100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 presents Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah — Lost in the Countryside

  1. Very Impressed Google. This is how you should be running your adverts from now on!! Absolutely loved that M and J were chosen to do this advert!! (This duo in your adverts should be something that should continue for a while) Funny, quirky and a great idea!!! 👌🏿

  2. Pixel 4 has the world's worst battery life. Google are allergic to putting decent size batteries in their phones.

  3. Guys iPhone are really bad company we are just wasting money some where down the line on this product when only next week iPhone will bring about 2 more devices. Look I’m like ya self we all have our favourite mobile but I deal and work with mobiles and the best mobile u can get us Samsung or google. U can have your theme just like Apple if u want u many many of choices but iPhone u will never be up to date unless you spend cash but Samsung have respect for there staff and customers throwing you amazing deals or just even listening when u got bill problems iPhone don’t care they have money to be wankers but Samsung and google they will tak to you with respect and help you like family.

  4. If some one dropped a Samsung mobile on my lap I’ll record smashing up my iPhone and burning it and just make a brutal 60secon IPhone smash

  5. Actually good for an ad, and so what if it's selling somethings, you don't have to buy it to like the ad (he says via his Google operated phone 🤭) 👍

  6. I wish black and white people would be come like this… even the world should come together but lol that will never happen. Happiness is the key!! Don’t forget that. There’s nothing like peace

  7. Do you know cute baby 3 watch that if it’s called Mrs Roheena Shahryar then if you see this kid he sucks accept Haleema and Amina and Bilal and Subhan

  8. Is this why my Google Pixle Xl's mic keeps failing because You've taken a leaf out of Apple iPhone's book?
    Strategic obsolescence?
    I won't buy another Google phone: trust=0.

  9. Oh so funny! the white boy is posh and dumb and is left in the field. hahahahahahhahahhahahha soooo funny!!!!! I love google so much.

  10. "na na na na im not walking through any more fields" I was cracking up! – I don't watch ads I'm ready to skip but this was great!

  11. I want to complain this into human rights, keep human gambling with A life and my Parents families life.

  12. Can’t shake the feeling it’s another pc / diversity propaganda video… the force they put into it is staggering these days, nothing can just be regular anymore it has to have some sort of ‘pc / diversity is bliss’ message incorporated… so thumbs down from my side… the product is clearly secondary for the propagandists these days. 😉

  13. 😡 so this set of my phone assistant and my Google home. If you're going to make an add like this, some how make it not trigger everyone's Google assistant.

  14. Typical woke representation of modern man.. A couple of incapable a*rseholes. One black. One gay. You know the drill by now.. Get used to it.

  15. Only issue is Every time they say "HEY GOOGLE ' & its playing on my car system….my Bloody 'assistant'' thinks it's Me asking for help & bleeps 'hi how can I help' … when I say stop playing this advert…skip it…ur annoying …it says ' u dont have any subscriptions"…..EXACTLY my point…………🙄🤨🤐🙉🙉🙉🤦‍♀️

  16. I never buy from unsolicited ads. Even if you show me something I want, I will make a point of buying it from somewhere else. I've never bought anything as the result of an advert I didn't deliberately go looking for. So you might as well GET OFF MY PHONE!

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