Inspired to Innovate: Maryam’s story

I like reading books on the benefit that IT
and technology has on a social environment and how we look to or perceive to be needing
to adapt for the future as well. I am Maryam. My area of responsibility is robotic cognitive
automation and transformation. I graduated with a software engineering degree
and my focus area is around the software that we use. It’s the bots, we call them, that help give
back time actually to our associates. What gets me excited to come to work, is being
able to be working with experts that we have within my team and just showcase, just to
show, look this is how these technologies work and this what we’ve done in other areas
of the organization. You can start to see the excitment in the
room and all of the sudden it elevates the discussion into an area where you can do something
to help folks or teams like this. I have two sons and both my boys have an interest
in IT. The younger one he’s more into the designing
aspect of software. So we’ve been at home playing around with
designing chat bots. We tend to start off on paper which is really
really good because we can just play around with looking at how we can ask a question
in several different ways which is interesting for him. My oldest son, he’s in the college of informatica
and the conversations that we tend to have are very techy. He’s learned something at college and he comes
home and says “Mom this is the cool stuff I’ve learned today. Do you know about that?” So then I’ll be quizzing him back. When he’s limited to his knowledge I get a
point, of course, and then if he has told me something, of course, he gets a point. I’m very hopeful for the future from a gender
bias perspective because when I listen to the discussions that my kids are having gender
is not a topic. It doesn’t matter who the person is for them. You know, gender, color, creed, doesn’t really
make a difference. It’s more about what value you bring to the
work that you do or the activity that you’re undertaking.

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