30 thoughts on “Google maps changes disputed borders based on where you’re searching from

  1. It's weird indeed, but in many cases it's the only way how to not be permanently blocked in countries that have its own, sometimes delusional, "view" on how things around them should be. Unfortunately that's where we all are right now.
    So far, world isn't united enough to understand how silly and confusing these "different views" may look like for travellers , or, – here's a bit of Sci-Fi, – for Aliens!

  2. it is not google but the countries that demand their view.
    and if google has a say in it.. they would be the oppressing/freedom party (with mainly a usa view of the world)

  3. Ya, Pakistan has been trying since 1947 to "take back" Kashmir when its citizens choose India. Even now you have people migrating across to stay in India due to the high level of ethnic and racial cleansing that goes on in Pak province.

  4. That's an easy one…….simply have both maps available to view. And as for the name's of the lands and seas, I believe that when some location has already been named. It should not be changed. I mean after all. For example: I remember when the 'Arabian Sea' was named the 'Persian Gulf.' I never knew that the name had been changed…..until now! I had wondered whatever became of the Persian Gulf. Could it have possibly dried-up? It was gone from the GOOGLE maps. Well, now I know! 'Learn something new everyday!' Oh. and don't throw away your old paper maps. They become nostalgic once their usefulness is gone.

  5. So while those of us in the United States are distracted by the antics and disemboweling of our democracy, no one is giving this the attention needed to start a public dialogue of keeping an eye on the rest of the world controlling the U. S. "free" marketplace and those entities participating in it.

  6. I mean, it's the same maps as they had before they were digitized. If there is any disagreement they can have a war in which 1/3 of their citizens are killed. That is a common method for settling disputes, historically.

  7. There aren't landmarks defining borders? Borders are just "social constructs" (as opposed to legal constructs that some people never read about or vote to establish)? What sort of professional pseudo-intellectual presents the world this way? Oh, google, that's who.

  8. This is not new at all, it was already the case when I was in India in 2015. I thought it is common knowledge. This stuff is even more common for companies who target the Chinese market, which Google does not.
    Even more alarming: All maps and globes for kids produced in China are required by law to draw Chinese maps. The globe by Discovery Mindblown sold in the United States shows disputed Indian areas and even the South China Sea as part of China, including the infamous Nine-Dash Line.

  9. Remember that jews and Hebrews are different peoples, one will not find a Hebrew on Palestinian territory only jews. FACTS MATTER !!

  10. Google is so willing to lie for China, now in order to not be a hypocrite they have to lie for everybody else too. So woke.

  11. google is full of sh.. they also collect your information and sell it to data brokers and or political campaigns such as the trump administration data brokers also sell your information to corporations and countries such as russia and china and now your internet is controlled what you see is what your allowed to see by the federal and state governments and your service provider and google it's self and that's what deregulation did

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