How to Safely Buy Reptiles from Craigslist!

100 thoughts on “How to Safely Buy Reptiles from Craigslist!

  1. Watch the Craigslist pickup vlogs!

    0:00 Intro

    0:49 Why buy from Craigslist?

    2:11 How to find the perfect reptile

    3:19 Best way to contact seller + what to say

    6:50 What to ask

    8:50 How to avoid scams

    9:59 How to negotiate

    12:35 How to set up location

    16:33 How to safely meet at somebody's house

    22:28 What to do if you're running late

    28:35 What to do when picking up

    32:54 How to leave safely

    34:15 Outro

  2. Like your video's but giving duche advice like this is annoying. Just plan your shit better so your not late. From where I'm sitting you're giving a step by step instruction on how to waste my time.

  3. 10 minutes of how to completely waste someone else’s time and keep them sitting at a Walmart on their day off instead of just being honest and letting them wait comfortably at home. 😬

  4. When I sell on CL, I always wait to give my exact address until they text me that they are about to leave… not for 'protection', but because so many people will get your address, know what your selling, then never respond to another text or show up when they said, which is creepy and highly annoying. If you make people text you again when they are leaving they are way more likely to be actually showing up.

  5. Half this video was Alex explaining how to be an asshole buyer on Craigslist but all in ways that the seller won't ever know lol

  6. Just counting how many times did he touch his face during the video made me realize why diseases spread so easily…

  7. The video is so long and i love it 😊 thank you for all the information.. waking up to a new goherping video 🙌🏼

  8. Always bring a friend or family member, ask for pics, be sure you’re not being overcharged, and for the love of god, look out for backyard breeder red flags! These include: “rehoming” babies, pictures of many babies, more expensive animals, excessive use of the word rehoming, etc

  9. My son LIVES in Fayetteville! Halla💖💖
    There MIGHT be weaponry in the midst!!! Lol!

  10. Wow, you are literally the worst… I get the lowballing but I hate people who are super late to stuff. Just be honest and say you're gonna be late so they can hang out at home. Or just be a responsible adult and schedule yourself properly, in my perspective 5 minutes early is on time

  11. I am not going to be buying any from Craigslist but i also plan on breeding myself so i get snakes that the sellers can show me the parents and i can know what the genetics are. I do buy some reptile supplies off there though like hides because i can clean them and it is cheaper

  12. Or… Value other people's time and don't be an ass. Way less stressful and requires a lot less energy than all that song and dance.

  13. Guy pulls in the Walmart parking lot in windowless van tells go herping the snake is in the back he gets in doors slam shut go herping gets a snake he wasnt looking for

  14. Just watching the beardie complete his morning stretches reminds me of the months trying to get a video of mine doing it, and you got that footage accidentally XD

  15. Both GoHerping and Snake Discovery releasing videos on purchasing animals off Craigslist? X-files theme plays in a crescendo

  16. Alex is like the reptile buying gangster. buying burners, using fake numbers and e mails. next he's gonna get a voice changer and wear disguises so people don't recognize him from youtube

  17. Stan is hilarious the whole video … this really should be called "how to be sketchy and dishonest on craigslist"

  18. I have a huge question and concern about my Leopard gecko. About two months ago i fed him crickets and he didn’t eat them all, i took the leftovers out but a few were hiding well and I didn’t notice them, needless to say they started biting at his tail and when I noticed i hunted down the crickets and killed them. He got a scab and I thought “oh a scab, ok it’ll heal and the scab will fall off” but no? Its scab is still there and no matter how many times i wash, apply antibiotics, and keep clean the tail it still scabs up and that portion if the tail that has the scab falls off with each shed. When it looks he’s finally healing well he just sheds his skin, reopens the wound, and messes up his tail all over again. This is so frustrating cause i get nervous he will drop his tail every time i try to dress the wound. I cant afford a vet and I don’t they’d do much anyways. What do you think of this situation? Should i leave the scab to heal and keep giving antibiotics? Cause this idiot reopens the wound with every shed.

  19. Ahhhhh I've never been this early because I only found your channel like 2 weeks ago and have been binging. I love your videosss

  20. I know it was just a coincidence but Snake Discovery just posted a video on this yesterday! Don’t worry, I’m still watching! I love you Alex ❤️

  21. On the first Tuesday of February I got my first reptile off of craigslist. I had been messaging the person for a week about a baby Caiman Lizard they had “rescued” and only had for a month. They showed me pictures of her that were quite disturbing (stuck shed everywhere, eye infection, stuck shed on her back toes and tail, and she was severely malnourished) and they were asking for 300 dollars for the caiman and her tank which was 75 gallons. I thought it was worth a shot to try and help this obviously dying lizard and that I might not have this opportunity again, even if the lizard at the time was dying essentially. Let me just say that Iris, my Caiman Lizard, has lost 6 of her back toes and the rest will be following most likely and maybe even two of her front toes. She lost the last two inches of her tail but has gained a lot of weight under me. She’s also lost all of her stuck shed except for a few tiny parts that are now coming off on their own. She’s a completely different lizard than the one I got two months ago, except now she’s a bitch which is extremely upsetting because I always wanted a Caiman Lizard because of how nice they were. I’ve only had her for about two months yet her improvement has been amazing. I know with time she’s only gonna get better and her attitude will defiantly improve. I appreciate Alex’s videos a lot because they made me feel more confident in myself. I know that’s probably stupid and he also wouldn’t want people trying to take in sick animals to try and rehabilitate them but my exotic vet has agreed that she’s improved immensely and I know once shes an adult that I’ll have to build a gigantic cage but that’s something I’m pretty skilled in (building cages). So basically just wanted to say I love Alex’s videos and i love how he’s not some fake animal YouTubed that doesn’t actually care about their reptiles well being. Sorry for the long ass comment.

  22. I got two beardies off craigslist once. My husband found the listing, and I groaned and eye rolled because I loved lizards but not beardies. But the lady was trying to get rid of them because she was one of those that got the lizards for her kids as a gift, they lost interest, and she didn't want to care for them anymore. (Kids were like 6 and 8, so cue more internal disgust lol) but I bought them (like $80 for the pair and their tank/ accessories so that was fine). They had been housed together in a tank too small for one. Clearly had gotten advice from somewhere like petsmart. But on the upside, they had proper lighting and had been fed appropriate diets. One had bullied the other (obviously) so it had missing toes, tail, and generally underweight. But in the end both were excellent pets.

  23. As far as your Emerald Scales business, Why don’t you just say who you are, what you do, and why you rehab/take in animals, give them links etc? This is a lot of work for someone who is just looking for one pet.

  24. You can also just get a texting/calling app. TextFree is just one where you can choose your area code and I believe choose from a small selection of phone numbers. There's tons of texting and calling apps tho.

  25. My question is why are YOU getting animals off craigslist then selling them on your website for more than what breeders sell for. Theres a difference between a rehoming fee and selling neglected animals for profit

  26. For Canadians we have Kijiji where we can buy reptiles and other live animals and everything you said here is relevant towards Kijiji purchases. Amazing video btw!

  27. I'm very disappointed in Alex. If he is willing to be this dishonest, why should I trust him to buy an animal from Emerald Scales? I have recommended his company before, and I don't know if I still can do that.

  28. Now I'm never going to ever buy an animal off of craigslist, but the beardie bobbing in the background kept me entertained.

  29. I came back to this video to like it since Alex posted about people not liking this video. Cause yall he is just saying how he does it if you dont like the way he does it, then dont do it 😅

  30. You've certainly been doing this more than me, but as someone with social anxiety, I know what it looks like to make elaborate plans to accomodate your needs (being late, 27:28). It's perfectly okay, and less stress inducing for you and the other people, to just let them know earlier in the day that you might have to push the meetup later. Usually people can work around that, and getting early heads-up is appreciated so they can reshuffle things more proactively.

    Because I've been on the receiving end of a triple-modified timeline, and it just makes me grumpy, regardless of the reasons.

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