Digital Minimalism – How I organize and declutter my digital life

Digital Minimalism – How I organize and declutter my digital life

Hello, my name is Tom, and this video is going to be about
digital minimalism and basically I want it to show you how I use my
computer in a minimalistic way. And I just want to say
first of all that yes, this video is very inspired by
other minimalists on YouTube, such as Kraig Adams, who made a wonderful video about
digital minimalism. Actually, he’s made several videos. So if you see that there are any things
that I’ve borrowed from his video, it’s more of a tribute and not a steal. I’m a huge fan of Kraig Adams and
the video that he made about digital minimalism is one of those
really inspiring videos. There’s one of my favorite
YouTube videos of all times, really inspiring and enjoyable to watch. So I’m going to put a link to that video
in the description. So check that out. Kraig Adams has a more extreme view
on digital minimalism than myself. And there are other YouTubers out there
like Matt D’avella and Nathaniel Drew, who put their own twist on digital
minimalism as they see fit. And as I mentioned before
to me and to many others, minimalism is a tool that you
use to optimize your lifestyle. It’s not about reaching
zero or anything like that. It’s about just using
the tool of minimalism, just minimizing things that are
distractions and don’t help you. So in this video I wanted to show you
how I use my computer and it’s not the best way for everyone to use. It’s the way that works best for
me at the moment in this time. So let’s just jump right
into it, shall we? Okay, so this is [inaudible] MacBook
pro, a late 2013 model. As you can see, I use a
very dark type of image. It’s dark mode all the way. I
really enjoy using dark mode. I use dark mode on my
smartphone, on my laptop, and on my video editing machine. But I’m
going to talk more about that later on. So first of all here you see that I
have a black wallpaper and some extreme minimalists. They just have
something like no wallpaper, just just have black or some generic color
because they feel that a wallpaper is too distracting. I don’t agree
with that. At least for me, I like having a nice wallpaper but I
don’t like it to be too colorful or too detail. I prefer it to be something simple like
this so it could be a forest or as I feel right now, I like to have this, these black or grayish
boards as a background. Okay, so showing you the icons that
I have. First of all, this bar, it only appears when I scroll the mouse
down and I have these icons up here. I have the bin, I have quick
time to capture this video. I have VLC to watch videos, I use notes. This is my favorite app in the whole
world. I use it for everything. Well almost everything, but I’ll get
into that in a moment. I use numbers. It’s not as good Excel, but
I like the simplicity of it. It’s very minimalistic if
you compare it to Excel. And I use pages where I read most of
my scripts for video projects and stuff like that. And I use Google
Chrome. I like Safari. But the problem with Safari is
when I watch videos on YouTube, it can’t watch any higher than 1080p. So Safari is basically
out until they fix that. And then I have messenger and
this is the Facebook messenger. Now I’m not a fan of Facebook, but I do like messenger and I use it
to communicate with friends and family. So it’s a really powerful app to use. And then I have the launchpad and
let’s take a quick look at that. It’s kinda clean. I’ve put a lot of icons and apps that I
don’t use and cannot delete or I don’t want to delete them, but
I still want to have them. I keep them in folders
and upper and other two. Then I have these apps. I use Plex media server
to stream videos to my TV. Sometimes I use final cut pro to
make quick edits on this computer, but usually I don’t use this
computer to edit videos. I use Filezilla to upload
stock footage to black box. It’s a cool service but I’ll get
into that in a different video, but it’s a really cool service and
then I use Microsoft Excel. Yes. Sometimes I do use Microsoft Excel for
certain things and then of course I have quick time player. I use the calculator
app store, I don’t use it a lot, but every once in a while there is an
update or something and then there is a calendar which I use quite frequently. Then I have the YouTube download
our app. To be completely honest, I use this a lot for my own videos. I like to be able to save my four K video
files on YouTube and then I like to be able to download them using this app. I can download my YouTube videos
directly from YouTube studio, but it’s down samples at two seven 20
P whereas if I use a YouTube download, our app I can download in full resolution. Going back to this screen here, some
extreme minimalists, they’d go like, we have to have it completely
blank and distraction-free. I don’t think it’s that
distracting. To have a folder here, and this is just a project
folder. I call it cinematography. I’m not going to go into
details about what it is. It’s more of a project where I basically
have taken stills of other YouTube or videos and I look at them and study them
and get inspired to how I want to use cinematography in my own videos. So that’s just a folder with screenshots
of different videos and I sometimes like to look at those to
get inspired. Moving on, so my favorite app in the whole world
in this universe is the notes app, and I use this a lot for
very different purposes. Let’s open us up to kind of
personal private, but I don’t mind, I guess you could say. I use a kind of a Trinity of of three
folders and I have a personal folder with just some passwords on stuff and
shopping lists and stuff like that. Then I have a YouTube folder where I
write down my YouTube video ideas and I have different YouTube channels. So
I have a lot of YouTube video ideas. And then I have, this is a Swedish
word dog book. It means diary. Basically I have a Swedish diary. Yes, I’m from Sweden in case you
didn’t know it. But this diary, I basically put down these different
notes and I just write stuff, thoughts and ideas that I have
and I just write down stuff, nothing special about that. And I
save a lot of old posts and archive. Uh, I rarely delete, but
sometimes I do. As you can see, I have six deleted files
and that’s pretty much it. And I use this app on my smartphone, on my Mac book and on my
video editing computer. And I always have access to
it because of cloud services. And for that I do use iCloud.
But speaking of iCloud, I’m not a huge fan of iCloud.
I think it’s very slow. And I’m basically migrating everything
from iCloud to, you guessed it, the Google drive. And
speaking of Google drive, we’re going to go into the finder app
and you can see that I have Google drive up here, so four photos and you know, just social media media. I save everything in Google photos
and I think it’s a wonderful service. You have basically unlimited storage
if you can allow for a little bit of compression, which I do, you know, you can talk all you want about Google
and social media and how they use us people. But having a free service
like Google photos is just awesome. I’m very satisfied using Google photos
and uploading all my photos and videos to it. I will, however, say that Google photos has become
a bit of a trashcan for me. So I’m not a huge fan of dad. And
as far as minimalism is concerned, I not liking what Google photos
is turning out to be for me. So I’m thinking about looking
of ways to not just fill it up. Just because I have unlimited storage
doesn’t mean that I have to fill it up with all kinds of junk.
Speaking of Google drive, I really love Google drive.
Now I have about 15 gigabytes, so this is like a free account. Everyone
who gets a Google drive account, they have something like 15 gigabytes and
for me that is more than enough for my needs and I have it for different things. I have a personal folder
where I have some wallpapers, some important documents and
some personal photos. No, it’s nothing like that. Don’t, don’t
even go there. Smartphone wallpapers, again, I use Google drive even on my smartphone
and on every device that I can use it. And then I have a YouTube folder
where I save a lot of asset files, like animations and screens and stuff. Pics for my different channels. I have several different channels and
then I save all my receipts for my business. It’s for tax purposes that
I save all my receipts digitally. And then I have a finance folder where
I save all the stocks that I bought recently. That’s pretty
much it. This upload file, it’s just for uploading stock videos. Just a file where you can put in
keywords and stuff like that. Yeah. So Google drive is wonderful and 50
gigabytes is more than I need and honestly I’m kind of happy that I only have 15
gigabytes because I liked the idea of not having too much. I mean I don’t
need more than 15 gigabytes, so having more gigabytes would just mean
that I would just fill it up with a lot of stuff that I don’t need and which
is the problem with Google photos. I have unlimited storage on Google photos
and I don’t agree pretty much anything else here. I do have a
download folder as you can see. Also I have a very clean layout.
I don’t have too many things here, but in the download folder
I do have other folders. I have some YouTube videos that
I’ve downloaded and some TV shows, movies, and my final cut pro
projects, which should be blank. Yep. It’s blank because again, I don’t, I
don’t edit a lot on does Mac book pro? I edit most of it on my
desktop computer. Okay, let’s move on to the browser.
Now I use Google Chrome. I would prefer to use Safari, but the upside of using Google Chrome is
it just feels kind of snappier when it comes to, you know, uploading stuff to the cloud and having
the cloud being updated on all your devices somehow just Google
has made it much easier, much faster than Apple has
been able to. So again, I am a huge fan of Google products
even though I know that there are some, shall we call it fears that a lot of
people have about Google and what they use all that information
about us. But you know, if I find a better service where I have
to pay a little bit of fee and if it works as well as Google,
I would probably use that. But for now I think Google is just
fine. Okay. So I don’t have a home page. I just have a couple of favorites here
and I do have a couple of folders, personal, I have some stuff here for personal
reasons and I have a YouTube folder for my YouTube related stuff. Lot has to
do with social media management. I use something called Hootsuite to
schedule posts on other social media platforms. And then I have a B roll stock. I use V Devo, I don’t
know how to pronounce it, but I use several B stock sites
to download some beef stock. I don’t download that much B stock. I usually use my own B roll
because I take a lot of videos, but sometimes it’s nice to have
access to other type of Bureau. And then I use a subtitled translator. I use to create subtitles for all
my videos and I like to translate them to different. So if you have any
questions about that, how I do it, I can tell you more about it. I can even
put a link in the video description. Remind me if I forget to put that
in. Then I have the money folder. And what is that? Well, I have
different types of passive incomes. As I mentioned before, I use black pucks to upload stock
footage and I have some other sites. I have Amazon affiliate, I use Shutterstock for uploading photos
and I use these keywording tools to, you know, get the search tags optimized
and I use some merge sites, which I’m still kind of thinking about
the leading because they don’t work as well. And I also have
some websites that I use. I don’t promote a lot of
products on this channel, but I will probably start
to promote Blinkist. And so I’ve started an affiliate program
at Blinkus because I really enjoy Blinkist I think is a wonderful service. I haven’t talked about
it in other videos yet, but I probably will have affiliate links
to Blinkist in the future. So yeah, three folders. I keep it
very simple, keep it dark. So I think I pretty much covered
most of it. As you can see here, I not like an extreme
minimalist, you know, I don’t have like no wallpaper. I haven’t removed all the
apps that I don’t use. I removed most of the apps. I just like to have easy and simple
access to the apps that I do use. I’m not like, you know, I
have to remove everything. I like to keep it clean as simple, but I can still put
things in folders before, like completely removing them again, some extreme minimals they’ll
like completely delete. They’ll leave on hack the Macco S to
be able to remove apps that they cannot normally remove. I’m not that extreme like to me sometimes
the simplest solution is the best and just putting it in a folder, never
opening that folder is enough for me. And I mean if it comes to like saving
storage space, you don’t save that much. Removing some built in apps,
they’re not that huge in that bag. So it’s not a big problem for me.
But I think digital minimalism, it’s, it’s a hobby in a way. I like to find new ways to optimize my
workspace and that’s pretty much what this is. This computer is a tool, it’s a workspace where I work
to improve my content online. That’s pretty much most of
the way it’s used for. Again, my favorite app is his notes.
I love that app. So much. Tried using Google keep, which is
the Google equivalent of notes. It’s okay. I’m not gonna say it’s bad,
but I just prefer using notes and a, I’m going to keep using it
until I get bored with it. Now, as far as like the whole Apple eco system, I know that a lot of people who don’t
like Apple and their products and me personally, I think
it’s all very expensive, but I kind of like the
high level of simplicity, efficiency, just quality. Overall, I don’t think that they’re doing a good
job with iCloud and or cloud services, but under that I just really like Apple
products and that’s why I have a Mac book and an iPhone AirPods
stuff like that. And I, I really enjoyed the ecosystem.
I don’t feel trapped in it. I just use it for all
the benefits that I can. And right now I see a lot of
benefits using the Apple ecosystem. Would I like to leave the Apple ecosystem? If I find something that works better
for me and for the content that I create den, I will do so. And I
probably will hopefully, because Apple products are,
as you know, very expensive. So I’m hoping that one day I will
be able to jump ship so to speak, but at the moment I just really prefer
using my Apple products for better or worse. But again, all of
this, it’s just tools for me. It’s like the camera that I’m shooting
this with, it’s all just tools. I used them to the best of my abilities. I don’t have as much love for Apple and
that’s why I don’t consider myself an Apple sheep anymore. I used to, however, but today I just see Apple products as
tools and right now they’re premium tools that gets the job done
in a very simple way, but sometimes I find product
that worked a lot better. Okay. That’s pretty much all I had for this
little insight into my version of digital minimalism. I’d love to know what you think of my
digital minimalism and if you have ideas where I can improve and how you use
digital minimalism in different ways or similar ways. Let’s start the conversation
down in the comment section. Okay. That’s all I had for today. Hope you enjoyed us and I’ll see
you in the next one. Take care.

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  1. Yes! Love the minimalist approach! (And seriously love the thumbnail of this video – I need that setup!)

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