100 thoughts on “Did This Qantas Flight Computer Have a Mind of its Own?

  1. Airbus: We hate pilots flying aircraft and want to completely remove pilot manual override on our planes.
    Boeing: Well, seems like a cool idea lets implement it.

  2. What other plane nose dives from the sky from 37,000 feet and crashes? This Airbus doesn’t.

    Boeing 737 MAX: (*_*)—> c(*_)

  3. EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD NOT PUT TOO MUCH COMPUTER AUTOMATION IN A COMMERCIAL AIRLINER. and it's exactly why airbus planes are shit compared to Boeing jets

  4. Whats sad is a similar error to this killed a Air New Zealand crew on a A320 acceptance flight , they were not like this Pilot flying for Qantas former US Naval aviators .

  5. I don't think this is the cause of human error, or a computer failing, this may be caused by a third party, a human, remotely sending commands?

  6. Thinking about it,until someone actually flys over the 1MW ERP VLF transmitter and measures
    the quantity of data erors generated on the fly by wire busses,we will not know the definative cause.

  7. Both Airbus and Boeing incompetent software teams can't design proper safety system because they assume erroneous inputs are always right. The same problem happened to 737max but those cases, the error happened at low altitude and hence people died.

  8. I think the 737 Max mode was on by mistake, pilots must be trained to use it, remember when ever you need to do emergency landing and you are at a very high altitude this 737 Max button is supposed to be turned on in order to lose maximum altitude as soon as possible ( danger increase by 693746% ). Otherwise the 737 Max button must be always off

  9. if cpu gets overspeed and stall in same time, why the fuck you didnt make it so it will shut off than ?? ..

  10. Quantas 71 and 72 experienced data errors in their
    fly-by-wire systems when flying close to the SAME 1Mw VLF transmitter,
    these errors have never been reported on any other Airbus anywhere,so
    the chances of these incidents NOT being related to high VLF RF levels
    is statistically unlikly.
    NOTE these errors were far more widespread than just AOA data being mis-labled,
    but all other systems contunued to work anyway,the only system caught out
    was the anti-stall because just like MAX 8,the data was un-verified.Luckily,
    they didn't have MCAS overiding their inputs and were able to correct the
    flight path,albeit a bit late as the auto-systems react faster than the poor PF.

  11. You'd think with all the Australian actors in America they could find some to play the actual Australians in this story.

  12. Fly by wire problems can be traced on its INU-Inertial Navigation Unit. Its the culprit of lots of crashes on first versions of a combat aircraft that pioneered the Fly By Wire technology…. The F-16. This technology also found its way in a company called Magnetti Marelli. Suceeded in perfecting it where an American Submarine maker General Dynamics who also build the F-16 fails. It took the lives of 20 of its pilots before General Dynamics finally perfected it. Its problems was discovered on its wiring design, and solved it by using fiber optics, using lights instead of electrical impulses to transmit data faster from its sensors to the computer. But in the case of the airliners, the sensor is also the cause of the crash

  13. Airbus: Wow! We just made history for making a plane go down by itself
    Boeing: *Jealous* I know! Im gonna make it too!

  14. So, what did Airbus have to say?
    I don't think there has been an incident such as this one on any other Airbus aircraft, so I would like to know what exactly happened on this particular A330.

  15. It's clear. Robots are taking over. International goverment, if you see this, send some kind of electromagnetic wave and destroy all the ai on this planet. (This comment should be taken as a joke and as a serious one)

  16. Here are the errors For Bad Bad aircraft.Bad aircraft for Airbus:A330 Bad Aircraft for Boeing:737MAX-8 Mc Donnell douglas joined the Chat.

  17. Why does everyone, including the people with the massive ‘Australian government’ on the wall behind them, have American accents?

  18. The difference between this incident and the Boeing MAX problems is that this was caused by a faulty sensor, but the plane could always be flown manually without problems, but the MAX has problems with flying manually that requires MCAS to fix.

  19. With no ending to any of your videos, I must ask why you're even posting?! We're on YouTube, we're not running to our cable boxes after, come on now! Your Click bait won't lead to more cable views, you fools

  20. Science? Or something less scientific? I don’t think this attack has been taken seriously enough by the airline industry or by humans in general.

  21. Remember folks – the FIRST EVER public flight of a "fly by wire" plane, an Airbus in France at an airshow… Crashed.
    The video is on YouTube and the cover up was absolutely criminal.

  22. This is honestly a genius marketing strategy. Give us just enough of a clip to leave us hungry for more. I gotta binge watch these wanna I get home

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