CORONAVIRUS – Decreto Cura Italia – per il sostegno degli Italiani – anche per gli affitti

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a summary with points is printed here more main say those that I
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read the points and we comment them together so let’s start the Italian care decree i
Ministers call it a March decree obviously we are waiting for it to arrive
then the new one in April but this one decree was baptized cura italia
then chapter by chapter I go to you list the contents of the provision
which was approved by the council of ministers who in my opinion are the most
interesting suspension of payments there is talk of the suspension of
payment of withholding taxes of social security and welfare contributions
hence the moles and the prizes for compulsory insurance
the suspension concerns VAT numbers all VAT numbers that have a
turnover up to € 2 million instead it is without revenue limits for
companies in the sectors most affected i suspended payments are without penalties e
without interest and can be done in a single payment by 31
May 2020 or they can be divided into installments up to a maximum of five monthly installments
of the same amount starting from May 2020
stop the fulfillment of the administration financial also suspended the activities
therefore of control and verification look at finance agency revenue
and beautiful company then they were suspended on March 20 i
payments that were due on the 16th of this month of March stop that it is
been given by can be found on the website
of the revenue agency the payments have been suspended
tax for renting shops between among other things, yesterday and today I received
several calls from mine customers who told me I was
they asked not to pay the rent anymore of the store is actually not one
wealth that is made to the owner of home or sorry to the owner of
shop because this discount does not the shop owner but is a
credit that will then be disbursed directly from the revenue agency
how it will be disbursed and when it will be disbursed we will understand it over time
so going back to us to the subjects is engaged in business
recognized a tax credit in fact a tax credit in the
measure 60 percent of the amount of the rent then the 60 per
one hundred of the rent that is was paid in March 2020 to him
properties, however, must be included in the cadastral category c1 credit of
tax sanitation for the purpose of incentivize the sanitation of
own work environments to contain the contagion of the virus to all subjects
performing art or business activities profession is recognized for the
tax period of 2020 then for throughout 2020 a tax credit of
50 percent of expenses sanitization of rooms and buildings
work tools up to a maximum of 20,000 euros
be careful because this credit of tax e
recognized until exhaustion of the maximum amount of 50 million
euros that have been earmarked for 2020 another interesting point is the
ordinary layoff is expected a new cash treatment
ordinary integration to replace of the previous social safety nets in
favor of companies that at the date of entry into force of the decree law of
February 23, 2020 current year so they still have a treatment
extraordinary wage supplementation or for companies that have in progress
a check of solidarity then we have an allowance of 600 euros for
the professionals i the agricultural workers and those of the
show let’s read what he says to
freelance business owners VAT number activates the date of 23
February 2020 so they must be active have the VAT number open at 23
February 2020 and workers which are registered in the separate management
who are not pensioners and not are enrolled in other forms of
compulsory social security and operators agricultural fixed-term and ai
show business workers is an indemnity of 600 is recognized
euro the 600 euro allowance for autonomous is not a one-off and the
contribution for March but will be maintained as long as there is the closing of the
economic activities so this means that for now it is
for March and then it will be maintained over time until they say that
they will no longer be possible in fact reading still yes it is written
that the allowance will be renewed if necessary with the next decree of
April suspension of autonomous mortgages which what it means means that for a
nine month period admission to the benefits of the fund
gasparrini is extended to workers self-employed and freelancers who
they certify that they have registered in quarter starting from 9pm
February 2020 a drop in turnover which it must be above 33 percent
of turnover in the last quarter of 2019 precisely as a result of the closure o
of the closing restriction of the your business to gain access to
this fund among other things is not necessary
here and spies explained that not necessary using lise therefore lise will not apply to
then access to the fund are layoffs blocked
in fact the dismissal procedures that have started since
February 23 onwards are blocked now let’s talk about a group of
work-related measures let’s talk about agile work for workers
of the private sector suffering from severe or proven pathologies with reduced
working ability has been recognized the priority in accepting
requests for performance working in agile work mode
hence the employers that they are required to authorize the method of
agile work for all their workers employees who have their own
we are familiar with a person disability housed in a center
rehabilitation closed by the provision inter alia if the family member with
disability is a minor the mode of agile work cannot be refused
obviously unless this is incompatible with the characteristics
firm now let’s talk about leave and baby bonuses
sitting from 5 March on 2020 and for a continuous period
or fractionated which in any case cannot be more than 15 days parents
who are employees of the private sector are entitled to use
for children up to twelve years of a leave for which it is
an allowance equal to 50 per one hundred of the salary
the use of the leave referred to in this article then what I have
as soon as read it is recognized alternately or one another ad
both parents for a total total of 15 days
as an alternative to the provision of leave is provided for the possibility of
then choose the payment choose to have some to receive a
amount of a bonus for the purchase of baby sitting services within the limit
total maximum of 600 euros this basically means that you can
receive a bonus worth € 600 to pay the babysitter’s expenses
obviously the babysitter must be taken in white because if a baby
sitter assumed in black is not there possibility of being able to request this
bonus because there is no card no document certifying
that person is working like babysitter
this is clear now let’s talk about the prize employees to all holders
of employee work income that have a total income of
amount not exceeding 40,000 euros e who continue to work is up to
award for the month of March this very important award from
remember does not contribute to training of income therefore does not add up to
other income and is equal to 100 euros from relate to the number of days of the
work that have been done in the own place of work in the period of
March 2020 another good news for who hires a maid and this is
payment of contributions suspended social security and therefore in
self and mail and prizes of course and insurance premiums due
which are due to be paid by the housework workers who are
expiring in the period from 23 February until May 31, 2020
now let’s talk about workers’ leave public as of March 5, 2020
the dependent parents in the accredited public or private sector
obviously they have the right to use a work leave that is indemnified
the payment of the allowance as well an indication of how to
use for purposes such as using them leave are by the administration
public with which the employment relationship
this means it will be then the public administration for which
that person is working on deciding how to make use
therefore how to make use and leave to employee
now let’s talk about quarantine as a disease the period spent in quarantine with
active or permanent surveillance trustee domicile
here too with active surveillance that is used by workers in the
private sector is therefore equated it is compared to disease for purposes
of the economic treatment provided by reference legislation
what it means simply means that if if it was quarantined a
cause of the virus this quarantine period then in
these two weeks are comparable to disease
normal therefore will be treated from the INPS as the disease
now let’s talk about the business sector loan guarantees for nine months a
obviously starting from the provision state provides a loan guarantee
up to 5 million euros which is addressed to investments and restructuring
structuring of debt situations in compliance with the guarantees and limits
expected limits set by provision itself
so this means that we will have a guarantee from the state that
it amounts to 5 million euros for the whole Italy obviously not for single
person and is valid for nine months we have the fund for made in italy
the provision establishes a fund to in order to enhance the tools of
promotion and support the internalization of the various
country system components among which the extraordinary plan of
support for made in Italy this point describes itself is not there
need that I also describe why it is clearly
explained what it has what it is for this fund then we have support
to liquidity what it says in favor of businesses that have suffered from one
reduction of turnover from the deposit fund e spa loans is authorized to grant
liquidity also in the form of guarantees of first loss on portfolios of
loans granted through banks e other subjects authorized to exercise
credit now let’s talk about sanitary measures
I took four main points requisition until July 31, 2020
remember this date July 31, 2020 and not April 4 but July 31 the
civil protection may authorize the requisition in use or owned by
any public or private entity of medical and surgical medical devices
as well as movable real estate of any kind needed for
face the aforementioned emergency also to ensure the
supply of structures and facilities equipment for healthcare companies
hospitals located in the area national as well as to implement the
number of specialized beds in the hospitalization wards of affected patients
from said pathology I think you understand what you want
say however I try to explain it in two words very simply until 31
July 2020 practically civil protection will
requisition all medical facilities o surgical doctors to understand each other
masks or some other tool necessary for surgery
or all movable property therefore curtains field equipment field equipment that
can be used for face the health emergency
production of templates for management of the emergence of the coronavirus and until
at the end of the state of emergency is allowed to produce masks
surgical honestly I did not understand very well
because they allow production when in fact factories already produce
masks there will be something of which I I am not aware
the last point is about enrollment of military doctors and nurses will be
in fact 120 medical officers with the rank of lieutenant and 200 non-commissioned officers
and nurses can be enrolled who is in possession of a bachelor’s degree
master in medicine and surgery e of its authorization
professional not older than 45 years that are eligible for the service
military and who are not convicted of unintentional crimes
the same goes for technical officials experts in chemical and physical biology
at military facilities this basically it explains that
state is flying people within the army to help and
face the virus before quitting the video I would like to give you some advice
just because the state is enlisting of people
within the army that I am doctors and nurses this is up to us
practically explain that the beds inside hospitals are not
enough to cover and sell a possible mass of people who could
therefore be infected by the virus we carefully follow what the
ministry of health good for today is all thanks for looking at me and you
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