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  1. let's see – my 2 cents: After installing two of these 3rd gen Nest stats in my home – I am rather disappointed. Here is my short list 1) changing the temperature for a temporary period nest doesn't allow you to specify an override time rather, do this a few times and it will make changes to your schedule screwing it up to the point that I needed to manually delete and reset schedule time/temperatures repeatedly 2) your video does not explain the "C" wire use. I guess you assume that if it is already wired installers will find it but, I insist, you should mention that it provides power. As I understand it, if "c" is not wired then the Nest repeatably cycles the heat or fan circuit momentarily to power its self and charge its battery. I think most poeple will see the problem with that solution 3) The nest features seem quite outdated with no options to control accessories such as air cleaners, humidifiers, of fresh air makeup units. Wait – what year is this Nest? There are a lot more options often connected to HAVC systems these days. Finally, one of my stats is dead after only two years of service and Nest customer service left me hanging without any warranty or repair option. I think given the high cost of the Nest product better quality or at least warranty is essential. I my case the cost to replace the dead nest has wiped out any savings it generated due to its short life cycle. It is a shame because the available technology today should have lead you guys to make a better product. Maybe Nest gen 4? Improvement is WAY over due.

  2. My house has two thermostats for controlling temperatures for upstairs and downstairs. Will I need to purchase two separate Nests to control upstairs and downstairs, or just one to control both?

  3. Nest can’t tell me ? I have two story house with thermo upstairs and another on main floor…. I have the wiring on main floor that goes to AC/Furnace… I have another set of two wires that need connected somewhere to Nest… I suspect these two wires goes to upstairs thermo ? So both are not calling for heat or cooling at same time..

  4. Where can I buy just the round back part where you connect the wires to? We have used the usb plug thus far and dont know where the original box/other items are. Thansk

  5. these units are stupid: they dont allow basic access from a computer or web browser, have no built in http access and require a subscription, a SMARTPHONE, or central server at Honeywell or NEst or who ever makes it and they spy on you. Just buy a direct IP theremostat like this one. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KMQMR9P

  6. Not to be nit picky but it would be better if there was a "W" and "Y" sticker to match the W and Y screws instead of W1 and Y1, just makes it more clear in my opinion

  7. This thermostat has serious issues as you can see on the Nest Forum. If you are planning to buy go and read all the problems:

  8. I noticed that on my original thermostat, there are TWO wires connecting to RH. Is that correct? What do I do when I switch to the Nest?

  9. HELP! I opened my nest and only 3 wires are connected – one is just hanging there (the white one?) is this correct? Or is it suppose to be connected to something ?! Trying to figure out which one but having no help….

  10. Don't understand this design. It's absolutely a design flaw having a very complex configuration in the device itself. Fancy display, to much color,… A simple, elegant design with 2 or 3 info is more than enough. Then INVEST in the APP!! I'm away, or confortably in the sofa doing my configs instead of infinite minutes staring to a circle. Bah.

  11. Maybe I just got the short end of the stick on this. First they send me a damaged one. After they send the new one it only works for 5 min, Then the stupid thing just keep telling you Code E74. The customer service is useless they basically just tell you to go through the troubleshooting again(why don’t you try disconnect the Y1 and insert Rh again?) in the end they will just ask you to call the local are for a nest pro. But keep in mind, you have to pay for it yourself even our thermostat is the problem. Very frustrated……..very disappointing with their services. Best part is, after wasting 45 minute on the phone with these people. They will tell you if you want your money back you have to call where you bought it from. Nightmare experience is a understatement for this.

  12. Install was pretty easy, works to spec (in the short run.) The hardest part is having to matching the 20 year old paint, which I am going to call 'Navajo dirt floor' for demonstration purposes. I sure hope that this thing lasts.

  13. I have Myson control panel for my heating and hot water with timer program ability directly below my boiler but its simple on or off with no thermostat ability. This is linked to a separate thermostat in the hall. Watching the above video it looks like this replaces my control panel, but then what do I do with the thermostat in the hall? Thanks!

  14. A level built within the back-plate? An included screw driver? Wow! The nest product is astonishingly overly engineered to the point of being daft.

  15. Does turning off the power to the heating and cooling system, mean just the power for the wires to the thermostat or the power to the thermostat and the AC/Furnace?

  16. Can someone help me.
    I want to install the dial in my hallway on the wall but the link installed on my boiler.
    Is this possible

  17. If you just have a Red wire, hook it to either Rh or Rc, doesn't mater… Unlike most thermostats, the Nest Learning Thermostat does not require a jumper wire between Rh and Rc. Nest knows that if you've got heating and cooling, and just one R wire, the power source is shared between them. … Nest Thermostat connectors are built so that only one wire can be inserted per connector.

  18. Worst thing nest has done is convince everyone that installing your own thermostat is simple to do by yourself. 2nd worst thing they've done (especially in this video) is show the thermostat running without the "C" wire. While yes it can work, it can also make the system perform erratically (blower/inducer motors turning on and off rapidly). This can cause excess wear and tear and will drastically reduce the life expectancy of your systems components.
    If you have no idea what a "c" wire does, and/or you don't have one; do not install this thermostat by yourself!

  19. Good guide, was a bit worried about red wire, there was a fork RC RH or w/e they called. Tossed fork away, put red into RH just like in the video. Yellow green and white were a breeze. It’s all worked out like a charm. I really like this thermostat. Got it for about $200 from amazon on sale and there is no stupid subscription for this item. And it works with my HUE lights system. GREAT PRODUCT, I highly recommend and thank you Nest Labs for this detailed guide. ❤️

  20. I just had my Nest thermostat installed a couple of days ago and my house is cooling like there's no tomorrow. This is great as I live in Southwest Florida. I love it!

  21. A common line or should I say a fifth Line maybe needed. The line to be stripped & connected on both the nest and furnace well.

  22. Hello I have a ritetemp thermostat 8050 my wires are blue is C. RC & RH are jumped white is O. green is G but here’s the question the yellow wire is jumped from W & Y I did hook it up to Y is that right. The thermostat I tried had heat only It’s a Goodman heat pump. Wish I could post a picture of the wires.

  23. These are the worst instructions ever. They do not explain anything and there are no instructions in the box. This is a disaster.

  24. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Nest Learning on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/nest-learning-review/ Thanks, Morlee.

  25. I just installed mine. While impressed with the gadgets and whistles…..I am very disappointed that you cannot run the fan with the thermostat off. Every HVAC guy I have spoken with stresses running the fan all year round, especially in the Summer. It eliminates the high fluctuations in heating and cooling and causing the furnace and Central AC to kick on less. I even use it on days where it is cool but humid and I keep the windows closed and just run the fan and it stays cool and not stuffy. You really need to address this.

  26. Yo I'm so irrationally excited to get mine. Just checked compatibility and bought a 3rd Gen with a $50 discount. So hyped, idk why.

  27. I bought one of these, and the first month it was in place my bill soared from 450 dollars to more than 1250 dollars. I called, and they said, "that happens sometimes." They told me how to turn off the "smart" features of the thermostat, and I paid my insane electric bill. I later found out my kids were coming home from school and cranking the ac down in the heat of summer when nobody was home, so that's what it started doing. Can't blame the company for that, but oh my goodness was that a sad discovery. It doesn't seem to shut off reliably when the temperature is reached (it gets way chilly) as well. Can't say I recommend this product because now it's just a pretty thermostat. There needs to be a warning on the box.

  28. I'm assuming if you have a thermostat for upstairs and another for downstairs you will need 2 nests, correct?

  29. None of the instructions I've seen so far have mentioned if you can use the Nest with an old, low voltage 2-wire system. The thermostat I am trying to replace is an old mercury switch unit with 2 wires only. Will this work?

  30. The part of the video that explains the heating/cooling system disconnect at the electrical panel is misleading and incomplete.
    Most forced air systems and hydroponic ( hot water) systems will have a 15 or 20 amp single pole ( space ) circuit breaker or fuse. The video shows as its example a two pole 30 amp circuit breaker as may be used in geothermal heat pump or air to air heat pump

  31. Little help please. My old thermostat has three wires Red-RC; White-Y; Green-G.
    Do I have all that I need to install it, the wires?!
    Much appreciated

  32. Just purchased the Nest learning (3rd get) thermostat today with a very nice discount coupon from Oregon Energy Trust. A real state of the art thermostat, I used the chat option on their web site and was connected to a Nest customer representative Ruth who was very helpful. Actually it was a piece of cake, once I got started doing the install. It will be wonderful to be able to check my home temperature this winter when I am away from home.

  33. Deze video is niet voor de Europese markt, want daarvoor is een extra apparaat nodig, de heatlink, die ertussen, bij de ketel en op 240v gemonteerd dient te worden! Daarnaast moet de nest ook stroom hebben en kan dus niet direct op de thermostaat draden gemonteerd zonder verdere uitbreiding!
    This video doesnt apply European marktes, because a special device (Heatlink) is needed. Apart from that, Nest also needs a separate powersource and cant only be attached to the thermostate wires alone!

  34. I have a small wire connecting Rh to C, with main red wire also running to Rh. Is this a jumper? If not, how do I account for that in the nest wiring? Thanks to anyone who can help.

  35. PLEASE READ…..In the video, the Blue (CYAN) wire is missing. This is the common wire or blue wire. Plug the blue wire in the (C) connector. I will not work without the Blue wire. However is will work the the green(Fan) wire. See other videos on how to do that. My nest gave a error because the blue wire was missing.

  36. Hmm. I think I made a mistake in buying hive. N’est is smarter, works with condensing boilers, has independent geofencing and has super easy installation with no need for hubs. Why does my hive have a hub that connects to the router and a hub that connects to the boiler? My hive thermostat is movable.. that’s about the only benefit of it?

  37. Who all bought one of these because they don't want to learn how to program their fully-functional and perfectly working thermostat they have already?

  38. Y’all making a brotha feel like he can do anything with this instruction video! Imma see my hand at nuclear physics next. Thanks Nest!

  39. Very helpful, not overly complicated, nice voice, good product. i just bout the nest and so far so good. expensive but i think it will pay for itself. looks good on the wall.

  40. I saw this video after installing a 3rd gen. I connected the red to RC because it had a jumper on the old thermostat from R to C. Should I switch it to RH?

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