61 thoughts on “How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress – using Mailchimp

  1. Wow, that's the problem I was facing for a long days.. Thank you @websitelearners for such a helpful video… I wish you uploaded it before…

  2. Please make a video on how to automate the process of sending the published blog posts to the subscribers directly to their inbox..

  3. There are so many digital Marketer s but your explanation is far better than them. You are best. Why don't you create course on blogging. Some people are doing n earning like hell.

  4. One of the best Youtube channel to for Website learning 🙌🏻 Please Make a video on how we can add coupons in website

  5. Thanks for your good video.I have doubt that how we can add a form to a particular post alone.Then how can you select in which the popup should be shown.Popup should not be shown on about and contact page.For that case what should we do bro.Please help us.waiting for your reply.

  6. Thanks ! This video really helped me. Please also provide us video about' How to link google Adsence to our wordpress'

  7. Sir, I need a help, and I think you are the best guys to seek any resort.
    I have made a website , and installed WordPress from CPanel and did some work on it.
    But now my validity of hosting is going to end within few days.

    Now I want to change my hosting provider to another

    Please make a video on how to change hosting provider without harming my website.

  8. I can't connect with my WordPress site it shows " can't connect to site url please check firewall setting" please help.

  9. Hi shyam how are you. I have a question why my site is showing…. It appears you don't have permission to access this page and 403 error forbiden…. But i have installed theme and WordPress…

    Now problem solved by bigrock.in

  10. the best learning youtube channel I've come across so far. keep up the good work … may you reach one million subscribers soon and go on

  11. Hi, please do a tutorial on how to install osclass on a very affordable and very responsive yearly subscription hosting site. Thank you

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