Hire Minorities to express your Minority Opinions | We The Internet TV

Hire Minorities to express your Minority Opinions | We The Internet TV

[PATRICK] It’s just so terrible what
these cops are doing. [TARA] They’re destroying the
black community. [PATRICK] Honestly, at this point,
I would never call the police. It’s just not right. [TARA] Yeah, if everyone just
stopped calling the police, they wouldn’t have the opportunity
to harass black people. [PATRICK] What do you think, Ben? [BEN] Well, I think it’s complicated. Obviously there are issues of racism among individual officers, and possibly systemic problems
and perverse incentives in
police departments. But, a police presence is actually
what’s needed in high-crime communities in order
to prevent much higher fatality rates. So… [PATRICK] Wow, Ben. You clearly don’t understand what it’s like to be black in America. [BEN] And you do? [TARA] Are you alt-right or something? [BEN] What? (rewind sounds) [PATRICK] What do you think, Ben? [BEN] Uhh… [STEVE] Well, I think it’s complicated. Obviously there are issues of
racism with individual officers, and possibly systemic problems
and perverse incentives in
police departments. But an actual police presence
is what’s needed in high-crime communities in order to prevent much higher fatality rates. So, we have to hold
officers accountable, but it’s also important to
look at these incidents individually. Either way, vowing to not
call the police isn’t a realistic way to combat such a
multi-faceted problem. [PATRICK] But you’re black! [STEVE] That’s right, I am black. [TARA] Yes, Patrick, he is black.
And those are really interesting points. [BEN] But I just said that! [STEVE] Aww. Dear straight white guys, are you scared that your opinions
will be deemed wrong because of your race, gender,
or sexual persuasion? Do you want to be honest,
but MTV’s Decoded says
it’s problematic? Have you been told to
“stay in your lane,” or to
“stop mansplaining”? [MAN] Stay in your lane! [WOMAN] Stop mansplaining! [STEVE] It’s 2019, and you’re afraid
to say what you think. But we aren’t. [BEN] Who are you? [ALL] Political Opinion Surrogates! [STEVE] That’s right. Whatever your opinion… [JEN] We have a member of a
protected class who shares your views, and is ready to
express them for you. [MARK] That way, it won’t be
dismissed on account of you being… [MARGOT] …you. (music) [ANNOUNCER]
Political Opinion Surrogates. There when you need them most. Are you pro-life in the office? [BEN] What? [WOMAN] So you want to
control women’s bodies, Ben? [BEN] No, I don’t! [JEN] Unless you’re a man who
supports a woman’s right to choose, you’re not allowed to have
an opinion on abortion. [WOMAN] Exactly. [JEN] So let this
POS pro-life woman step in and express this controversial
opinion that we both share. [WOMAN] Wait, you’re pro-life? [JEN] That’s right. Woman to woman,
let’s talk babies, bitch. [BEN] I don’t think this is
appropriate in the workplace… [ANNOUNCER] Can you no longer
rollerblade in peace because you don’t think a DJ should
be forced to play a gay wedding? [BEN] What? [HOCKEY PLAYER] What’d you say,
homophobe? [BEN] I don’t remember… [MARK] Hush, child.
Let me handle this. A DJ shouldn’t have to spin his sick beats at a gay wedding if he doesn’t want to. [HOCKEY PLAYER] Okay okay,
you’re gay! [MARK] That’s right.
Come, come with me, child. [ANNOUNCER] Arguing trans rights
in the bedroom. (phone chimes) [BEN] Why are they texting me this
in the middle of the night? [MARGOT] Gimme. [JEN] Don’t worry, go back to sleep.
We got this. [BEN] Thank you,
Political Opinion Surrogates. [MARK] We’ll even speak for you in
your straight white dreams. [BEN] Great, good night! (music) [MARGOT] Dude, the glitter
is so unnecessary… [STEVE] Political Opinion Surrogates! We are marginalized individuals
ready to express your marginalized opinions for you. Call now. [ANNOUNCER] Warning:
Political Opinion Surrogates may not be effective when accused
of internalized misogyny, oppression, Uncle Tom-ism,
hysterical shrieks of terror, and most conservative, right-of-center, center, and left-of-center opinions. (music) [LOU] Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to like it, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel. Make sure to click the little bell to turn on notifications so you never miss a video. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter. And if you want to support us, check out our website: wetheinternet.tv

100 thoughts on “Hire Minorities to express your Minority Opinions | We The Internet TV

  1. Who gives a shit what race they are. If they can do the job I'll hire them. Enough of this shit already. Stupid ass social media brain washing bullshit

  2. That’s false. Even if you’re black with non political correct/liberal mindset, the black community will flog you and call you a traitor or Uncle Tom

    I’m Hispanic and my family turned on me real quick

  3. Well I'm in my 60s and not afraid to call the beta male soyboy snowflake wussies and feminazis what I think of them. I then DARE THEM, DOUBLE DOG DARE THEM to protest me, and tell them that they will need to bring lots of body bags, because I'm old, not afraid to die, I am a combat veteran and I have a LOT of guns! I am more than willing to take a whole 💩load of them out!

  4. We the People: pretends to be middle of the road America but actually always represents center-right views; pretends that all criticisms of Trump are silly and strawmans those of us who have nuanced criticisms of Trump/Republicans; presents a video skit of minorities/women to express conservative opinions as a new concept when conservatives have actually been using tokenism for a long time (Candace Owens for racial/gender issues, Dave Rubin for gay issues, and if you honestly listen to them talk you would hear that they mostly spewing nonsense and simply further strawman the Left). The sad part is that there’s plenty of problems with the Left you could genuinely tackle, yet you always go for the low hanging fruit. Also I would shit a brick if a black person actually said, “there’s probably systemic racism”; the vast majority would say YES!!, and the few that don’t agree would say no, nearly no black people would still be undecided at this point

  5. Friggin liberal centrists with their weak-ass “comedy”
    both-sidesing it all over the place
    (And yet suspiciously aiming the most pointed attempts at the left. 🤔)

  6. The abortion one is pretty accurate, but the police one and the DJ one were ridiculous.

    There’s no serious discussion about “not calling the cops” when a crime is actually committed. The point was people shouldn’t needlessly call the cops because they see a black person sitting in a place like Starbucks. And there’s no serious discussion about getting rid of all police in areas with high crime rates. The point was that if they were there present, they shouldn’t be doing policies like “stop and frisk,” among other things.

    The DJ one was just dumb. It’s obviously a reference to Masterpiece Cakeshop. The baker only “won” in that case because the state of Colorado was straight-up hostile towards him and his decision not to make a cake for a gay couple. It was an extremely narrow ground. The Supreme Court noted that they weren’t going to decide whether the baker’s own actions were discriminatory or not, but if that question was presented, they very well might have ruled against him. They also affirmed that state anti-discrimination laws protecting gay people are constitutional, it’s just that once again, Colorado applied their law in a hostile way towards the baker. This is all a long-winded way of me saying that the DJ reference in the video was stupid, and is going to age badly.

  7. Who do the black guys call when an she black guy tells him to stay in his lane? I want to know because I saw this actually happen.

  8. If you're afraid to say what you think in public….. you are wrong. If you are afraid of the politically correct losers. You are wrong. The first one that gets butt hurt knock their front teeth out. If it's a woman do step 1 but make sure to turn around and repeat immediately on the first white knight. That is all. Have a nice day.

  9. Being a "minority" doesn't give you an inherently intelligent opinion. This video describes liberals to a tee and how moronic they are.

  10. I’m too scared to express my political opinion, hey washed up Austrian hobo you ever heard of how great Deutschland is?

  11. This is RACISM on it's FACE!!! Twisted into some bizarre form of compassion…

    "Judge people not by the color of their skin… But by the content of their character." -MLK

    It's sad that you "progressives" have NOTHING IN COMMON with that statement.

  12. There are so many trumptards in the comments not understanding the point of this video. It’s not saying that liberals are ruining your precious straight white man right to free speech.

  13. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I have a lot of white friends. I don’t understand why. Is it because I’m Mexican? Can I not have white friends? As much as you may think, it’s not only white people that are racist. It’s not only men who are sexist. Everyone can be these things. My family is guilty for it, I’m guilty for it. Can we all stop attacking one group of people, and acknowledge the issue as a whole?

  14. Gay people are still getting marginalized? Other than the Iowa thing recently, what’s going on that hasn’t been remedied?

  15. I'm a white guy and stand my ground. Not just a white guy but, a real American hero: a career professional firefighter-paramedic. Argument won and over.

  16. That was excellent, and pointing out the pure nature of Racism (discrediting someone based on ethnicity) AND Bigotry (being intolerant of someone else's views/opinions).

  17. Damm! This is hilarious but terrifying at the same time. Sad state we're in that such a small percentage of the population dictates what the rest of us should be like.

  18. Anyone too much a coward to tell someone their opinion doesnt deserve to have their opinion heard. Regardless of if the opinion is politically correct or not.

  19. That feleing you agree and think the video is funny but you don’t want to like because you’ll get Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro videos in your recommendations.

  20. This video actually pisses me off! Because I looked at how long it’s been around and now I’m angry that I’m discovering it 3 months late!!! 3 months ruined!!! Favorite part: “That’s right, woman-to-woman let’s talk babies, bitch.”

  21. Watching white liberals debate conservative African Americans on the topic of race is genuinely one of the most entertaining things possible. They just look so disarmed and will occasionally catch themselves halfway through calling the African American they're talking to racist.

  22. Right… because you guys clearly aren’t biased. Honestly you had me up until the very end when posting the political leanings

  23. I’m Russian. Feel free to consult ANY time you wanna talk about Russian intervention into the election process, communism, personality cult, Lenin, Stalin, or whatever else that gives me a toothache even as type these words…

  24. A master’s prepared avid feminist here who’s a stay-at-home mom… oh, only has one baby who’s taking a driver’s ed…

  25. This is what I think of whenever I see a prayer u ad, but on the opposite side of the political spectrum. If it's about black history in America , you just know that the presenter will be a black person

  26. The TV employs many people this way. Individual bigots usually don't have the scratch to buy these mercenaries.

  27. To be honest I need political opinion serrogets, most any opinions that someone has gets knocked under because they are not one of them.

    That's where the real problem stems from!

  28. oh so we need a representative to express our opinions? not me. i say what i want, when i want, to whatever color of the rainbow is standing in front of me.. Here's my opinion 🖕🏻🖕🏻 kiss my white ass all the way to Mayberry bitches!

  29. I swear to God white Liberals are the worst human beings ever. They actually think black people have a hive mind. Like we all are against the police and we all believe that the police are running around and shooting us willy-nilly. Guess what nine times out of 10 if you don't play Quick Draw you won't get shot. And that's coming from a guy who has suffered police brutality.

  30. So retarded. It IS hard being black. If you're any shade but white you're MORE LIKELY to get pulled over or arrested. I've been told by a cop that I definitely look like a drug addict after he arrested my friend for throwing up in the parking lot when I dont even do drugs

  31. Even though I'm white I voice my political opinions on these controversial subjects anyway😎

    Yep, I'm a social outcast 🤢

  32. I dont need no "surrogate". The guy in this skit wouldn't need one either if he had balls bigger than sun dried raisins.

  33. Im sorry i know this is a joke. But there are pussies out there that wont speak their mind. The younger generation is a bunch of pussies. Im a gen x mother fucker and we went hard as fuck. The fact that this is a parody shows how fucking sad and stupid people are

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