DIY Gaming Chair – We built our own junkyard computer chair!

DIY Gaming Chair – We built our own junkyard computer chair!

Jon’s wife is going to be so unhappy. [music] Hey everybody! Thanks for watching. I’m Rich, and this is Jon, and we are 2GuysTek. Jon and I both love our high-end gaming chairs. In fact, we both own DXRacers. Shoutout to DXRacer. But that got Jon thinking. Yeah, I love my DXRacer, and I have spent
a lot of hours in it, but before that I had a lot of computer chairs that just gave me
constant back pain. But I have another chair that gives me zero
back pain. And that is my car chair. I’ve put thousands of miles in that thing,
and zero back pain. So I was thinking, what if we made a computer
chair out of a car chair? I think your wife needs a new computer chair. Yes she does. Shall we do this? Let’s do it. Let’s do it. [music] What car are you hoping you’ll find at this place? Something sporty. Sporty? Like, perhaps, a Jeep Wrangler extended cab. Super duty diesel Jeep. These seats are actually not too bad! They’re huge, like they are really big. I’m a little worried we’re going to find seats that are just too big. What car do you think the seats should have? Well I told you the original idea was I’m
going to take it out of my car before I sold it, so I think a last-gen Prelude. What are you doing? Just stop. This is how I’m going to get the seat out
of the car. [sawing noises]
We’ll be there all afternoon. Pick N Pull Self Service Auto and Truck Dismantlers. Alright, so what area do you want look at. I’m thinking imports. I don’t know why, but I think that if it’s
something that’s sitting in a massive junkyard, that the imports probably hold up better. Like 100 Civics? Yeah, we’ll see. Let’s head… we are here. We got a long way to go. Let’s do it. It’s like a $2 admission to an adult theme
park. Oh! Check it out. Check it out. Here we go. Here we go. Actually, okay. There’s a yellow one right there too. That’s an engine. So Jon has always had this obsession with
these Honda Preludes. This is like the perfect seat. It’s not exactly the shape we’re looking for,
though. No. It’s in good shape. Look at the passenger one. Yeah, you gotta watch out for that. Ow! I feel like I have tetanus just sitting in
this car. Yeah, that’s true. That had cigarettes in it. Gross. How does it feel? Not bad actually. So we have one. We actually have a real contender. I got new computer speakers! And a new computer monitor! Those are metal. Nope. That’s disgusting. Yep. Um Hm. Yep, that’s an engine. Yep, it’s broken. [singing] It’s a hard knock life for us. [laugh]
Oh Jon, your dream car is right here. Hey is this a.. a..? Fox body? He knows all the names of it. This seat is in good shape. Both are in good shape. Look at this Jon, this is so retro it screams
you. Kinda looks like a race car! It looks just like your computer chair. But you should sit in this one. That’s perfect. Yeah. Yeah? I can see myself sitting in this. Does it work? Gotta figure out how it works. It’s got a firm back and something sticky. This is exactly what those DXRacers that we
have feel like. It’s the seat. There it is. This is perfect. Oh man. Oops, sorry, Jon. Oh yeah. [laughing] Alright, this is the chair for only $42.03. I’m going to drive away. Alright, so we have a donor chair here. Basically, we just want to take the legs. Rich’s wife does not know that her chair is
the donor chair yet, but she’s going to find out. So anyway, let’s take this thing off and see
how we’re going to get it to fit on the other chair. So originally, we were planning on just getting
a piece of plywood to put here and just screw it in for simplicity, but looking at this,
surprisingly, I think we can just drill some holes in here and work even better if we can
get these stupid things off. Let’s get to it. We blew up my…! Oh my god! Have anything to say for that? Sorry Rich! Alright, change of plans, ladies and gentlemen. We’re going to use this. And, no, I have no idea what I’m doing. Alright, for this one, we’re just going to
grind off the spot welds instead of cutting the front off. Ok, here’s the plan. We have the vinyl chair all mounted on to
the really awesome base, and now we’re going to color it to look like our gaming chair. To do that, we’re going to use some leather
and vinyl paint. We’ve got black and brown. This chair is going to turn into a sexy gaming chair. It looks very dark brown. This is layer 1 out of 100. Alright, so we’ve already done a couple coats
on the sides with the brown. Now we’re going to attempt to do the middle
with black. Let’s see how that turns out. So Jon, we’ve gotten to the point in the video
where we need to talk about whether this was a success or a failure or what we think of it. Right. Shall I go first? Yeah, go for it. I loved it. I loved how the chair turned out. The two-tone that we kind of ripped off from
our DXRacers looks awesome. Is it an equivalent to a DXRacer? No. Not in a million years. Not ever going to be. But it also didn’t cost $400 like a DXRacer. It cost, I thinks, what was it, like $40-something? $40-some odd, Yeah. So it was a 10th of the price. Yes. It’s a 10th of the price. I think it turned out great, and I’m really happy. What do you think? What’s the saying? It’s all about the journey. It’s not that bad. Honestly, I had a great day looking for this chair. Painting it, the first stroke, I looked at
Rich, and I was like, get water. We can undo this! We’re not doing this. So, the question here is, is it going in your
house? You know, I’ll be very proud to sit in this
chair and drink beer here in the studio in this chair. So, success! Yes, resounding success. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is going to
do it for our video. We really hope you enjoyed watching it as
much as we enjoyed making it. Jon and I want to throw a shout out to our
buddy Aaron for his luscious beard which is, unfortunately, not on camera, but he did all
the camera work at the junkyard. And also, a shout out to the Sherwood Pick
N Pull for letting three random dudes walk around an afternoon with a camera. Alright guys, that’s going to do it. So don’t forget to leave a comment below. Let us know what you thought about this video. Another thing that really helps us out is
you subscribing. Please. It helps us keep this channel growing. You can follow this guy at @2GuysTekRich,
myself at @2GuysTekJon, and both of us at @2GuysTek. Thanks again. See you. Did you see the chair? Woo! Extreme chair. Extreme. Extreme chair.

41 thoughts on “DIY Gaming Chair – We built our own junkyard computer chair!

  1. This is great. I had exactly the same idea and wanted to search if someone already done this. Didn't knew it would be that simple though 😀

  2. More like DX ripped off their design idea from chairs for racing. pretty sure that design was out before DX was a company.

  3. Those bucket seats in the Junkyard that retro one.
    Here in Philippines it can sell @ 10,000 PHP or 185 USD for that pair.

  4. can i turn my normal chair into something comfortable? i get tired easily just in a hour and if i sit more back start hurting. can't even afford a offical chair. ;_,

  5. You know you're a welder when you get triggered by tack welds being referred to as spot welds 😂 (no hate, before I got into welding I'd say it too 😂)

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