Help FIGHT CoronaVirus With Your Computer

Help FIGHT CoronaVirus With Your Computer

Hi everyone, this is Koby with Silver Eagle
Locksmith. in today’s video I’m not gonna Talk about the regular topics in my
channel Home security related stuff, basically
what I want to do guys, is to get your Contribute and help to fight the corona
virus. okay let me explain basically by Sharing your processing power of
your GPU and CPU computer in your house or business, basically what you can do is
to help medical researchers around the World to fight the coronavirus, it will
help to do the protein calculation Called “protein folding” and understanding
the specific protein that’s been used by The corona virus and if we understand
how that protein folds into its final Structure that we can potentially find a
way to disrupt that folding so it can’t Reach its final structure and then the
virus cannot propagate any further. the Problem is that while the body & cells
in the body folding process naturally Occur very quickly, to do it with a
computer it’s extremely difficult and Basically it can be much faster if we
use many computers around the world Sharing their actual processing power
and it will create a big Network, big Network of computer that will help to
make those calculation and hopefully by Doing so the researchers out there
around the world will find a way to Fight that corona virus. it can help
tremendously guys and it will speed up Things very very very good, so this is
what I’m asking for you guys I will Share a link down below in the
description of the video where you can Download a software that basically will
help you to contribute Speed up things and sharing
your processing power of your computer in your house or your business. now you
don’t have to do it while you work in Your computer you can do it while you
basically not using your computer and I Also have a TEAM that I opened a SILVER
EAGLE LOCKSMITH TEAM… The number is 238537 and when you basically download The software you will get to a web page
that will ask you to put the team number and by doing so we can all track how
much we contribute fighting the Coronavirus. that’s pretty much it guys
it’s pretty safe there is no problem and it will tremendously help with fighting
the corona virus to do medical research Around the world and this is my message
today guys and I hope that all of you my Subscribers and viewers around the world
watching it, it will definitely help and That’s what you can do nowadays and I
hope that you all be well and healthy and we will find a cure for this corona
virus very fast thank you guys for Watching and I will see you in my next

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  1. Is Schlage or Kwikset better at locking out the virus? Looks like we should have called you to prevent the break-in 😀

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