Help Nvidia Fight Covid-19 from Your Home Computer (folding@home)

10 thoughts on “Help Nvidia Fight Covid-19 from Your Home Computer ([email protected])

  1. Go watch @Liron Segev video for software setup –

    More info on the folding tool –

  2. Iā€™m in on the cause . I will do this when Iā€™m at my computer. I have also shared . Also well done you for making this . I hope you and your loved ones are safe .

  3. What if we completed 1000 subscrijbers after 1 year completed. Did then we have chance to monetize my YouTube account or what else . @alanspicer

  4. So Awesome Alan. Thanks for Sharing a 'Cause' vs. Telling Us to Become an Affiliate for masks, toilet paper, and the like. Tons of People are doing that…You Rock

  5. Hold on Alan my head is actually spinning all over the place, seriously? I think Norton and NVIDIA will cure coronavirus..

    Great tips Alan.

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