73 thoughts on “Cold Open: Everyone’s Internet Search History – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

  1. Maybe Charles did search for the phrase " I want to buy 2 movie tickets for a girl who doesn't like me " 😂😂

    Does anyone remember it?

  2. They should’ve done Captain Holt’s search history too. Would be something like, “lepidoptera attractivity for moths, light emitting diode versus fluorescent.”

  3. terry,
    if you think you saw a muscle that no one has ever seen before which is UNDISCOVERED and could be a scientific discovery, HOW COULD IT BE ON THE INTERNET?
    -the fandom <3

  4. I love how they're expected people to be embarassed about their search history but everyone just stands by their searches 100%

  5. "Desk yogurt" lmao. I just tried Boyle's search and first line of results is "Did you mean: how to make desi yogurt " and I'm not sure which is weirder.

  6. Nobody:
    No one on Earth:
    No one in the universe:
    Me: smashes the computer and sets it on fire

  7. Hey, in real life has anyone actually experienced this exact thing, you're at work, someone hacks you and sends everyone everyone's search history?

  8. Hey, having a hand fetish isn’t something to be ashamed of. In fact Amy’s Japanese cousin Yoshikage Kira loves hands too and lives a quiet and fulfilling life, a true model citizen.

  9. Never got to know what Holt, Rosa, Gina and Hitchcock searched for.
    Then again, I don't even want to know or imagine what Hitchcock searched for.

  10. Daniel Craig hands close-up.

    Amy was trying to see that scene in Skyfall where they digitally colored Craig's hands.

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