Internet Comment Etiquette: “Grandma’s Not Doing too Good”

Internet Comment Etiquette: “Grandma’s Not Doing too Good”

Hey guys, Eric here. Sorry. I haven’t made a comment
etiquette lesson in a long time. It’s just that my grandma’s
not doing too good right now. But you know your boy big money… …when life hands me lemons… …I slice them up into little rings
and I put them in my white wine. Mmm… Deeelicious. AAAND… team kill! So today, I’m gonna take you all on a little… …comment etiquette tribute to grandmas everywhere. And you can play a fun game at home… …where you try to guess
what’s wrong with my grandma. All right first video today is… “Someone else’s Grandma watching porn.” Oh you motherfucker, oh you son of a bitch. Diving a little deeper here,
I just noticed this… …channel’s subscription logo is a cigarette. Some next level shit going on here. Now that’s one angry grandma. Granny, please just come what’s the rest of it. NO! Why in your right mind would you show
your grandma porn, to get a laughs? Subs? Because you think its funny? You’re one fucked up dude. Oh, whoa whoa. I can’ have that Hey fuck you Dave! I hope my grandchildren introduce… …ME to the future of jerking off… …when I’m old and unable to master the latest technologies. I wanna plug a computer into
my 80 year old asshole and… …get a 20 year old’s boner… …so I can jizz out some screaming ghosts. Oh and also to all the current grandparents out there, sorry about the nazis coming back. AAAND… Start the show! *Epic dank theme music* Just give it to me straight Doc. What’s the prognosis? That’s awful. All right well Thank you for calling.
Okay. Goodbye Well that was the hospital bad news as always, but luckily my grandma got a laptop So I’m gonna send her a little cute video to cheer her up in these times of need, “the best old people fails for May 2016” and they make that many of that they got to put the date in the title a let’s play it let’s play it what? Are you doing don’t do that I? I don’t know about this, some of these people look like they’re really getting hurt I don’t know if this fits in a grandma tribute video. Senile old people hopefully you’ll get a heart attack for doing dumb things That’s definitely not appreciative and overall I’d say these comments are just you know dog shit So I wouldn’t want my grandma seeing any of this let’s see if I can clean this place up a little bit with a comment That’s got some actual etiquette in it Yo
I’m 90 and loving these monthly old people fails helps reminds me that in their natural state human beings can live to be 200 years But the illuminati have capped it off through chemicals in the tap water and vaccines Distributed to our children like the herd of cattle they are back in my day the only needles going in our kids were sewing needles Because they’re all working in textile Factories for dog shit pay and getting crushed to death by Shoddy support beams because guess what we let kids build the factories Too it was cheaper And that’s how we liked it also is a white paradise my granddaughter says I can’t talk like that in public I know a nun who would have beat the shit out of her snippy ass back in the day clint Eastwood’s my favorite director and give this comment alike if you can’t take a shower alone anymore. and… post! Advertisement hey take a look at the Salvia dot com store. We got this cloud people poster it’s gonna scare your grandma back to hell buy this for without her knowing and go over our house break it put it on the Wall and watch her screen now There’s a lot of different kinds of grandmas out there and any number of things can be wrong with them like this grandma for instance Ooh, it looks oh my God. Well. that got dark real quick of course it happened in Russia luckily We got a couple doctors in the comments section below to tell us what’s wrong with this grandma I know what he did is wrong But why was she so close to him was she in a hurry she was way too close. I would’ve rocked her ass too I’ll bet you’ll back the fuck up next time boss. Fuck the old man. She was hella close though justified She needs to back the fuck up and stop rushing people he put that bitch to sleep look foul For him that old hag out of comin anyways She old just died she looks freaking annoying poor guy he must have been frustrated that day Well, you don’t have to look too hard to see that nobody in this comment section knows how to appreciate a grandma Let’s fix that. Yeah one time I was in the checkout line at my local kroger, and some old lady wanted to get up in my shit So I launched that bitch into the deli section, but because this isn’t russia I was immediately arrested when everyone around me helping to the floor boss screaming He just hit an old lady in between punches to my neck while I struggled to get free I wound up in jail for assault and the trial was pretty much open-And-shut because I was caught on video giving that old bat the Upper cut of her life before this she thought losing her son in Danang was the hardest blow She’d ever take I guess basically what I’m saying is I wish I lived in Russia where you can do whatever the fuck you want like knock out Grandma’s build apartment buildings without Regulations and poison journalists hell if I lived in Russia I’d want to work as a building code official because those guys seem to get paid for doing nothing Inversely the last thing I’d want to do is actually live in an apartment building in Russia I mean one good earthquake in America is coming over to drink up that oil ah At least that’s what my grandma says she doesn’t trust those red flux worth of Dams since they threatened the new Kirk kids back in The 60s anyway circling around to my earlier point the polite thing to do is just to smack a grandmom when she gets too close 911 and post anyway there we go showed those fucking jerks grandma fights over cigarette no no no more grandma fights I don’t want to watch these okay here We go now if you’ve got grandma’s you know that it can be difficult to help them adapt to modern sensibilities luckily There’s Youtube videos for that Come on. This doesn’t appreciate grandmas either. Oh boy here come the nazis (Means “God with us.” Sieg Heil was the salute of the Nazis so yeah person is a Nazi) (Means “One Nation, One Empire, One Leader” (Means “My Honor Is Loyalty” which is a Nazi thing) (Pretty sure that is the lyrics to “Horst-Wessel-Lied” which the Nazi party used as an anthem as well as the anthem for Nazi Germany) (Means “Load the old one in peace to muddle their filthy hipster. This is called loyalty to the grave” according to google translate) (Comment underneath it means “Just awful that it’s still the old Nazis. There and unbelievable !!! Since then grows the nazi young, thanks to these old. I hope they are all soon …..” according to google translate) Hitler was not evil he was a good leader cared about his race the white race the right race thumbs up to that older woman, how did I’m (Means “On our beloved leaders”) Glad to see this by the YouTube channel, what yikes well? I’m sorry that this tribute the grandmas keeps getting sidetracked by my weird stuff I guess I better jump in here and see what I can do and you know the best way to get through to someone hatefull is find some common ground with them so watch how I do that. Yo, what up nazis You know I’m not too different from y’all I’m a big fan of hunter as thompson and that guy shot himself in the head too real sad the seer heroes go out like That only difference I guess is hunter s thought nazis were like stray dogs to be kicked that until they want a way to starve somewhere else you All actually remind me of that movie 300 with Gerard butler or their so ripped and badass and horribly Outnumbered you know they’re giving each other hand jobs on those lonely nights that didn’t make it into the movie because it probably made him Look too much like what you guys do I mean it might be fake news that nazis have a hard time dating, but something tells me There’s no tinder app for the Master Race school though. Hey I’ve toured with bands sometimes you got to do a little group jerk I totally get where you’re all coming from glad we have this conversation call your grandma You know if you get mad because of this comment Just take it up with George soros who paid me to post it and free speech all right? Let’s move away from all this goddamn 1940 shit our next videos grandma gets a face full of cum whoa What aah – now, how do I get on to youporn? Oh? This isn’t appreciating grandmas at all. wait. I love that granny my friends grandma so sexy whenever she’s at. My friend’s house I watch you bend over and get instantly hard. I’d love the Raylan old Lady Randy’s Got some nice church has a nice bar for an old woman Well except those red splotches on her ass man Can she suck some cock and she’s passionate hang on a second actually these comments are very appreciative, LOL She will die happy yeah, well okay yeah count it Hey once again the internet comment etiquette on adult websites saves the day So if you ever want to go find some actual grandma appreciation just look up the grandma section on Youporn Why didn’t your right mind when you put your grandma on a porn to get laughs? Subs because you think it’s funny you’re one fucked up dude. Oh Yeah, brought that shit full circle, baby. All right next grandma video is a heller speech. God damn it. Oh Don’t send this to your grandma. This is not a good grandma tribute How did we even end up back here you know in this video about Grandma’s? anyway Thanks for watching and don’t forget to call your grandma cuz she’s been through some shit By the way if you’re wondering what’s wrong with my grandma the answer is nothing (Means “God with us.” Sieg Heil was the salute of the Nazis so yeah person is a Nazi) (Means “One Nation, One Empire, One Leade”r

100 thoughts on “Internet Comment Etiquette: “Grandma’s Not Doing too Good”

  1. My grandma is dead Erik. That didn't stop me from bouncing on her cane for hours to this.

  2. Watching this with Richard Spencer's Grandma right now. She took a full load of my baby grease like the master race that she is. I'm definitely not a Jew.

  3. The guy yelling at his obviously uncomfortable grandma to come watch the rest of the video is just, uncomfortable………………..

  4. Hi Erik ,
    I’m cordially inviting you to my first live stream . Halloween night from 10-2 am est .
    My grandma won’t be there she’s dead . ( of course I do believe in the afterlife so I believe in my heart she is with me always just like my mom and dad – they’re dead too ) . So as you can see I’m a very lonely girl so I hope this invitation is found by a warm heart and a welcoming smile for I am a fragile tender young flower . 😁
    Jill Michelle walker

  5. I'm Big Money Salvia, King of the Pipe
    Typing up comments all damn night
    Martin Shkreli is a son of a bitch
    When I finish making fun of him, I bounce on my boy's dick

    He's a big fan of the Internet
    Leaving lots of comments that you won't forget
    Schoolin' you, telling you to "Google it"
    Frequently bouncing on his boy's dick

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    Uh, big money

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    Big Money Salvia, king of the 'net
    Ruling his kingdom with an iron fist
    Bouncing on his boy's dick, don't forget
    Telling us the truth about FEMA camps

    Big Money Salvia is here
    Posting comments everywhere
    Uh, big money

    Big Money Salvia
    Big Money Salvia, Salvia

  6. Hahaha this reminds me of the time me and my grandma flew to mars with elon musk! damn elon, those were the good old days. Thanks for bringing back old memories of my gran :]

    This is a legal notice to cease and desist. I represent the goatse group of companies and we are sueing you to for disparaging our public image expact a call from our lawyers uve been i mean BAHHHned warmed.

  8. wow i actually went to look for that youporn video and what the fuck are those comments talkin about, that granny body is wack, was getting all excited for a good fap session

  9. The irony of a guy with a don't tread on me flag promoting Nazi's. Pretty sure treading on things is the entire point of jack boots and blitzkriegs. Ask Poland

  10. This video brings back memorie from years ago when I was 17ish and a PUNK…I would wear swastikas and iron crosses because……… I WAS A PUNK.
    and my nan would weep every times she seen me and I just thought"fkin ell nan you need to MAN THE FUCK UP BITCH"it wasn't till years later that I understood why she cried her eyes out at the sight of me…..weeellllll the bitch is dead now and I learned NOTHING from this part of my life….soooooooo….I guess in the end……her tears counted for nought…..I LOVE YOU NANNY….Gbuy hun xxx

  11. My grandmas died before I was born. Now I work with a bunch of pensionists so it's like I have 20 grandmas. Giving me cookies and calling me handsome. Is that what it's like people with grandmas?

  12. Though loosing her son in Da Nang was the hardest blow she would ever take…hahah omg im crying jeez so perfect.

  13. My great-G fell and broke her hip and was sent to the nursing home, and literally caught the flu at the nursing home.

    It sounds like a joke but it literally happened and it's pretty sad.

    No meme here.

  14. i know it's been a long time since you uploaded this, but my grandma died almost a week ago today and this was the first thing that made me genuinely laugh since she became the latest ghost in that old house of hers.
    good stuff, dude

  15. The title is misleading it makes you think the theme of this video is grandmas but no the theme is nazis

  16. Dunno why this showed up again in my suggestions but i had completely forget about it so the rewatch was like watching a new video, and it was fucking hillarious. The rrrussian grandma smack in the grocery store? LMFAO

  17. Why do you joke about your grandma like that? You want to get a laughs? Subs? You think it's funny?
    Your one fucked up dude

  18. “Before this she thought losing her son in da nang was the hardest blow she ever took…” fire

  19. That guy he shot in the beginning reminded me of those lenticular notebooks I’d scratch my nails on to sound like a DJ

  20. This is hands down my favorite lesson. I watch it every few months to remember how to properly appreciate the elderly

  21. Erik is actually right, you can literally kill grandmas and journalists in Russia without consequences, especially if you're a government official.

  22. so glad to find that im not the only one who pronounces LMFAO that way, and I assume you pronounce LMAO in a similar way? thought just i did that lmao very glad to know that other people say it like that! esp people who are Cool and Funny bc then maybe i have a chance lmao

  23. An old woman almost ran over me in a parking lot after she allowed me to cross in front of her. I swear she was thinking dark thoughts…. (btw I'm disabled rn. I broke my leg and I have a terrible limp so like ya, I walk slow)

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