Google Places

Google Places

Say you own a business.
You have noticed the challenge to attract new customers and competitive market.
So you do your research and learned the Internet search is a great tool for everyone.
Not just for business, more people use online search engines like Google or any of the mediums
to find local information. You want to take control of your listings
on Google and let customers know what is all about.
So you signed up for Google free Google Places. And just a few minutes, you can customize
how your business listed on Google and Google Maps.
You can include things like menu options; photos of your entrees; your restaurant hours;
and anything else that helps you stand out of the competitions down the street.
You can even add coupons that your customers can print out and use when they visit.
Now you can see information about your business that you have never been able to see before.
Things like who is searching for you on Google; how they are finding you; and where are they
coming from when they are walking in the door. This information can help you make smart decisions
to bring more customers. For example, we may start to see the trends
on food that customers are craving. Based on what they were searching for to find
you, you can enhance the menu to cater to these trends.
You might notice that a lot of people coming to you from the other side of the town. Maybe
you can open a sister restaurant over there. You can continually adjust your business listings
on Google to improve your result based on the information you see on your dashboard.
We are bringing the power of Google to you and to your business.
It is worth checking out. Visit

28 thoughts on “Google Places

  1. Local business marketing is one the fastest growing segments in the Internet Marketing Industry.

    Google Places is exciting tool and a great first step for local businesses to understand the VALUE of Internet Marketing – whether they're selling coffee or grapple grommets!

  2. Google Local, Now GooglePlaces, is a valuable Internet Marketing resource that we recommend to all eBiz ROI customers. I like the new name, love the service and will continue to evangelize GooglePlaces to businesses everywhere!

  3. Well locationary is doing the same thing right now, more than 20 million places have been indexed in 97+ countries. Oh and locationary rewards you with shares which will earn you money every months.

    Pm me for an invite.

  4. @theseeker2k5 stop contributing to the noise, useless, irrelevant information in the wrong place at the wrong time and please add value by commenting on the video and not some shameless, selfish promotion of yourself.

    Frankly, I didn't come here to listen to you, or your opinions regardless of their merit. I'm sure in the right place, at the right time I might enjoy your stuff, but for this community on Google Places, your post is irrelevant.

  5. If I owned a retail business, I would be all over this.

    Here's how to make the best use of Google Places …

    1) Use direct-response ad copy to invite online browsers to visit your store

    2) Offer a coupon to get the first sale

    3) Capture their address info when they visit ("Would you like to be on our mailing list to receive coupons and specials for customers only?")

    4) Deliver an outstanding customer experience

    5) Mail and email them after that to get follow-up sales.

  6. Yeah, except they don't tell you that you have to wait to get a card in the mail to activate your account. I've been waiting for 2 months

  7. Excellent business development video! I have recommended this video to all of my clients and customers. Thank you. 🙂

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  10. People with businesses need to see this and get on board, stop spending money on SEO its all there for you for FREE from Google…..

    Honestly, it's really a simple as it looks!

  11. Yes i agree i am also a user for they were so cheap but so worth the cheap change spent. I am ranking on first page for all my local keywords.

  12. elite67? The package is only 50/monthly but i heard businesses are loving the reviews and the google rankings increase

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