25 thoughts on “Embed a Free Custom Google Map on Your WordPress Website

  1. Awesome information. I'm just getting started with WP so the videos have been a great source of WP information. PS. I'm in N. Dallas.

  2. @kori I don’t know what to say. I have a site, and I really really spend time writing great blog posts and with short period of time now my visitors are about 200k a month. That’s very awesome 👏. I do a great SEO strategies that I learned from you and other great people over the past months . I’m ranking number one in many blog posts for many different keywords. I’m not surprised at all because I really do know what I’m doing.

    However, there is a site competing with me in the same industry. The site is older way older and now I’m taking the first place. The site owner noticed that I’m taking over. So, he/she decided to literally copy my SEO strategy and started writing posts based on my posts and the keywords I’m targeting.

    I’m seriously pissed that when I read his/her posts they look like mine. I really feel that he/she is standing on my back watching what I do to jump and do the exact same thing. I see their older posts are now being updated and the intro-body- and conclusion is like mine.

    I don’t know what to do, I know this is competition but he/she can do their own SEO strategy instead of watching and copying mine.

    My site is in Arabic language, I can see that the author of their posts “the owner probably” isn’t native Arabic speaker, they use poor Arabic language.

    I found out this week that this site is copying me, I’m so pissed.

    I don’t care about google Adsense that I placed on my site. Their income is not important at all as long as it’s covering the expenses of my site.

    I’m offering services on my site and that’s my goal but site authority on the industry is important too.

    You probably older than me when it comes to SEO and websites and stuff, I’m sad and don’t know what to do if there is something I should do. I know it’s a competition but copying my SEO is not cool at all.

    Please help and advise me!

    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Kori, thanks for the great video! I have a question for you – can I link the location icons on this kind of a map to websites? Thank you!

  4. Thank you Kori for the insight instructions on how to "Embed a Free Custom Google Map on Your WordPress Website". I just placed in our handyman services website, https://prettyhandyguys.ocm

  5. Are there any ebooks on amazon as well? You have cool videos, however, my tech friend is the babe ruth of search engines.

  6. I want to build a wordpress site. Everyone will add the relevant category to their store with their memberships. and contact information of stores, google maps information, store features and photos will be. And members will be able to see the stores according to province and district search filter when they enter the site. What plug-ins would you recommend for a site like this in wordpress. I bought the theme myself and would like to edit this theme in line with the features I want, can you help me?


  7. How do you disbale the 'Edit' feature below the map. I embedded the map on my contact page and below it there is an 'edit' button and i click it it takes me back to the dashboard to edit it obviously. But how do I disable it so when I push it live, the visitor doesn't click on it.

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