How to get SUPER FAST Internet on a sailboat – Digital Nomad Edition – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 260

– So we just arrived
back to Delos yesterday. It feels so weird. We’re back home, huh? – Ah. – Wow. – We made it. Give me hugs. – We want our crew with us. That was one hell of a trip, huh? (mumbles) (chuckles) First things first, pants off. – So hot. I’m like, in my underwear. Even though it feels
amazing and so so good. Uh. It feels a little overwhelming. Me and Sierra are kind of a little bit stuck back here. Uh, in the back cabin. Uh, she’s used to sleeping in
the harness for her day naps and that was fine in Sweden. When I could go on long
walks and had all that space but here in the hot
weather and the stickiness, its just not possible. I tried and she almost got
like a little heat rash on her belly and stuff. Ehh. She’s happy and awake now,
but its been quite intense. She hasn’t really been
wanting to sleep by herself in her little tent. So, yeah. It’s been quite a
lot of new things going on, right, Nug? Yeah, I think so too. (hopeful music) – [Narrator] This is the story of Delos. A sailboat adventurizing around the world for the past 10 years. (splash) And now we embark on our
greatest adventure of all. Come join us as we take to the high seas and travel the world with the
newest member of our crew. If you enjoy Delos
videos, please subscribe. It’s a great way to support our channel. – And then on top of everything too. Alex and Brady, we have
another week with them. And then they, uh, are flying to Tahoe to stay in the snow for a little bit. So they’re packing. – [Alex] Look at this. – [Brady] Ugh, Man. – [Alex] Situation, currently. I only have this much room to stand. – Live out of bag, they say.
It would be good, they say. (both laugh) – [Alex] (sigh) Yeah, well. – Big moves, Blue, big moves. – [Alex] Let the final
packing games begin. – But this time next year, we’ll be stepping onto our own boat. (laughs) All right. – [Alex] Promise? – Yeah if it doesn’t make it, then we cut this out of the video. – [Alex] Okay, for (mumbles) – (laughs) All right. – [Alex] You gotta kiss on it. – [Karin] Have quite a lot
of bags going everywhere and we- I haven’t unpacked our bags. (laughs) I’ve just set up like a
little diaper changing station uh, out there so I can change her diapers and uh, we have also a crazy project going so the boat is like literally
thrown up on herself. But um, Brian can probably tell
you more about that project. – Well uh, something very cool actually. Oh wait, boat sounds. (laughs) Those guys are going zooming by somewhere. – [Karin] Sheesh. – So today we’re gonna start
a very cool project actually that came about because
I met a guy named Bill. – I’m Bill Sullivan. – This is Jeff. Also from Viasat. And this is Graham, he’s
actually the leader. And we had a couple of beers and he says “Hey Brian, I saw one of your livestreams you did last season, and I liked it but to be honest the quality kind of sucked.” And I was like “Oh well thanks, Bill. That’s kind of you to say.” He’s like “Well you know,
I think we can do something to make it a little bit better.” He’s like “I work for a company. The name of the company is Viasat.” And I was like “Okay. Cool. So you know, what do you guys do?” And he’s like “Well we have
a business where we put internet all over the place.” And one of the things he was
telling me about is that they put internet on airplanes. And I was like “Oh yeah,
when I was flying here on SAS flight for the boat
show, I was actually using the Viasat internet to answer some emails.” And he’s like “Well how
about we come up with a pilot project to scale
down one of our systems to something that we can fit on Delos.” – We’ll install. – What’s the dish like?
It’s like a proper… dome. – It’s like a proper dome. It’s like a proper dome that you see on the super Yachts, right? – Uh we’re gonna use
Delos as a test platform. – We’re about to enter the maritime market and it’s a great platform
to do some testing. And to do, uh, you know, see
the thing out in the real world and also- – Well we’ll be happy to
use it for you, certainly. – Yeah exactly. Exactly. And also give Delos the
opportunity to actually upload your videos and
do some livestreaming. – That’s gonna be crazy – Yeah – So literally we should
be able to livestream stuff from the middle of the ocean? – Absolutely. – That’s it. – You guys wanna get sweaty? – Let’s get sweaty and started. (all laugh) – Cause it’s hot downstairs. – Oh lets do it. – All right we’ll go run
some (stifled chuckle) wire. – [Jeff} Let’s run Some Wire. (laughter) – [Brian] Oh yeah. I think we got plenty. How do you like the boat? – Good. – [Brian] Is it pretty cool? – Yeah. – [Brian] Can you see-
Did you see some turtles? – Yeah. – [Brian] Yeah, there’s a
lot of turtles around here. Now we’re just putting the
wires through the hole. (Mutters) drill a hole in the boat. (electric drill sound) – We’ve got the duct fittings in. And I’ve used some 5200 to seal them off. And we’re gonna put the cables down, and one, important thing to remember is before you run your cables,
always put the glands and the tops on first because otherwise it sucks when you’ve
thrown the whole cable and then you’re like ah shit
I gotta do it again. Okay, oop. We’re gonna need that light. So now, next part is
we’re fishing the wires. This is always the funnest part. Through here. It goes through here and then it goes out here and we run it through here. Okay, do you see that one, Jeff? And then through there,
along through here. To our end goal. That’s it! Good job. – Good job, Brian. – High five. Yeah. All right this morning’s
mission is creating a rack for all the equipment that goes down below. So I’ve been working on this shelf, which I think will turn out pretty cool, cutting these these actual rack mounts. And this one will fit in just like this. It’s gotta go in this little
slot down here that I cut. Yeah, fits like a glove. Screw that on. (intense time lapse music) – [Brian] Kazza come take a look at this. I put a server rack in our boat. (Karin mumbles) – [Brian] Can you see
it? It’s a server rack. – [Karin] Oh cool. – [Brian] Isn’t that cool? (chuckles) So cool. (laughs) Isn’t that amazing? Hi Sierra, what do you think? She’s not impressed either. Jeff’s impressed. – I’m very impressed. (Brian laughs) – I have one at home. Now
you have one in yours. (drawn out kiss sound) – Morning kisses. (kiss)
Morning kisses. (kiss) She’s like nyeh. – [Brian] Morning Brady,
nyeh. Oh he smells like rum. – [Alex] She always laughs
when she looks at Brady’s face. (light laughter all around) – She likes to take my hand
and put it in her mouth. Yeah, taste good. – Baby’s in my office. How has it been different
having a baby on the boat? – It’s a lot chiller than
I thought it would be but I think she’s a very calm baby. – She’s a pretty good baby. – Aren’t you? Yeah. – She cries a little bit but (mumbles) – But I’d say you’re pretty good! I’d say you’re pretty good! Look at that! Grrr smile! I’d say you’re pretty good
and you’re pretty tasty. (fake munching sounds) – Oh no, gonna eat your belly! – All right so, next stage
in the project we’re gonna remove the solar panel, the center one. (lo-fi hiphop music) That’s the box (laughs) right there. So is it actually the size of the box? – Almost. (Brian laughs) – It’ll look awesome on Delos. – [Brian] Excessive but good. – Oh great. – All right now it’s
time to unpack the beast. – [Brady] Welcome back
to the boat brother. – Oh my god. It wasn’t
like this in Sweden. Fuck I feel like I’ve
been working like nonstop physical hard labor camp
the last three days. – So it’s Blue and I’s last
day pretty much on Delos and out of all the things
we’ve installed on Delos this is probably the coolest
thing we’ve ever installed. And I’m just getting
to see the install but I won’t get to play with it. And no, there’s no telescope inside. It’s the internet, inside the dome. – It’s the internet. We fit
it all inside the dome, Brady. – [Brady] The whole internet’s in there. – The whole inside- yep. – That’s amazing. Technology! – We’re almost there,
what’s the next step bro? – Uh. I think we pop the
dome up there and plug it in. – [Brady] Cool. – [Brian] Kick the tires
and light the fires. (casual music) – [Brady] Okay got that
end, you take that end. – Let’s not drop it in the ocean. Will it fit through there? – [Brady] Ooh! Okay, ready? Go down. (both laugh) – [Brady] How much does this thing weigh? – 37 kilos. – [Brady and Jeff] 37 kilos. – [Brian] It’s comically big. (laughter) – I think it looks great. It’s frikken cool looking. It’s a gigantic comically large
dome on the back of Delos. – [Brady] It looks like
we’re doing something cool. – Yeah. – [Brady] That’s all that matters. – We’re now a research vessel. – Looks like Space Canaveral. – [Brady] Yeah Cape Canaveral. – Cape. Cape. Cape. – [Brian] Hi Kazza. We’re
tracking the antenna. – I heard some excitement in here. We’ve got some things. Now
we’re gonna run a speed test. – Here we go. – [Brian] Okay. Go. Go. Go. – Go for speed test. – [Brian] So we should
have about 700 milliseconds of latency. – That’s right. – [Brian] Cause we’re beaming it how high? – Uh, geosynchronous orbit. – [Brian] 22 thousand something? – Yep. – [Brian] Kilometers or miles? – Miles. – [Brady] Miles. – Wait Kilometers. Kilometers. – [Brian] So 662- – Milliseconds. – [Brian] Milliseconds speed. And now we’re downloading at 20, 30, 40 – Beep beep boop boop boo! – [Brian] 60, 70 80, 90,
100. That’s faster than the internet we had in Sweden. 122. Whoa! – 126. – [Brian] 126, that’s crazy. – Look at Brady’s face. – [Brady] That’s insane. – [Brian] So the upload is
gonna be a fraction, right? – Yeah about five meg,
four to five megabit. – [Brian] I mean, that’s still – Great. – [Brian] That’s still great. – [Brady] Awesome bro. – This is unbelievable man. – [Brian] So we’re going
to YouTube over satellite. – There you go. – [Brian] Whoa there it is. Streaming through space. – Through space. – [Brian] That’s crazy. – It’s good quality. – [Brian] That’s awesome.
Look at this guy. That’s you. Do you feel good? – [Jeff] Do you feel good
about that internet, Brady? – Great – Awesome – [Brian] Cool. – Awesome. – [Brian] All right,
nice job dude. High five. – Woo! – [Brian] Thanks man. – Thank you, Brian. – Great to meet you. – Great to meet you – Crazy about my install. Oh oop. – My glasses. No problem. – [Brian] We’re rocking the internet now. – Thank you so much. – You’re rocking the internet. – [Brian] Good job little man. – You guys have a safe flight back. – Yeah we will. – [Brian] And we’ll let you
know how the system works out. – Excellent. Yeah we’ll- – [Brian] We’ll test the hell out of it. – For sure. Appreciate that. – [Brian] Yeah, of course. Our pleasure. – It’s gonna be great. Pretty excited. – All right the system
is cranking right along. Just wanted to give a huge
thanks to the entire team at Viasat. Especially
Bill, and Jeff, and Graham. You guys rock. And if you’re interested in
more details on the system there is a link in the
description of the video. (friendly music) – So Brady and Alex are all packed up. – [Brian] What did you say Brady? – I had to borrow some
socks from the (mumbles) since I don’t own any. (Brian chuckles) – And yeah man. Imagine
spending 10 years of your life up here, huh? – [Brian] There’s not many adult slash – Yeah not many – [Brian] Man boys that have
spent 10 years in a space like this and now look. It’s been taken over by – The only other – [Brian] Diapers. – I know already. We’re not even gone. (both laugh) – Perfect, I love it. It keeps the good energy going in here. I guess the only people that
live in a space this small are like, prisoners. (Brian laughs) – Which is like the total
opposite of what I have. (mutters) – [Brian] It’s gone from the
Man Cave to the Couples Cavern – Love Nest. Couples Cavern. – [Brian] Love Nest and the now it’s – Now the Baby Den – [Brian] Now the Baby Den. – I wouldn’t want it any other way man. It’s perfect. Right timing.
Everything is perfect. No crying, just smiling. – [Brian] I will miss you dearly brother. – I know man. – [Brian] But I will see
you in a couple months. – I’ll see you again. – [Brian] I’ll see you in
a couple months, right? – Yeah. Yeah. – After you’re done with
your winter tomfoolery. – It’s not like I’m going
off to war or anything. – No no no no no. – All right. Last 20
minutes or so. On Delos. – Yep. I’m sweaty. It’s always
up to the last minute, like cleaning and packing. And an episode just
finished uploading like five minutes ago. – Yeah it’s been a push to
get everything done but. – Yeah I just signed the
boat back over to Brian, like, officially. – [Alex] Right – Relinquished my captaincy
is what the form said. – [Alex] Yeah – It’s definitely bittersweet though. – [Alex] Mhmm – Been a really really incredible season and we’ve been pushing it really hard. So it’s gonna feel really good. I’m really excited for everything. – [Alex] Yeah? – I couldn’t be happier. Yeah. Yeah. – [Alex] Good. – Yeah, for- It’s not
really sad at all really. – [Alex] Good – Yeah I mean its a bit
emotional but it’s not like… I feel happy about it all. – [Alex] Good. I was a little
nervous that it was gonna be – Yeah – [Alex] I dunno, really hard for you. – I mean it’s probably
not gonna set in, right? – [Alex] Right – ‘Cause I’ve done this so
many times, it’s just like my brain’s on autopilot leaving
the boat and coming back. – [Alex] Yeah – But this time it’ll be
actually five or six months or something.So – [Alex] Yeah. What was the
highlight of your season? Or some highlights? – I dunno. Overall it just, just really making Delos mine, I guess. – [Alex] Yeah – [Brady] And really just being
like 110 percent responsible for what happens with everything. – [Alex] Mh-hmm. – [Brady] It feels really
good to have that challenge and to deal with to not only overcome it but I’m super proud the
way- what we did with it. Super proud of the videos we made. And I mean just makes me
so happy that when Brian and Karin come back and
they actually tell us like, you know, we really
notice that you guys did a good job with the boat. And that was my biggest
thing was returning the boat back to them in better state
than they gave it to us. – [Alex] And they gave
it to us in good state. So the high standard. – It was in really good state. Yeah everything was
perfect and working so. That’s it. Next adventure. – [Alex] That’s it. – Let’s go uh, get on a
plane and go to the snow. – [Alex] Let’s do it. – Mm-hmm. – [Alex] Can I say something? – Yeah. I know I was just doing
the whole pause thing. – Yeah. – [Brady] I mean, for you
Blue, this season was probably pretty big to take on. I been on the boat for eight years before and you only been on the
boat for two years and you have the three of us
always kind of doing stuff so – Yeah. I’m just really
grateful for the opportunity to have done what we did this season. It was so challenging
and I learned so much. Super rewarding. And
I’m really proud of us. Everything that you did, everything I did, everything the crew
did, the way Delos was, and just all coming together
the way it all worked out. We did push ourselves.
We could have just had a really chill season
and instead we decided to sail 7000 nautical miles,
cross an ocean twice, bring on like, six or seven
different crew members throughout the six months,
and film everything. That’s crazy and put a lot
of effort and time into editing and stuff. Yeah feels really good. But, I don’t know this
might be corny to say I just wanna say thank you to everyone who watched this season. I know it’s a really
big change to have Karin and Brian gone. And uh it was
an awesome adventure for us and I hope that you
guys enjoyed it as well. – [Brady] Yep. – That’s it. That’s all I got. – Yeah I don’t really
think it’s hit me yet because we’ve been so busy
and now that we’re actually talking about it on camera, I feel some emotion swelling up. – [Alex] Yeah? Yeah. – So. All right, Blue let’s go do this. Onto the next adventure, huh? You gotta get the, you gotta
get the kiss on camera. You gotta get the kiss on the camera. – I love you so much, Delos. Holy smokes. She’s a good girl. – Bye, baby girl. Take
care of the baby, huh? All right. I’m gonna
hug you now. (mumbles) – I’m gonna get another hug later. – Yeah – Whoa there! – The longest you’ve gone
without being brother sailors. – Longest in 10 years
we’ll spend apart man. – We can’t live together forever. – Nah, not forever. – [Alex] It’s been a solid run. – It’s been a solid run. – I mean. – We’ve done well. – [Alex] Yeah. – It’s been a hell of a run. – We’ve both grown up quite a bit. – [Alex] All right, let’s do it. – Let’s do this, huh? – I’m having a flashback
from when I from when I first stepped on Delos. Cape Town. – How does it feel? – Uh, pretty much just in
awe right now, actually. I don’t know how to feel but it definitely finally feels real. So, stoked. – 20 thousand miles ago or something. – [Brian] What? – Solid run. – [Brian And Alex] Solid Run. Solid Run. – Look at this. Taking a
little something with me. (all laugh) – Yep. Bye Delos. Do good. I’ll be watching you on the fast interweb. – [Brian] Yeah. – [Alex] The tube thing. – Hello – [Brian] Hello. – [Brian] Oh shit (amused chatter among the group) – See you later man. – [Brian] What was that
terrible movie with Denzel Washington, where
he was the drunk pilot? – I just watched it. Flight. Man that’s great, having
the, that’s like the best place to be right there. – [Brian] It’s like the
local character right? – Goodbye Caribbean. – Bye baby. – Have a nice trip. – Thank you. – Get settled in. – Blues, oh. I’m gonna miss you so much. – I know. It was good to see you guys. – We’ll see you in a
couple months though huh? – That’ll be it. – We’ll see you. Have fun snowboarding. Brother, I love you, brother. – I love you too man. – I’m gonna miss you so much. – Yeah, me too. – You guys take care. Stay warm And uh we’ll take good care of Delos. – Have some beautiful family times. – [Brian] Next time
you see this little one she’ll be probably walking
or doing something crazy. – Don’t get too big until we see you next. – [Brian] She’s gonna double in size. – You got a big ol’ baby. – Have fun guys. – Big ol’ baby. – [Alex] She gonna be a
sailor when we see her next – Yeah. Yep. – What are you guys
moving out or something? (the group mumbles) – Feels a bit sad. For Sure. – Feels really sad and at
the same time it feels good. I love them. They’re so cool. Like we have done a lot a things together. So feels. It feels very cool to have that relationship with them,
they’re an awesome couple. Did it go okay? – I’m sad, Kazza, I’m really sad. – It feels weird, huh? – It feels weird. Its like I dunno. I’m a little broken up. – Yeah – I’m gonna miss them a lot. – Do you think it’s because like, they like moved all their stuff out and – It’s just different now, you know? – Yeah – And it’s just everybody’s
starting to do their own things – Yeah – It’s good. I mean its the
natural progression of life. We’re going off. We have
Sierra and we’re sailing. And Brady and Alex are doing their thing. – Yeah – You know we’ll see them now and then but it won’t be like – It won’t be the same. – It won’t be the constant thing. – Yeah, it will be like, oh
you come out for a little bit but not like all the time – Yeah but not like months
and months of adventures that we’ve been sailing together
me and Brady so long – Yeah – Like 10 years, you know.
A lot of history there but it was really a blessed time. Now we’re blessed with this little one. – Yeah. – Okay should we go? – Yeah – We have a little family now. (car door slams) (outdoorsy music) – [Karin] Up next we take
Sierra on her first sail ever. – [Brian] To celebrate the
arrival of our little nugget, we’d like to offer a special deal. Just head on over to the Delos Shop, grab any gear you want,
and enter the coupon code “littlenugget” during checkout and we’ll knock 10 percent off
everything in your cart.

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