beautiful Portrait Mode pictures on a device that may be only 50 to 60 dollars. And that’s a first in this class of devices. It democratizes photography for the entry level. Our goal for Android (Go edition) was to bring
the best mobile computing experience to our users based on their local interest, their
local context, their local needs.

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