Google Pixel 5 – FIRST LOOK

Google Pixel 5 – FIRST LOOK

So just four months after Google unveiled
their latest flagship phone the Pixel 4, we have the first look of their new flagship
phone, the Pixel 5 XL. The handset is due to be unveiled in October
this year so we’re almost 8 months away from the launch event but Jon Prosser from Front
Page Tech, a good friend of mine got early access to the CAD renders of the handset and
revealed what it could look like. He has extremely reliable sources so this
could be the final design we’re looking at, or at least it could be one of the prototypes. But knowing Google, my guess is that this
could very well be the final design. Google just suck at keeping secrets. Anyway, as you can see, the trend of a huge
camera layout is here to stay. It was kinda started with Huawei, and then
Google, Apple, Samsung and now again Google’s back with another big camera layout which
is situated at the center and has three cameras this time instead of two we saw on the Pixel
4 and also has an LED flash. There’s no information just yet about the
camera configuration but we can expect a normal, wide and telephoto cameras. Jon also talked about the front design. He’s not like 100% sure but he’s saying there
is a forehead just like the Pixel 4 but the size is smaller than the last phone which
is totally okay as long as they are not going with a notch. In my opinion, a small forehead still looks
better than any kind of interruption on the display, especially of this kind. That said, I know this might seem weird to
a lot of you but I’m kinda digging this design. Although the camera setup looks like a surprise
pikachu face but once you go past through it, it starts looking better. I mean way better than the Pixel 4’s camera
design or the iPhone 11 Pro’s design or even the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera design. I’m not saying it looks beautiful but out
of all the huge camera bumps we’ve seen recently this one looks decent. The fact that it’s in the middle and symmetric
makes it look better at least to me. And if Google goes with this design then I’ll
be pretty happy with the design team this year. Google arguably sits at the top for making
the worst looking phones, but thankfully it looks like that’s not going to be the case
this year. A small forehead, no chin, and this camera
setup is a decent looking phone in my opinion. What do you think? Do you like the design or completely hate
it? Let me know down in the comments. A lot of you might have known this already
but Mobile World Congress which is the world’s biggest mobile trade show has been canceled
over the fears of a virus. I can’t name it here because YouTube’s going
demonetize the video. A lot of big companies were scheduled to be
there at the event to showcase their new products such as Nokia, LG, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi,
Huawei and more but since a lot of Chinese people will also be there and their companies
didn’t want to take the risk of getting their employees infected so they started pulling
out from the event one by one. GSMA which organizes the MWC is left with
no choice but to cancel the event altogether. Now the companies that were originally scheduled
to launch their products at MWC will do it in a separate event or will do it online. With that being for all the latest tech news
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100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 5 – FIRST LOOK

  1. Why cant google just copy the design of Samsung punchhole with a flat screen.
    All companies are doing it vivo oppo xaiomi etc

  2. Hate that preposterous design. If the pixel 5 doesn't have an expandable micro SD card, then I won't buy it. Simple as that.

  3. Google, please! Am begging this time: Please, just hire Oppo or Xiaomi to design your next smartphone! Please, I will put on knees if it's what you want.

  4. Let's be real, essential phone was fucking garbage and overpriced for it's quality and had an ugly notch. It also wasn't unique. It deserved to be a flop.

  5. So cellphones are back to their ugly appearances… !!!! 😅😅😅🤣🤣
    Hope the camera is worth it… ! 😄😄😄

  6. This prototype, the back of it is so unbearable. It is cool to have such front screen layout but google definitely plz, don't put this prototype out on the market.

  7. f*ck it. i wont buy ANY PHONE with a damn ugly camera bump. why cant they make a flat back like before 2019 ? i dont care if the phone is 2 mm thicker. they can install a bigger battery. I HATE it when a phone doesnt lie flat on the table. worst design ever

  8. I want to buy a Pixel 3a so I could upgrade from my Moto G5 to the Pixel 3a but I don't know if I should wait for the Pixel 4a to come out. What do you think?

  9. I dont really care about the looks as long as phone have good internals and if design doesnt interfere with day to day use, something like a notch

  10. This is a horrible design module camera on the back. I don’t know why google insists in make phones that looks like toys. Instead to manufacture a fine finish polish high end phone like Apple and Samsung does…

  11. Better memory capacity and battery life would go a long way too. I'm down for forehead instead of notches or any kind of punch hole. It's more esthetic and allows for dual stereo speakers and good selfie cams. Go Google! Don't disappoint us like the rest of the manufacturers in 2020 with all their shitty designs (punch hole)

  12. You can do so much with the Google pixel. It's actually a really cool phone. Might get the future versions of this phone for my main driver.

  13. it looks like a shield with a face on it. maybe they should have changed the location of the camera's and keep the flash light at the same location. but the shield shape looks okay for me.

  14. 0:05 Well, I'm watching this on an Essential Phone, and my friend a few feet away also uses an Essential. I guess we're the two people.

  15. Personally I actually kind of like it bc of where it is on the phone, and if I got it I would just slap a case on it anyway.

  16. I think it looks better to you only mate. I have a Pixel 3 and if they keep doing shit deisgns and huge bezels or that camara design at the back I am changing brand Asap.

  17. First thing to break will be the cameras when you drop these phones. Better just to wait a year or two until they realise and sort this issue.

  18. It's so confusing. I'm teampixel because i LOVE the camera but I HATE the design. Please, just make it simple and I'll buy it anyways 🥺

  19. I want a phone that works. I want to have a good signal, be able to text and take a good picture while I'm on vacation.

  20. Why Google puts a jewelry designer woman as the hardware designer? These phones have been weird. I think they need a change there. Move that woman and the guy Pichai to another position and make things different… it's not working well.

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