How does LookeeTV work –  Internet Radio Demo

How does LookeeTV work – Internet Radio Demo

Ok, so now we’re going to look at Internet Radio. It’s very similar to the Internet TV that we just saw. Again, we’ll find that there are five ways to locate channels. The first being countries and regions. So, again if we go into America we can choose a country. We’ll go down and in this case we’ll check out Canada. So, we go into Canada and we’ll find that there are many channels available in Canada CBC is a favourite, and CBC has several channels available online. We’ll take a look at CBC Radio 2 Pacific Time. The title streams at the bottom as you’re listening to the music. And, we can just click “Next” on the remote to go to the next station. Coming out now, we’re back to the country list. And then regions We can also go down to genres. And in this case, we have a choice of music or talk-based And here we have many different sub-genres of music. Adult contemporary, alternative, blues & soul, classical, and country. So we’re going into country… We’ll find a good list of country music channels And we’ll just try 1 FM Classic Country We have the option of leaving the music ON. And if we so choose the music will play in the background while we do other things with the player. In this case, we’re going to go back to the genres and find another genre – dancing disco. And here we have a long list of stations. We’ll try this one out of the UK… 1 Mix Radio House. Once again, we have the choice of leaving the music in the background. Coming out, we do have other options. Again, we can browse through the list of broadcast languages. Or we can do a search. Or of course, Favorites. And this is Internet Radio!

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