How to Create a Chatbot for FREE for WordPress (in less than 3 Minutes)

How to Create a Chatbot for FREE for WordPress (in less than 3 Minutes)

hello people welcome to today’s video
and today we will be discussing and making our own chatbot it’s very simple
and you can build it in the next five minutes for your WordPress website so
let’s get started we are using collect chat as is the easiest and most reliable
once you sign up on their website you land on this screen here you can change
the position of a chatbot to left right or center of the screen change the
welcome text choose an avatar or add your own custom one and lastly add your
own color and control the default branding options to turn off the default
branding you need to purchase the premium plan with correct chat you can
control multiple chatbots by clicking this option for this tutorial we would
be building a chatbot from scratch for our web WordPress website let’s name it
dramatic and start with it once you start building your chatbot you will
get an option to choose from widget landing page or simple embed I’ll go
with the widget we have already discussed the screen so let’s head to
step 2 where in we would program how the chatbot would interact with the user
this is the default structure we will delete them and start fresh as you can
see on the left hand side you have various type of interactions simply
click on any one of them to add the script to the chatbot then click on the
added snippet to customize it according to your needs once done click the
preview to see how the chatbot works then simply hit the publish button as we
are making a chart for WordPress field select add to WordPress website copy the
respective code and then head to your wordpress dashboard click on add plugin
and add collect chat to your website once the plug-in is activated go to its
setting and paste the code snippet death here – you can choose where your chatbot will appear on a site for now I’ll select all pages and hit save
next go to your website and hit refresh and hooray you have a working chatbot
on your WordPress website now we need to receive the responses as well Collect chat gives you a separate responses dashboard to help you keep a track of your visitors
data a copy of this data would also be sent to your registered email address
you can track the user behavior via insights and metrics to make more
informed decisions on your chatbot design I hope this video was helpful please
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  1. An insightful video for building a chatbot for wordpress, thanks… I would be adding it to my photography site! You saved me a fiverr gig … lol xD

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