How to Increase Engaged Followers On Instagram ‘FAST’ in 2020 (SERIOUSLY!)

How to Increase Engaged Followers On Instagram ‘FAST’ in 2020 (SERIOUSLY!)

welcome back entrepreneurs I’m Andrea
Jean and I teach you how to turn your passions into profits today I’m going to
be teaching you how to gain a thousand subscribers true dedicated followers
right or dies on Instagram if you are new here I have a whole Instagram tips
and tricks playlist linked in the description box below so make sure that
you check that out when you are done here so today I’m sharing my four best
tried-and-true ways of growing 1,000 plus followers on Instagram okay first
and foremost branding your branding has to be good that way when someone lands
on your profile they’re like hmm I like this this is something I might be
interested in oh she talks about excellent recipes or
this person is a digital marketing strategist one of her fancy term that
you want to use oh this person is a home maker and she specializes in
productivity whatever the case may be it’s very very clear now here’s
something that I really want to stress a lot of people spend a ton of time
curating all the photos you look on the Instagram feed and I’m not shaming this
or pooh-poohing this I enjoy a very pretty photo but here’s the problem with
that that creator is probably not going to really resonate in my mind it’s not
going to be at the forefront because if I’ve taken something away that creator
is at the forefront of my mind so for example I have taught you something as
it relates to YouTube keyword research or anything in terms of setting up like
your Instagram shopping you have taken something away and you might be thinking
about oh yeah Andrea Jean taught me this last time I want to consume her content
again because there’s probably more goodies on there that are gonna help me
in my own life you see where I’m going with this so curated photos are nice but
if you only have like an hour in the day I would spend your time crafting a bomb
message that’s really gonna help somebody because people are forgiving of
photos what’s more important is how someone is walking away or the knowledge
that you have provided them with your content my Instagram strategy has
changed drastically there’s a lot of reason for that one I don’t want to
spend all that time curating photos I rather spend the time creating awesome
valuable content for MU and you know what working mom
I got a business I got the babies you know you busy too and so I have to be
very strategic with how I spend my time and how I can maximize my time the other
piece is pretty much everybody has awesomely curated Instagram feeds so
they kind of all look the same now I mean it’s pretty rare you go on an
Instagram feed and it’s just kind of like like like messy kind of looks like
different now I which is really crazy not that I wanted my Instagram to look
messy but where I structure everything and where this post goes and spending
all that time doing this because here’s the thing when people land on your
Instagram profile it’s really rare that they’re like oh yes this just looks so
perfect you know that’s not the majority of people people are looking for posts
for information and then the thing UK how could this improve my life
oh this like this kind of looks weird I wonder what this is it sparks curiosity
number two and how to grow a thousand followers on Instagram and that is you
have to be engaged you can’t treat people like they’re just a number
because that’s someone that has said yes to you that has said I’m gonna take time
out of my day to consume what it is that you do you have to value every single
person because when people feel valued they’re more likely to reciprocate it
and that’s the goal for any business you give value to your customers and they
provide value to you by consuming what you put time effort and energy into it
has to go back and forth but at the forefront of everything is that you give
and you give and you give I always stress this because it’s not something
that’s stressed enough a lot of times social media is very self-absorbed it’s
very me it’s how much money can I make but if you go in it with that mentality
you will not have the success that you want in your business its customer first
customer centric the other piece of this is you really have to be listening to
what your audience is asking you what are they commenting on in your posts
what are some themes like put the pieces of the puzzle together a lot of times
your audience may not directly go out and say what it is that they need
especially when you first started I know this has taken me some time for my
audience to really come to me and say Andrea Jean can you help me with this or
this is a pain point but I have been sitting this whole time and that really
tells me what sort of content I need to create that would be valuable to you but
you need to treat every single person no matter how many followers that they have
that they are important why because they aren’t important I mean that could be
your sister that could be your mom that could be its another person on the other
side you can’t just treat people like a number and I know if you’ve been around
here a half-minute like girl I know I know but I know we can often
lose sight of that and I think it’s important because your audience can feel
it if you are really engaged and you care about them and that’s important
that’s pivotal not only for your success but for you as a creator having meaning
in what you do and I think to have longevity and doing an online business
and doing Instagram and doing YouTube you have to be invested in the people
that are invested in you I have yet to be burnt out on Instagram and I post on
Instagram stories behind the scenes of building this million-dollar business
every single day and it’s because I value every single person that has taken
a time so you’ve set up your branding you’ve cultivated an engaged audience
it’s very reciprocal in terms of time exchange if you will
meaning that people come to your content and you may reciprocate post on theirs
you know I think it goes both ways it’s just not a mimimi situation so now that
you’ve branded your content people know exactly what they’re gonna get when they
land on what it is that you do and they’re gonna decide whether that’s
something that would help them in their lives or not and you’re engaged with the
people that you currently do have so let’s say you only have one follower
that’s one person right you want to show love you want to reciprocate you just
want to appreciate every single person comment respond you know let them know
that you’re thinking about them just don’t leave them in the dark if people
asks you questions answer them I like to use this analogy if you showed up at a
restaurant and no one greeted you they didn’t offer you to sit you down they
didn’t offer to serve you would you go back I mean this is the nicest
restaurant everybody’s raving about it but you are not being greeted or served
no do not go back I don’t care how big someone’s following is if you reach out
with a question and they don’t respond to you I ain’t going back the next thing
that we need to do is find people would be interested in what it is that
we do and what we have to offer how I did this when I first started about a
year ago on my Android gene cleaning Channel that’s the first channel I
started here in YouTube I still upload there on a weekly basis that is linked
in the description box below if you like cleaning and organizing is I would watch
people on YouTube that also did cleaning and organizing channels and then I would
see if they had an Instagram account and you know what I would do I go find them
on Instagram say hello hey I saw your last video I see you do this it’s nice
to meet you and that’s how I grew a thousand followers pretty quickly
because we were all interested in similar things so that we could create a
sense of community and belonging because that’s super important I mean that’s
just like a human need that we experience I have a psychology
background so I take a lot of that into what I talked about because it’s so
important to understand people think of all the marketing dollars that are spent
on understanding people and human behavior and how you get people to buy
stuff so anyway so I found content creators that way I still do this to
this day so for example I’m currently working on self-publishing my first book
and there have been a ton of YouTube videos out there but I will find those
creators on Instagram to say hey thank you so much for your video on
such-and-such on Kindle direct publishing whatever the
video was about it’s nice to meet you thank you for your content not that I
want them to come over to my content sometimes they will that’s not the point
but I am truly appreciative and if anything if they were to run across my
content a different day or maybe they saw YouTube video on mine they would
have quicker recognition because I had already introduced myself you go what
I’m saying sometimes oftentimes to be honest with you people are not going to
remember you the first second third fourth or fifth time but maybe that
tenth time they’re like okay yeah you come alright yeah kind of vaguely
remember you how else might you do this you can do this using particular hashtag
so let’s say you are an author and you are just getting started I have a friend
that has reached out to me her name is Amanda I may talk about her a little bit
later because she has helped me a little bit with my book here so that’s fun but
you would go into hashtags I said Amanda what I want to do is go on Instagram and
maybe search for self published or author find a list of hashtags that are
related to what it is that you do and then what I want you to do is find all
the creators in there find the big Creator is the
medium-sized creators audience is what I’m referring to and then you’re going
to get in the comments section you’re gonna find their audience you gonna be
creeping on their audience why because if there’s a creator that is doing
something similar to what you want chances are that audience would be
interested and also what you do you’re not stealing them you’re just kind of
sharing the wealth and saying hi hey how’s it going and chances more chances
than not they are going to come over to your account as well now you are not
doing this like in a spammy way like hey I’m Andrea I have a YouTube channel
about how to turn your passions into profits check me out no no no no if you
let people come willingly on their own volition you don’t promote
yourself you don’t spam them you make it about them it’s kind of like this if you
were to go into Starbucks and let’s say you had your very own brand of coffee
your Emily coffee I’ll call you Emily and you went into the customers of that
Starbucks store and you said hi this is my Emily coffee would you like to buy it
the people in Starbucks would be like no this is Starbucks coffee that’s why I’m
at Starbucks yes so you just want to build those genuine connections and
relationships and if you are able to do that people often times willingly come
over to your content and support you as well as you supporting them number four
show the love human nature when someone shows us attention or gives a nice
compliment or shows recognition or anything really we are curious we want
to demonstrate and reciprocate now again oftentimes this is not in the first try
there have been people that I’ve went into their accounts before and said hey
how is it going and they don’t reciprocate and that’s okay but more
often than not when you are putting relationships at the forefront of
whatever it is that you do you are gonna have the most amount of success not only
are you gonna have brand ambassadors a profitable business but you’re gonna
feel really awesome about what it is that you’re doing like a good human
being so branding engaging with people that
you may or may not already have three you wanna creep you’re gonna find people
that are already engaged on Instagram and the things that
you are also creating and doing and number four you are going to reciprocate
and you are going to be curious about your audience and what their needs are
when you do these four things in combination it is powerful let me tell
you my instagram has grown significantly over this past month because i’ve really
focused and honed in on these things so i have a little assignment for you i
want you to do these things and i want you to let me know what sort of success
that you have and if you are still getting stuck and you are not seeing
growth by branding and gauging finding the audience that could potentially be
interested in what it is that you do and just lovin up on all of your followers
then talk to me okay let’s figure out what is going on because these four
things will absolutely get you to where you want to go
well simultaneously changing the lives of others because that’s pretty awesome
again that Instagram playlist is linked in the description box below and if
you’re new here be sure to give this video a thumbs up hit that subscribe
button and share this out with all your fellow entrepreneurs and I will see you
my friend on the next one

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  2. great advice! I love IG! but i honestly post anything. i feel like i enjoy to much photos lol. motivation, family, jokes, photography. i dont like to be all one kind of person with IG. But i keep it along the same lines throughout. <3 I get it though, i always want to be in tune with who ever takes their time to view my life. i mean they are taking time out of theirs! That i can say is key!

  3. I just want to say that in your first point you have totally read my mind!! I agree 1000%!! The pics are so pretty but definitely all look alike and do not resonate with me at all! In fact, its unrelatable to me. Thats why I keep it so real because Motherhood is not pretty! Lol! Love you Big Sis!πŸ˜˜βœŒπŸŒ»πŸ‘Š

  4. Thank you for this. Honestly, these are things I naturally do as the person I am but it is validating to know being myself is also going to be beneficial to my career! Thank you for always boosting my confidence!!πŸ˜˜βœŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ€—πŸŒ»

  5. Thank you for your videos. I watched this one and the one on how to get the first 100 subscribers and I’ll be applying notes from both. I also am now following you on Instagram. I’ll drop a message so you know it’s me!

  6. I'm going to watch this but I am personally not into IG…I don't get it but obviously I am on the wrong side of this equation

  7. Ahhhhh thanks so much for mentioning me πŸ™‚ that was cool to hear lol PS I’ve started just today implementing some of these tips πŸ™‚ another great video!!

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