How to Connect Dual Monitors in Windows 7 | HP Computers | HP

This video shows how to use two monitors with
one computer in Windows 7. Dual monitors can create extra screen space and allow for multiple windows to be shown at once. To connect a second monitor, make sure that your computer has at least
two video out ports; one for the main monitor and one for the secondary monitor. Next, identify the types of video connections
on your computer. Two common video connection types are VGA
and DVI. Then, secure a compatible video cable to the
video out ports on your PC. Next, connect the other end of each cable
to a matching port on each monitor. Make sure the monitors have power, then turn
them on. Then, turn on the computer. Your monitors should now be connected. In the next section, we’ll show you how to configure display
settings for multiple monitors. To configure display settings, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization, click
Adjust screen resolution. Use the Multiple displays drop-down list to
select a display option. For example, click Duplicate these displays
to show identical desktops on each monitor. To stretch the desktop across both monitors,
select Extend these displays. Click Apply, Click Keep changes. When you’ve applied your changes, verify the display settings on both monitors
and make adjustments as needed. And then Click OK. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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