Google Marketing Platform Introduction

Google Marketing Platform is a unified
solution for cross-channel marketing. It includes an integrated set of
advertising and analytics products that let you manage the entire customer
journey. As a marketer, you want to understand your customer behavior. Google Analytics provides web and app analytics that let you see how users are
interacting across multiple properties. When combined with Google Optimize, you
can run experiments on your properties and personalize the experience for users. Once you’ve optimized the experience, we want users to interact with your brand
through other channels. That’s where Google Display and Video 360 comes in with end-to-end digital marketing campaign management: streamline the creative
development process, simplify your media planning, and reach the right audiences. Google Search Ads 360 helps you get the most out of your search campaigns and
respond to an ever-changing market in real time and at scale. With your
campaigns in full swing, you can use Google Surveys to develop
the market research questions you want to ask, and pose those questions to users
around the world. Finally, use Google Data Studio to share
data from almost any source via interactive dashboards and reports. Marketing Platform Home is your starting point. You can see all of the products
you have access to, as well as functionality to manage and integrate
those products. Integration center is where you manage
product-to-product links to share audiences, import data, and link accounts. You can easily create new
links, see which products are already linked and sharing data, and learn more
about potential integrations that will help you get more value out of
Marketing Platform. Use Administration to manage billing, users and permissions, and the organizations that unify your
Marketing Platform products. Recently Viewed provides a list of accounts and
advertisers you accessed recently. With Google Marketing Platform,
everything you need for end-to-end control of your
marketing is just clicks away. To learn more about how to use
Google Marketing Platform, visit our help center

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