Google Nest Hub Review – 6 Months Later

Google Nest Hub Review – 6 Months Later

We’ve had the Google Nest Hub formerly
known as the Google home hub for a little over six months now and overall
I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve gotten to spend with this device now in this
video what I’m going to do is go over the best features of the Google Nest hub
after six months of use how the device has held up over the long term and
ultimately what my recommendation is for whether or not this device is worth it
let’s dive in Google released what is now known as
Google nest hub in the second half of 2018 after its release it was almost
immediately on sale for the holidays and it’s safe to say that these devices seem
to be a hit so what makes this device so great for me it boils down to three main
categories photo frame media playback and smart home device controls first
let’s talk about photo frame which is the name of the actual photo display
feature for the Google nest hub photo frame is typically the first thing
you’ll see when looking at the device you can set the device to display a
variety of photos provided by Google but the real heart of this feature is its
connection to Google photos we take so many photos with our smartphones
nowadays but how often do any of us really go back to look at those old
photos we took from a year ago and rediscover the memories that those
photos bring out now if you’re unfamiliar with Google photos it’s a
free service available on Android iOS Mac and Windows and it allows you to
send an unlimited number of photos and videos up to the Google Photos cloud
storage it’s a great way to backup all the photos you take on all of your
devices with the nest hubs Google Photos integration you can set it up to show
pictures of yourself family friends and pets and it will automatically create a
people and pets album for you based on your selections which the nest hub can
actually be set to so it’ll display photos from this new people and pets
album as you take these photos with the people and pets you’ve identified for
this album those photos will automatically appear in the people and
pets google photos album and automatically start to come up on the
google nest hubs display when it is in photo display mode you can also set your
nest hub to show specific albums you already have in Google photos the other
thing that makes the nest how fantastic for displaying photos is the hubs
display itself it has a brightness sensor as well as an ambient light color
temperature so it’ll make your pictures look correct
in any given lighting situation the screen displays photos with a realism I
haven’t seen from other photo displays it displays photos how they would look
if they were actually printed out and framed in your home next up let’s talk
about media playback one of the major and most useful features of Google home
speakers is music and media playback the Google Nest Hub sounds ok it sounds
similar to the Google home but with less space where the Google desktop really
shines with music playback is with its display it’ll show you the current
artists plane on the device or on a speaker group it allows you to scrub
through the media play pause stop and skip tracks
another great feature Google added to the device was the ability to control
the volume of the speaker in speaker groups on the nest hubs display which is
a really awesome feature if you have a multi room audio setup why can I do in
every room of my residence you can play music from various services on the nest
hub including YouTube music Spotify Pandora tune in and soon hopefully Apple
music as well also you can play video content on the display you can play news
videos from sources like CNN or the BBC and you can of course play YouTube
videos on the device as well the last main feature of the nest hub that’s been
really important over the past six months has been smart home controls the
nest up basically acts as the central hub for controlling all of your homes
smart devices that work with the Google assistant from smart lights to
thermostats smart switches cameras blinds and even doorbells getting to the
controls for your entire smart home is easy you just swipe down from the top of
the nest hub screen there you can make adjustments to your various smart home
devices over the past 6 months I’ve often found myself going to the nest hub
screen to control smart home devices rather than using my voice to give the
Google assistant acum the screen offers a level of
functionality with certain tasks of controlling smart home devices that you
just don’t get when using your voice and giving a command to the Google assistant
Google also added some quick controls to this drop-down as well you can instantly
turn the lights on or off in the room that your nest hub is located in
changing the temperature from the nest hub is quite easy and one of the
features i’ve used a lot over the past six months
another feature I use quite often is with the smart light controls you can
not only change the brightness of a group of lights with the nest hub or an
individual light but you can also change the color of them as well if you’re an
owner of nest security cameras or the nest to load or Abell those devices are
nicely integrated into the Google Nest hub software say for example if someone
rings your doorbell the video from the doorbell will pop up on the devices
screen and allow you to answer the door from the nest hub hey what’s up if you
use the nest hello’s facial recognition feature the Google Nest hub can actually
announce who the person is at the door and then show you the video feed on the
nest hubs display now to wrap up this review I’ll close by saying that the
Google Nest hub has been one of the best technology purchases I’ve made over the
past several years unlike a lot of products out there almost every
interaction I have with my Google Nest hub is a positive one thanks to its best
feature photo frame the photos look natural and look better than on any
other display I’ve ever seen photos displayed on and the connection to
Google photos makes keeping this thing updated a breeze plus don’t forget that
the Google Nest hub comes with the Google assistant and is able to answer
all the commands you would normally ask a Google home or Google home many with
the addition of a screen which gives you a lot more things that you can do with
it things like recipes getting definitions
of words and deal with lists as well as other tasks are
just simply better on the nest hub versus at Google home many thanks to the
visuals that the nest hubs screen provides as well as the audio that comes
from its speaker I also like that Google not only added a mute switch to the nest
hubs microphone but made it a physical switch that physically disconnects the
microphones wiring giving you as the user the peace of mind that the mic is
truly off so after six months of using this thing where’s the best place to put
one you may ask well personally in my experience my favorite place to put a
Google Nest hub has been on my desk I can control all of the speakers in my
bedroom speakers group and I just love seeing the photos come across the screen
as I work throughout the day now Google just recently announced a larger version
of the nest hub called the nest hub max which will go on sale later in summer
2019 it’ll sport a nest camera it’ll have a
10 inch display and much better sound than the nest hub so sound quality is
important to you with your Google assistant displays I’d say wait for the
nest hub max to come out so you can try it before deciding on whether or not you
want to get a nest hub if sound quality isn’t as important to you and you like
the idea of having a digital photo display that’s around the same size as a
5 by 7 inch photo frame then I think the Google Nest hub will be the perfect
device for that use case you’re going to find that the nest hub can fit in a lot
more areas of your home versus the Google nest hub max will based on the
Max’s larger size well that wraps up our review of the Google Nest hub if you
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if you have any questions or comment about the Google nest hub make sure to
leave them in the comment section below thanks again for watching this video I’m
Josh Teder for 6 Months Later

99 thoughts on “Google Nest Hub Review – 6 Months Later

  1. OK, so I have this problem and it seems no one knows what I am talking about, I am in the preview program with all my Google assistant devices and on my Nest Hub in my living room it is linked with my Shield TV also in the living room and one day all of a sudden when I say Ok Google to my Nest Hub then whatever is playing on Shield TV (be it Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc) will pause playback while Google assistant talks and when she finishes talking the video playback will resume and this lasted for 2 days and now this does not happen anymore, also I used to be able to tell my Nest Hub to pause TV if I am going to the bathroom or kitchen and she used to do it and now she does not, am I the only one experiencing this????

  2. I'm a little bit disappointed, haven't managed it to start playing content from netflix on Chromecast. Only get a message that netflix can't play on smart displays. Well I just want to start playing on Chromecast by voice

  3. WERKT NIET Vandaag nieuw gekocht maar onmogelijk te verbinden met wifi via iPhone dus maandag weer retour wat een onding en wat een energie ik er toch weer aan verspilt heb, nergens support

  4. You must work for google because everyone else knows that thing is nothing but a surveillance device.

  5. Can the Nest hub play a sound or turn lights on if one of the Nest cams has detected a person (not just motion but a person)?

  6. We bought a Hub a week ago to go with our nest doorbell. It works great when someone rings the doorbell. However if someone knocks on the door, the Hub makes you aware that someone is there, but there is no microphone to talk to that person. Don't know about anyone else, but 50% of the people that come to our door, knock. Is there another devise to use with the nest doorbell, that would allow us to talk to someone who comes to the door and knocks? Or will the next Hub Max be able to solve this issue?

  7. best screen to view photos ? 75 inch 4k TV … not a bad product but it looks to me like a tablet can do all this and more …

  8. I got an offer from youtube TV to get this at 50 bucks. But I'm looking at it now and scratching my head. Why not just use a regular tablet. A regular tablet can pretty much do all of this and more. Am I missing something here? I don't see anything unique here other than limitations. Any basic tablet can play youtube TV, youtube, google play, use software that automatates things. I can login to my frontpoint security and change the A/C and my lights via app. I can go to any website, etc. It has an "ok" speaker system but I can use externals. I can even pump it wirelessly through my surround speakers. So WTF does Google Nest Hub do that is so unique again?

  9. I tho this is 2019 offer to me for $50 right now with code …but gonna look for 2019 model

  10. The sound is pretty mediocre, but I set the default music speaker to my old Google Home, and it works great. It's the perfect size to replace an alarm clock radio on the nightstand, which is what I did. I couldn't pass up the current $49 deal.

  11. Man, I hope it plays Apple Music! I ordered one to have in my office because I watch YT videos during lunch and I use up a lot of battery on my phone. I have a Nest doorbell and hope to get the thermometer in a few months. Sure, people might like Amazon and Ring better, but I am partial to Google. Just am.

  12. I wanna buy this but I can't get over how similar it is to atablet although, a lot of features are just fluff to me

  13. Great video. Interesting device but google assistant is always listening (this is a corporate spy bug in my home and I value privacy). I am not so into the "fat bezel" design. There should be little or no bezel to make this device look more current and up to date.

  14. Can anyone please tell me if it’s possible to play YouTube TV in it? And also if it’s possible to connect Bluetooth headphones since the audio isn’t that great?!

  15. It's like buying the world's shittiest all-in-one smallest made PC with less functions!
    If you want something like this then buy an all-in-one PC and put it on your nightstand, does everything that this can do as well as your phone, PC and your TV lol

  16. Definitely more of a frustrating product. Cooking is a nightmare. Try getting a recipe from Pinterest to it and you’ll feel my overwhelming dissatisfaction.

  17. To me it was a disappointment. The sound is really not good, and the max volume is low. As a device to see photos, it’s too small. And to be honest, I find it ugly. I have no other uses for it, so I’m my opinion, if you don’t have a smart house, this device is totally irrelevant if you have a smartphone.

  18. I appreciate the video, but you really didn't need to slide in, each and every frame so slowly. It was an annoyance and painful lol

  19. Have fun handing over all your information , pictures, Conversations.! That’s right everything you down load or up load onto the nest goes right to googles information gathering team they see every picture here every conversation. We are helping companies gather psychological data on its customers so they can better manipulate us into emptying our wallets & it’s not just nest it’s every Company that uses computer devices

  20. Is there any way to have motion from a Nest outdoor camera (not the doorbell) be announced on the hub or have it automatically pull up the video? Also, can you communicate throught he nest camera like you can the doorbell from the hub?

  21. I just want to be able to talk to google like some AI program with my whole house armed with smart tech. How cool would it be to ask what kind of frozen food you got and it tell you, then you ask it to preheat your oven for your desired pick and it knows what temp because it is linked online. I know that's a pathetic example, but if we can do something that simple and dull, imagine the possibilities!!!!

  22. Why would a low resolution 1024×600 display be good for looking at photos? XD That is a ridiculous assertion seeing as how that is not even 1 megapixel of resolution

  23. Actually, I enjoy looking back at my images from years back so I have no problem at all. However what's the resolution?

  24. this video is best watched at 1.75 / 1.5 speed. You can still understand him fine. I just found he talks too slowly considering half the info is only covering basics. Going back to normal feels like he's talking in slow motion lol.

  25. I’ve watched a few of your videos so far and two of them have had a Shawn Mendes song playing and I love it. Are you a big fan of him too?

  26. Today is coming at my home from flipkart in @india .. Make a digital & smart home with google nest hub .. Can i change sir ?

  27. Excellent update review. Just bought the nest hub myself and totally love it… especially the photo frame quality. Looks like a mini OLED TV screen. And it's working great for my smart home devices too. I like it so much I'm purchasing 2 more to spread'em out throughout the home.

  28. Reviewers lied, if you dont need YT and don't have Google Play Music then the Amazon Show 5 is so much better!
    Bought both as Xmas Gifts and decided to test them out.

    Google's hub has weak speakers, Amazons Show 5 is so much bassier and fills the room.
    The UI is better designed on the Amazon. Google's is just not interaction friendly and it lags a lot even just simply swiping to go to the home screen.
    Amazons alarm starts slow and gently gets louder, Google just frightens you with the most annoying Melody.
    The stand by clock is a tiny little thing in the corner of the of the screen of the Google, the Amazon gives you so many design options and the clock is boldly fit in the middle.

    I'm quite upset, I had high hopes for Google but it's just not there yet!

  29. At 6:53 the screen shows the weather and calendar (as does the box). How do you get that screen to show? I cannot find that answer anywhere.

  30. when you have nest camera on and someone comes in view of your camera is there a setting so a notification comes on announces someone in sight?

  31. So I guess I can't just put an SD card in it to display the photos of my choosing… My phone always needs to connect to Google in order for me to upload it to a cloud first? Na I'm good

  32. I really like how you delivered every word that you said on this review! Every word was clearly understandable! Good job 👍

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