Dropshipping startup costs 2020. How much dropshipping costs in 2020?

Dropshipping startup costs 2020. How much dropshipping costs in 2020?

Are you wondering how much it costs to start
dropshipping? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? In this video, we will calculate how much
you need to start a dropshipping business on WordPress depending on your needs. My name is Olesya, and welcome to the AliDropship
channel. Our AliDropship plugin helps turn any WordPress
site into a dropshipping store. You can learn more by following this link. Today, we’re going to talk about how much
a dropshipping startup costs in 2020. There are many ways to start a dropshipping
store, but we at AliDropship prefer WordPress. Why? Because a website built on WordPress fully
belongs to you, giving you total control and ownership over your business. Do you already have a WordPress site? Then watch till the end to learn how to start
a dropshipping business without breaking the bank. Now, let’s find out how much dropshipping
costs in 2020! Minimum budget: about 150 dollars
To start a dropshipping website, you will need these elements:
a domain name hosting
a CMS dropshipping software
This is the absolute minimum of what you need to start. You can get a domain name for your website
on GoDaddy.com or NameCheap.com.Simply type an idea into the search field to see various
suggestions for names. Most of them will cost you about $10 for the
first year. Just keep in mind that the price will increase
after the first year. Okay, so a domain name will cost about $10. Next, you’ll need to pay for hosting. Hosting is a service that provides you with
the resources required to show your site on the internet. Simply speaking, it’s a server you rent
to run a website. You can either find a hosting service on your
own or use one of AliDropship’s offers designed specifically for dropshipping business. Choose our silver plan if you want to minimize
your dropshipping startup costs as much as possible. This plan provides enough capacity to start
a business and will cost you only $48 for the first year. And again, don’t forget that you’ll need
to pay for the hosting each year after. So we’ve got your domain name and server
out of the way. Now you can create an actual website. But to do that, you’re going to need a CMS,
which is a content management system.At AliDropship, we recommend using WordPress since it’s
absolutely free and simple to use. You can download WordPress from the WordPress
website to use it as a basis for your store. And since it’s free, you pay nothing! We’re almost ready to go! The last thing you’ll need is some sort
of software that can turn a simple website into a dropshipping store. It’s critical to have this to avoid repetitive
manual work in finding suppliers and importing them to your website. Our AliDropship plugin is your best bet. Count on it to automate many tasks such as
searching for suppliers and importing product imagery and descriptions. For a one-time payment of only $89, the AliDropship
plugin simplifies the complexity of setting up products for your website. There’s no subscription or no additional
fees. One payment. One super convenient solution. And we provide you with life-time customer
support. So adding all those up, a dropshipping startup
in 2020 costs only $147. That’s a small investment to make for a
fully-functional, fully-customizable business! After installing the plugin, adding your desired
products to sell, and designing your website, you will have a professional web shop ready
to entice customers and bring in orders! Now, if you have some extra budget to spend,
let’s see how much dropshipping will cost if you elevate our AliDropship services. If you don’t want to set up the AliDropship
plugin, website server, domain, and all that by yourself, simply leave it to our team. AliDropship will create a dropshipping store
based on your ideas from scratch. We call this our custom dropshipping stores. In this case, you will still have to pay $48
for the first year of hosting, but now on top of a fee of $299 for the entire creation
of the a custom store. For $299, our Basic package includes all the
elements necessary to start a dropshipping store such as the AliDropship plugin, a domain
name, a free website theme, payment gateways, 50 products within the niche you choose, and
much more. So if you add up the hosting cost with the
custom store fee, starting a dropshipping business with our team’s help will cost
you $347. It’s much more than $147, but if you have
the budget for it, why not? One payment makes you the owner of your own
dropshipping store. You won’t have to pay any additional fees
except for yearly hosting and the domain fee. You can learn more about our custom stores
from one of our previous videos. And finally, if you don’t want to start
your business from scratch (even with our help), AliDropship has an easy solution for
you – fully-functional established stores! These sites are not just niche-targeted and
designed with hot-selling products, but each website already brings in a monthly revenue
and visitor traffic. Visit our site to learn more about this offer
and the various costs. How to start dropshipping with $0
Okay, you must be thinking how we can go from $379 to zero cost. Hey, it’s possible if you have a WordPress
website (see why we recommend it as your CMS?). Install our DropshipMe plugin, which allows
you to import up to 50 selected and pre-edited AliExpress products from the curated product
database for free. Yes, zero cost for 50 neat product pages of
expert-selected, high-volume selling items so you can start a marketing campaign right
away. The DropshipMe doesn’t require anything
aside from having WordPress as your site platform. 50 high sellers for no money is a steal. If you see success with these free product
adds, remember you can always get more hand-picked items by buying additional packages. And if the 50 free items don’t work out
too well for you, hey — there’s no loss for you. Intrigued by our 4 tiers of dropshipping costs
today? Be sure to click the links in the description
box to learn more. I will also leave a link below to download
a free dropshipping guide for beginners. I hope you found this video helpful. My name is [Oleysia] and thank you for watching! If you have any questions or suggestions,
feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
and turn on bell notifications to to learn more about dropshipping and stay in touch
with us.See you next week!

8 thoughts on “Dropshipping startup costs 2020. How much dropshipping costs in 2020?

  1. IF you would like to do something good, contact Aliexpress and tell them to FIX their Australian GST on their checkout pages. There is no way for the drop-shipper to contact them and explain to them that they have a BIG PROBLEM WITH THE AUSTRALIA GST.

  2. My agent told me to stop dropshipping until the coronavirus is under control. So we all gotta find different ventures online for the next couple of months until things have calmed down a bit. I can help you find other ventures temporarily until the coronavirus situation has calmed. Message me on instagram @j_r.e.d👍

  3. Hi Olesia,

    Those are GREAT numbers and I broke it down for someone somewhere else or perhaps on this channel what it realistically cost to start a "PROFITABLE" dropshipping business. Why else would anyone start one if not for profit.

    Your basic numbers is what it would cost to be up and running. However, most people probably fail because they will quickly discover it will cost at least a bare minimum of $300 – $500 to turn a profit.

    The one absolutely imperative ingredient you failed to mention is the cost to running Facebook or Youtube ADS.

    Unless you are an absolute Guru to running the Ads, a dropshipper should plan on spending $100 – $200 for an AD budget. I ended up spending about $100 just to get my first sell. However, I learned a great deal and discovered what tags, triggers, system and such I need to spend less and generate more sales.

    I would not have been able to do any of the things I have thus far as quickly and successfully without the Woo plugin.

    I just want people to be successful as well as there is PLENTY of money to be made by us ALL in this WORLD ECONOMY; we just need to go into this understanding that you will not be able to do this with just the cost of the plugin.

    If a person just save up $500 then jump in from that point, I believe they will be successful. I have seen a lot of associates and friends become discouraged because they felt they didn't have what it takes because they could not turn a profit by investing only $100 – $200 TOTAL!

    That is just unrealistic! However, you can do this guys if you use that number as a starting point.

    Save the money up for this purpose. DO NOT USE YOUR BABY's milk money or rent money to start. Go ahead and purchase the Alidropship plugin now but SAVE THE MONEY UP for the rest as this industry is NOT going anywhere.

    Man, I wish I was an AliDropShip Affiliate because I could have dropped my link here but I am not an affiliate and this is still SOUND advice.

  4. Is it worth buying a store right now with all this virus thing going on around the world? I mean, is it still profitable or should I wait a few months till it subsides?

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